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people with rx580 8gb
Brazil xaxexixoxu 
whats your temps? mine is gets to 80c on furmark
2020-02-29 04:14
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Canada Omaloft 
don’t have
2020-02-29 04:15
are you on a blower or dual/tri fan? My 570 dual-fan doesn't go above 75c
2020-02-29 04:16
dual, just changed thermal paste
2020-02-29 04:18
and you're still getting 80c? Send that fucker back before it blows up. I didn't ask, but how many case fans do you have? Me adding more fans significantly reduced my thermals on my GPU
2020-02-29 04:20
just the rear one
2020-02-29 04:21
your temps may be more normal than I though, if that's the case. Add another fan whenever you can, and that should drop temps. I have 2 case fans, adding a second one dropped my avg temp from 75+ to ~68. You should be good, don't worry about it too much. If it goes above 85, something is definitely wrong
2020-02-29 04:24
i will try to undervolt it
2020-02-29 04:22
Canada The_HD_Is_Now 
dual / tri fan cards dump their heat into the case, so if you lack case airflow they can actually be worse than blowers
2020-02-29 04:33
80c is nothing during load in furmark gpu stress, especially if he is from brazil to. They are made to handle those temperatures.
2020-02-29 04:35
United Kingdom dRe4Ms 
how hard is it to change thermal paste? my laptop gets +80c even on idle, had it for about 2 years and never opened it, never cleaned it
2020-02-29 04:30
Poland Vojt 
Actually not that hard. You just need to put some effort. You need isopropyl alcohol to clean up the old paste. Probably there are some disassembly videos for your model.
2020-02-29 04:37
i used normal alcohol lul didnt find isopropyl here
2020-02-29 04:59
Poland Vojt 
Can be good too but it leaves stains because it contains water.
2020-02-29 15:16
55 C without any games
2020-02-29 04:18
Brazil SemPaciencia 
80C is ok for our weather. My GTX 1080 gets about the same when i'm playing dx11 and dx12 games.
2020-02-29 04:19
Other xQw 
the airflow inside your case is probably shit
2020-02-29 04:23
get water cooler and big fresh case gg ez
2020-02-29 04:29
Poland Vojt 
What model exactly do you have?
2020-02-29 04:43
Where do you live? Here, playing heavy games, it doesn't go above 75. And I live in Natal, 30°c all day, every day.
2020-02-29 04:56
Brazil NahT_ 
expected from nordestino 30º+ everyday mens))))
2020-02-29 05:04
2020-02-29 17:23
Denmark nrth_LUL 
I get 60C mining with a gtx 1080 wtf is wrong with your case.
2020-02-29 05:09
Canada SparklMastr 
Sapphire nitro+ special edition (blue) Doesn't go above 50c on maxed csgo Playing really intensive games like maxed out warthunder sees it go up to 70c
2020-02-29 05:37
80C in furmark is fine
2020-02-29 05:41
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