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North America cake1 
-High skill ceiling -Massive playerbase (8 million players every day) -Huge esport scene -Zero cheaters -Constant updates -Free to play -Runs on a potato Why aren't you playing League of Legends?
2020-02-29 00:06
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Brazil CringeGuy 
CSGO is only for low iq 100% aim people LoL is for smart asians
2020-02-29 00:07
still better than football and low iq
2020-02-29 00:27
Netherlands toothpaste 
while the smart asians are playing lol I be stealing their womens
2020-02-29 12:43
because if 1 of your teammates is shit you lost the game.
2020-02-29 00:07
true, it takes 1 guy feeding and it's gg
2020-02-29 00:14
Sweden shonk 
like in any other team-based game
2020-02-29 00:21
no you can win a 4v5 in cs go if someone is trying his best to troll u can kick him in lol u just auto lose the game
2020-02-29 00:29
Sweden shonk 
there is always a chance that there is an idiot in your opponents team as well. havent played lol but i believe that its similar to dota
2020-02-29 00:40
Europe MaHoTei 
same is cs go you get a troller its 75% chance lost just like in lol you get troller 75% chance lost
2020-03-01 08:32
twice | 
Korea Tzuyu 
No, becuase from the basics league is alot more dependant on having the full team, and there arent any mechanics in csgo for your teammate to feed, if youre 4v5 csgo you can maybe one tap some ppl and win, league no
2020-03-01 08:41
Europe MaHoTei 
yeah u can in league by getting fed and carrying the game just look how smurf players reach diamond in days by having 70 ish % win rate solo q
2020-03-01 08:43
twice | 
Korea Tzuyu 
sorry i dont play lowrank i disregarded this fact
2020-03-01 08:44
I like how you state everything you think that is a positive and ignoring the negatives nice job mr paid by riot
2020-02-29 00:07
extremely unbalanced champions 10x more toxic than csgo you cant carry the game alone it takes 1 guy to ruin the game for 4 people you cant votekick reports are useless people playing only cancer champs smurfs why not play lol 4Head
2020-02-29 00:17
also they release op champs ever few months which you have to pay for
2020-02-29 00:23
no u dont?
2020-02-29 00:26
China SwooksarV2 
2020-02-29 17:17
you mean which are free if you just play the game? lol
2020-02-29 18:19
-just play the unbalanced champs urself -mute ur team -u can indeed carry the game alone unless u are in high diamond in that case its a coinflip -unless the guy is legit afk or inting u can always win if u are good enough -''you cant votekick'' do i even have to say something about this? -reports arent useless, if someone leaves or types some really fucked up shit he will get punished -and again just play the cancer champs urself or 1 trick a champ until ur good enough to win 80% of ur games -smurfs also exist in every other competitive game
2020-02-29 00:28
-and become a useless one trick player -and lose cause no comms -only if they feed you -a lot of trolls int or purpose or after they lose some duels -in csgo u votekick trolls and try to win 4v5, its not rocket science -report for inting and trolling dont work -becoming a otp is really bad -not to this extent, its normal for lol players to have 5 accounts cause destroying new players is "fun"
2020-02-29 00:37
im not even gonna give u an actual response to this cuz u have clearly have no idea what u are talking about, u seem like that lvl 25 player who tries to act like an expert for some reason ''and become a useless one trick player'' ''becoming a otp is really bad'' like what even is that
2020-02-29 00:44
apparently youre just a silver-gold if you don't even know what that means
2020-02-29 11:31
it means nothing cuz its absolut bullshit, how is being a otp bad in any way? its by far the easiest way to climb
2020-02-29 14:41
easiest way to climb but it still means you're not as good as your rank displays. understanding of the game is there, but understanding of champions is barely a thing
2020-02-29 18:20
if u dont understand the overall game u wont reach master/challenger anyways, also understanding the game has nothing to do with being a otp.
2020-02-29 18:48
rain | 
Lithuania Planum 
Don't argue with morpheus, he knows best))
2020-02-29 11:56
twice | 
Korea Tzuyu 
reporting in league is pretty much perfect lmfao
2020-03-01 08:42
2020-02-29 11:35
Europe MaHoTei 
just like in high level of cs its hard to solo carry a game you can solo carry easily in lol until diamond too
2020-03-01 08:34
no you cant lol, this game is too balanced nowadays. Back in the day you could hard carry but not anymore.
2020-03-01 08:50
Europe MaHoTei 
i mean watch streamers go 70% win rate until diamond 2 or smth solo q
2020-03-01 08:55
I am not paid by Riot! Also the only negative is sometimes you have shitty feeding teammates.
2020-02-29 00:20
sure buddy
2020-02-29 00:26
-Zero cheaters /closed
2020-02-29 00:08
cuz of soraka top
2020-02-29 00:08
Im chilling on that game more then in csgo with cheaters and toxic people
2020-02-29 00:10
North America TL0 
boring game looks like mobile phone graphics and sucks learning all champions moves to counter
2020-02-29 00:11
2020-02-29 00:14
dota is better
2020-02-29 00:15
United Kingdom whatacliche 
Because it's not fun.
2020-02-29 00:18
Reunion 1iquser 
consider the following: people dont like moba lol is a slow ass game too many champions
2020-02-29 00:18
bc it's gay
2020-02-29 00:19
A game cannot have a sexual orientation......
2020-02-29 00:20
in brazil there's a joke on LOL that if you play it you are gay. but i never played LOL so i dont know if it's good
2020-02-29 00:22
Brazil Cleckzera 
and if u play Free Fire, ur cuck, hi cuck
2020-02-29 11:58
i dont play ff. this games is disgusting
2020-02-29 13:00
United States WindyInu 
no no mens, he said it is gay, if he said it is homosexual then you would be right. but gay means bad
2020-03-01 08:44
because dota2 is better.
2020-02-29 00:20
2020-02-29 00:34
Its harder to learn than cs because of so many champs and runes and items and knowing what to build againts enemies that are building something etc.
2020-02-29 00:22
Sweden shonk 
because dota2 is better.
2020-02-29 00:23
North America X3pHyR_2k 
I do play Varus is op
2020-02-29 00:24
varus in 2k20 lul
2020-02-29 13:19
North America X3pHyR_2k 
In the meta a tier a guess it's really good once you get that item which hits like 3 targets in range Easy landing( don't mind my lack of knowledge I'm new to the game only played for like a month)
2020-02-29 19:33
too much smurfs, there is no mmr LOL sucks
2020-02-29 00:24
''there is no mmr'' ???????
2020-02-29 00:29
Played it for so many years but it got boring at some point, esports is great fun to watch though. Definitely at least as much fun as csgo if not more
2020-02-29 00:25
LoL esports is ResidentSleeper. 3-0 Finals every time. just like last 3 major finals where astralis shit on everyone. Dota esports right now is the best and most exciting compared to csgo and LoL.
2020-02-29 00:28
Thats your opinion, and i dont care about it
2020-02-29 00:30
2020-02-29 00:55
2020-02-29 00:55
Because dota2 is better
2020-02-29 00:27
no crosshair to shoot heads
2020-02-29 00:33
Canada rayrayrayray 
league has a design flaw, you build stats. If youre ahead of your opponent you just outstat them which turns into 90% of games being macro slow roll wins or surrender at 15, boring af.
2020-02-29 00:33
+999 dota has more creativity and outplay potential
2020-02-29 00:56
dycha | 
Poland zmija9 
im playing now karthus on jungle
2020-02-29 00:35
twist | 
Sweden FL4XY 
I only play robloox mens)
2020-02-29 00:36
Horrible shitty game. No thanks.
2020-02-29 00:38
MOBAs are shit
2020-02-29 00:44
United Kingdom shmilx 
cus I'm only any good at like 1 or 2 champs otherwise I'm dogshit, so when they get banned I have to dodge. Plus I'm currently banned on LoL anyway lmao
2020-02-29 00:46
uk banned for toxicity KEKW
2020-02-29 11:32
United Kingdom shmilx 
u know it ;)
2020-02-29 18:15
Netherlands poeya 
2020-02-29 00:46
Romania Cuntstantin 
I don't like moba games but if I ever wanted to play one it would definitely be dota2
2020-02-29 00:47
Give dota a try, the feeling of shitting on someone and completely outplaying them makes my dick erect.
2020-02-29 00:59
Romania Cuntstantin 
should've started playing it back when everyone was playing dota allstars in internet caffes, but I kept playing 1.6, I regret not doing that but it is what it is I tried it but I don't have enough patience
2020-02-29 01:10
you shouldn't regret playing 1.6
2020-02-29 11:44
ofc u shouldnt regret 1.6 Its amazing. Ye, the first 100 hours of dota are hell. But after you learn all the basics it becomes amazing
2020-02-29 12:17
Romania Cuntstantin 
Nah no regrets for playing 1.6, I only regret not getting into dota back then my friend tried to get me into it but I always refused, I only played some w3 tower defense map but that's it
2020-02-29 14:54
Sweden N1ppy 
cs is a much more mechanically skilled game and also have more in the form of strategies
2020-02-29 00:51
have u ever even tried league? i'd say its one of the hardest games mechanically
2020-02-29 13:09
Sweden N1ppy 
yes i have. but the movement combined with the aim is more difficult than lol mechanically. the only esport that is more mechanically difficult is probably quake
2020-02-29 13:11
>hardest game mechanically >LOL >pick one Nt
2020-03-01 08:56
Denmark nrth_LUL 
dont like mobas too expensive to get into 8 euro a char or grind no thanks
2020-02-29 01:03
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong void0 
Wdym? Dota is free.
2020-02-29 13:16
Egypt Smartest_mens 
stopped reading at -High skill ceiling
2020-02-29 11:35
It does have high skill ceiling. If it don't then why aren't you winning LCS?
2020-03-03 17:34
lol lol
2020-02-29 11:38
Steep learning curve MOBA (people like different genres) 10x more toxic than people in CSGO Very slow gameplay 1 guy trolling = game lost (more so than in CSGO) Slow grind to get all champs (or expensive), making it feel p2w
2020-02-29 11:39
god awful balance team
2020-02-29 12:02
Croatia feelsbadmane 
Because they keep changing the game every now and then it should stay as it is without new champs items and reworks i spent 4k hrs for nothing got diamond 2 highest and now i keep getting destroyed by silvers cuz everything changed
2020-02-29 12:05
United Kingdom kdhai56 
cause most of us are dumb and not smart for lol
2020-02-29 12:08
Kazakhstan horaaa 
lol and dota are so bad it hurts if you have semi shit team heroes of the storm you can carry
2020-02-29 13:03
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong void0 
You just need to get map like this raven curse and enemy will onepush your bad team and you in 10 min :D
2020-02-29 13:15
man said High skill ceiling
2020-02-29 13:10
Italy thechef 
30 minutes of farming minions just for a 5 minute max team fight... Boring AF in my experience
2020-02-29 13:11
zero cheaters? lmao
2020-02-29 13:12
-Zero cheaters nt bro I used scripts on my smurf in league when I used to play it.
2020-02-29 13:12
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong void0 
Why would you play lmao if there is dota POG
2020-02-29 13:14
Portugal PrayToSpray 
If you play lol you might get HIV, change my mind
2020-02-29 13:16
play rocket league ive played lol for several years and the community is toxic as fuck obv. dota is probably the same right because i never really played dota.
2020-02-29 13:18
Dota's only problem is the super toxic community and the non-beginner friendly experience. If you think russians or whoever in your cs games are toxic, you should try dota. The amount of dead inside scums in this game is INSANE.
2020-02-29 15:00
thx bro it doesn't surprise me at all. csgo, lol, dota, rocket league as well.
2020-02-29 17:15
Nepal Nepali 
It's not popular in South Asia and it's MOBA.
2020-02-29 13:20
because its a fucking moba
2020-02-29 14:42
nt riot games employee. Who wants to learn all the spells, champions and shit
2020-02-29 15:03
But I'm not a riot games employee so yeah you are 100% wrong.
2020-02-29 22:17
Everybody can say that
2020-02-29 22:18
United States KKonian 
brain not big enough to be able to learn more than just how each of the 5 weapons that get played in CSGO work?
2020-02-29 22:33
And Im happy with that xD
2020-02-29 22:55
its boring af compared to cs. always some unbalanced shit ongoing like items/characters. lol is a game for nerds/weebs while cs is more mens.
2020-02-29 14:56
Denmark Notallama 
Because Dota2 is better on all fronts
2020-02-29 18:17
Because its not accessible to new players unless they're willing to commit to the game fully. I have played, got to gold 3 or so, but I don't enjoy the game frankly, MOBA's are not for everyone, sometimes I like watching pro matches but I don't really care about it.
2020-02-29 18:18
i played lol since 2010 and in 2019 i really understood that game doesnt give me pleasure and joy. its just boring clicking. when you are playing cs:go you never stop feeling adrenalin and your heart beats every clutch. lol gets worse every year and riot games are garbage company rn. my last hope its project a. they promised decent anti cheat. that's the only reason why im hyped so.
2020-02-29 18:21
btw lol is not hard LUL. dota is fking harder, the problem of dota is long matches where you farming until the end of the game
2020-02-29 18:22
Agreed with the pleasure and joy part. I don't know how long the games are now, but when I played it pretty much was like brb spend 40-50 minutes on a match that was pretty much decided pre-20 minute mark brb actually have fun in maybe 25% of the matches brb feel angry and/or disappointed after half of the matches
2020-02-29 18:41
Portugal xxxruixxx 
I play it.. but not that much... I don`t have the free time to commit to the game and I prefer csgo by a large margin.
2020-02-29 18:22
I started playing it and quickly realized it's a game for no-lifes Unlike csgo, you can't really play casually You have to practice farming and learn a bunch of random crap
2020-02-29 22:30
Europe laczyslaw 
lol is easy ;/ challanger on eune is so bad
2020-02-29 22:31
because the game just isn't fun to play?
2020-02-29 22:37
Russia armando_o 
noob game have cheats noob game
2020-02-29 22:40
its not real free2play stop telling lies.
2020-02-29 22:42
United States KKonian 
Its not free to own and be able to play any champion you want but it is free to play. You can play without spending a cent and be just fine
2020-03-01 08:31
its pay2win
2020-03-01 11:14
United States KKonian 
being able to play every champ does not give you a meaningful advantage. Ill say it again you can play without spending a cent and be just fine
2020-03-01 18:59
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