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The Real Krieg fix
Norway Astralis_never_won_against_me 
The Krieg shouldnt be nerfed into beeing an ak that looks different. dont remove the scope, and dont lower the firerate. At that point valve should just remove the gun. The Krieg should have a different use than the ak and should have some disadvantages and advantages. I think the Krieg should be a less mobile accurate weapon. It should be good at holding long angles, not entry like the ak. Fix: - Lower movment speed, not as low as awp but Somewhere inbetween. - increase price by a further 200$, it shouldnt be a gun everyone picks up, only those who are gona use its inntended purpose. - Nerf unscoped accuracy to be slightly better than ak. It shouldnt be used as an ak to entry on a site. - If this turns out to be not enough, they could consider giving it a smaller magazine aswell.
2020-03-14 15:16
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Stopped reading at "At that point valve should just remove the gun." everything under that sentence is irrelevant because that is the only viable option
2020-03-14 15:17
I only use the Krieg aswell. Thats why it needs to be nerfed. I dont think they should remove it as it provides variety to the game
2020-03-14 15:19
Belgium NinjaStyle16 
2020-03-14 15:18
2020-03-14 16:41
Not a viable option because then Krieg skins become all but worthless.
2020-03-14 17:50
people who bought them deserve it for buying skins of a noob cod op gun, i have no pity for them.
2020-03-15 01:08
HenryG | 
Finland no_man 
just like the awp?
2020-03-15 01:19
2020-03-15 01:20
2020-03-15 01:07
i have a doubt was the 2019 and 2020 krieg same as 2017 and 2018 krieg?If yes how tf did no one use it then and suddenly everyone(including me but i didnt play cs untill 2019) starts complaining
2020-03-14 16:32
before the price drop no one used the krieg because scoped weapons were seen like they didn't belong in the game. after the price drop everyone noticed how op the thing was and started using it hence complaining about sg
2020-03-14 16:40
Lol it seems so stupid to me but youre right i have never seen a pro cs match in 2017/18 where all 5 players bought krieg like now
2020-03-14 16:46
The Krieg and AUG used to be more expencive than ak/m4, they lowered the price to make people try them out.
2020-03-14 17:52
its cuz you are young to the game but cs players have pride, they have a code of justice, they want to outaim you with the most skilled gun(ak) and feel good, not just use the noob cod easy op gun(krieg) and feel like using cheats and shit.
2020-03-15 01:12
0 iq
2020-03-15 01:18
lol yeah i think he didnt understand my comment i said even pro teams now buy 5 kriegs(when they have money for awp too) and idk what the shit he replied
2020-03-15 01:31
read my comment again,what you said is irrelevant i said most pro teams buy 5 kriegs (even if they have money for awp) and it didnt happen in 2017,2018 pro scene and what does your reply have to do with that message
2020-03-15 01:33
TaZ | 
Poland Czeczen 
^ this is actually true, thats why u dont see scar20 being bought too often even though its op af in just holding an off angle with some support from your teammates
2020-03-15 02:06
I think that it has more to do with the price being high and every pro following the meta of aks and m4s. Sure the odd player might use on on occasion, but that was it. It was almost like none of them had taken the time to test it and see just how overpowered it is and the aug was. It's kind of funny when you think about it.
2020-03-14 17:54
valve will never remove a gun from the game
2020-03-14 16:33
2020-03-14 17:48
yes, obviously
2020-03-15 05:49
lower the firerate to 600, fixed.
2020-03-14 16:39
The Krieg would still be way better. Even with that fix the Krieg is litterly better at everything. Only thing is the spray pattern, which only is a problem if You Get rushed by pistols.
2020-03-14 17:46
it would be a start, i guess. it would make it less viable for entrying and close up fights, and make it a situational weapon instead of an allround weapon that is better than the AK in every regard.
2020-03-14 18:01
Yes but lower movementspeed makes it a Worse entry than ak
2020-03-14 18:19
it is just 5 units per second, not that noticeable. Especially because it fires faster than the AK and kills in 3 bodyshots. You see pros outpeeking AWPs now
2020-03-14 20:25
If i thought it was enough to nerf just the movment speed i wouldNt sugest nerfing other aspects
2020-03-15 00:06
remove AK from game so people stop complaining about it not being OP enough anymore
2020-03-14 16:43
Russia MeowZer 
you nerfing it into the shit and still increasing price typical 70 IQ norwegian cuckhold
2020-03-14 17:48
No. It still has Higher firerate, slightly better accuracy unscoped, way better accuracy scoped, easier spray generally, only hard to control sometimes vs rushing pistols that sidestep af
2020-03-14 17:51
Russia MeowZer 
i dont get it why just making it 3500 without nerfing is not good enough
2020-03-14 17:52
Beacuse You dont want people to not use it all. For 3500 only people with Tons of bank from eining many rounds would buy it
2020-03-14 17:56
Russia MeowZer 
ok 3200 thats like ak+smoke+flash seems ok
2020-03-14 17:57
I would still use the sg. I would sacrefice a Flash for using the ak. I allready miss out on a smoke for using sg AS it is now
2020-03-14 18:11
2020-03-14 17:49
Bulgaria cuddleslut 
Or just adapt? Why does the ak have to be better?
2020-03-14 17:51
Not better, just furfill different roles. Its not good to have 5 awps, that doesnt mean awp is bad. It just has a different role than ak/m4
2020-03-14 17:53
Bulgaria cuddleslut 
Too many roles. We need only two: a rifler and an awper
2020-03-14 18:00
United States JuriTakahashi 
rumours tell that valve will add a 10k$ minigun exclusively for cts to counter the krieg
2020-03-14 17:52
Its only availble with season pass for 50$ irl
2020-03-14 17:53
United States JuriTakahashi 
well i guess thats better than nothing...
2020-03-14 17:54
Finland Smoonah 
why are you still playing Source/Condition Zero?
2020-03-14 17:54
2020-03-14 17:55
Finland Smoonah 
just wondering why the topic is in GO discussion, because there’s no weapon in CSGO named a “krieg” so a little confused
2020-03-14 17:57
People Call the sg for Krieg. Makes it easier to not confuse it with the ssg which is also called scout
2020-03-15 01:23
Finland Smoonah 
it’s called SG
2020-03-15 02:30
And i Call ence trash. 2 Words same meaning
2020-03-15 02:31
Instead of fucking the kreig they should raise the price a bit and improve the ak. A a price increase for the kreig and remove the bullshit rng first bullet accuracy from the ak.
2020-03-14 17:57
Bullet inaccuracy is important. Its one of the reasons why cs is a great gamw
2020-03-15 01:24
Improve the ak and kill the m4 completely. Great idea bro
2020-03-15 01:41
Europe jigglepeek 
- Lower movment speed, not as low as awp but Somewhere inbetween. we have a winner
2020-03-14 17:56
Ok? Ur point?
2020-03-15 01:24
India X3pHyR 
Reduce firerate to 550 make it a slow weapon to play with Perfect change then you'll need a lot of skill to use
2020-03-14 18:02
United States porcupine2020 
i'd say that's a bit too much, then nobody would use it, it has less raw damage than the ak and now less rpm, less movement speed, only quality that is good is the scope, but the only reason why ppl are using it now is because it has 667 rpm
2020-03-15 02:19
Its the rpm and bullet acurracy. Somewhat easier spray 2. I agree tho, lower firerate than ak would make ak better at most things
2020-03-15 02:22
India X3pHyR 
The thing is it's still overpowered, like very much You have all the accuracy and the scope You must be a Krieg guy if you're saying that and it's ok, But I'm no apologist and I honestly think the firerate is the best fix for it as it should be a skill intensive gun most wouldn't pick up It's like making it a deagle for the rifles Super accurate, kinda hard spray and mad armour penetration
2020-03-15 03:16
India X3pHyR 
The thing is it's still overpowered, like very much You have all the accuracy and the scope You must be a Krieg guy if you're saying that and it's ok, But I'm no apologist and I honestly think the firerate is the best fix for it as it should be a skill intensive gun most wouldn't pick up It's like making it a deagle for the rifles Super accurate, kinda hard spray and mad armour penetration
2020-03-15 03:16
India X3pHyR 
Woah 2x 100 lmao
2020-03-15 03:18
i would say that the most viable nerf is the bullet accuracy and/or the spray, rn price is kind of iffy as some tournaments have like 35% krieg rate while others have 20% and changing the rpm wouldnt make the krieg the krieg anymore and look back to the aug and what happened to it now, so maybe make the bullet accuracy worse than the ak and the spray more difficult
2020-03-15 05:42
Why use the 300$ more expencive kreig then? 66 rpm for Worse accuracy, more difficult spraying weapon
2020-03-15 05:47
India X3pHyR 
2020-03-15 15:56
bc it still kills fater with the 667 rpm
2020-03-15 17:27
Lowering movement speed is actually probably a fix that could be implemented without changing the weapon. It would significantly increase the AK's advantage in close quarters and entrying. It'll still be a beast but more like a cheap awp you throw your AWPer when you don't have the cash for an AWP. I like that suggestion. The rest I think are misguided.
2020-03-14 18:55
Why though? Movement speed alone wouldnt be to make people choose the Ak over Krieg
2020-03-15 00:09
Yeah I dunno man. I think it'd have a pretty drastic effect on the meta on it's own. A lot of players have been drifting back to the AK as is. Make yourself slower and it just magnifies the issue the krieg can have against weaker weapons. it would turn it into more of a turret styled weapon then what it is now.
2020-03-15 01:02
Only reason people change back and Fourth is the thousands of hours people have used the ak. If the game was new right when they made the change, almost nobody would use the ak. If You put in a few hours with Krieg to learn the spray, its actually easier to control. Only thing thats Harder is people rushing You, for example many pistols on a eco round, AS You have to account for straifing pistol players with the spray pulll down left instead of just right down with ak
2020-03-15 01:20
Dude I understand how it works. I fucking love the Krieg. (in matchmaking)
2020-03-15 01:21
Not all people do. I like the Krieg 2, but i understand there is no reason to use ak and its kinda sad
2020-03-15 01:25
It will. You have to entry the site as t so kinda have to buy at least 2-3 "light" guns so you can more safely turn a corner while kriegs would stay at the back and try to help from distance.
2020-03-15 01:48
2020-03-15 01:49
So the other nerfs are irrelevant they'll just kill the gun
2020-03-15 01:51
2020-03-14 18:57
Australia HighRate 
The krieg is not a perfect weapon. They should just make it even more expensive. If it costs like 4400 bucks it will be hard to buy it in alot of rounds and not every team member can have it at the same time. (unless their ecenomy is great)
2020-03-15 01:06
no one would buy it at that price lol
2020-03-15 01:15
Australia HighRate 
I meant 3400 lol.
2020-03-15 01:16
"valve should just remove the gun." thats the answer, thanks men.
2020-03-15 01:14
Decrease ROF scopped, just like cs 1.6 and rise the price to 3500
2020-03-15 01:16
So the GUN should have different firerate depending on scoped or not? That makes no sense on a realistic level.
2020-03-15 01:27
"- Nerf unscoped accuracy to be slightly better than ak. It shouldnt be used as an ak to entry on a site." ----> dude just learn how to spray with krieg. just because you cant spray with krieg and can only spray with ak that doesnt mean Valve should make krieg spray similar to ak spray wtf besides krieg should be nerfed either by raising its price or reducing its movement speed. doing both would kill the gun
2020-03-15 01:17
krieg spray is the easiest of all guns lol. fallen just did 3 insta kills on nuke cuz of the easy spray. do you think with a ak he could do it? xaxaxa just press mouse1 down to the left = profit easy.
2020-03-15 01:23
Australia HighRate 
its just muscle memory. If you are good with AK you can spray a dot on the wall.
2020-03-15 01:26
yeah but is much harder than krieg to do spray tranfer to hs.
2020-03-15 01:30
i believe Fallen jsut got lucky in those 3 insta kills. anyway i think all this tears for krieg makes no sense. the only change that they could do would be rising its price and making T side think twice before buying 5 kriegs
2020-03-15 01:36
3200$ would be fine
2020-03-15 01:54
2020-03-15 01:55
What are You talking about. This might be the dumbest thing iv ever read. I stopped using the ak a long time ago, as the sg is better in every aspect. Im not sure You know how to read, which explains why You dont understand what iv written: Do You understand that bullet inaccuracy DOES NOT mean spray pattern? Bullet inaccurcy is when You aim somewhere, the bullet sometimes doesnt hit exactly where You aim. Spray pattern how the recoil of the gun effects where the bullets go under automatic fire Seriously, You dont know the difference and this might be the dumbest reply iv ever read
2020-03-15 01:33
you cry too much for krieg. just learn how to use it. let it be how it should be and just deal with it. its good for CS having diverse types of riffles. also the dumbest i always read in HLTV forum is your tears for Krieg, stupid piece of shit
2020-03-15 01:34
Holy moly u actually have 0iq. I understand your english isnt good enough to fully understand what im writing but common man. I LOVE the Krieg. I know the spray pattern. I just know it makes the ak useless. My problem with You is that You quote my fix for the kreig "- Nerf unscoped accuracy to be slightly better than ak. It shouldnt be used as an ak to entry on a site." -> And think that bullet inaccuracy is the same AS spray pattern I wrote again for You: Bullet inaccuracy IS NOT spray pattern. HOW HARD is this to understand? So idiotic
2020-03-15 01:39
"I LOVE the Krieg. I know the spray pattern" ---> if you love the krieg then just stop crying for Krieg Nerf every day you fucking nerd "And think that bullet inaccuracy is the same AS spray pattern --- > also i didnt mean that shit, stupid fuck. Krieg should be used to enter a site too no problem with that. stop crying for Krieg you Gold Nova
2020-03-15 01:42
Ur most likley the nova here AS ur from BR btw. Im dont want the Krieg to be bad, i just want the ak to have a use aswell. I can live fine with how it is now, but so many people are mad about it so i thought id suggest a fix. Again, when You made your first comment and quoted me, You showed that You dont know the difference between bullet inaccuracy and spray pattern. Now You say « oh i Didnt mean that shit» so u clearly Didnt understand what i was talking about and went on to say i dont know how to spray Krieg. Omegalul, if You dont know the difference between those two, You are the nova. Seriously Google it, and learn something
2020-03-15 01:48
"Im dont want the Krieg to be bad, i just want the ak to have a use aswell."---> that why just a price rising is enough. ak is still used though so no more tears fake Krieg lover "You showed that You dont know the difference between bullet inaccuracy and spray pattern"---> you misunderstood the whole thing let ak and krieg keep their same bullet accuracy, dont change any shit just because you cant play with krieg stupid nerd
2020-03-15 01:51
I only use Krieg. Ak is useless. Im only shocked by how You talk about people who cant spray Kriegs are noobs when You quote a text about bullet inaccuracy, it makes You look like a fool. Btw if You cant spray Krieg You are bad, its easier than ak. Also You are so Protective of the Krieg while im not of the persons who want it removed. I want it to be good so i can keep using it
2020-03-15 01:56
you dont fool me noob. adapt to the changes nerd
2020-03-15 01:57
Iv got nothing more to say. You are obv the noob AS You dont understand the difference between normal mechanics of the game
2020-03-15 01:59
stop sounding pathetic by posting krieg nerf everyday stupid kid
2020-03-15 02:01
Check profile, first ever Krieg post. Have commented on a post once about kreig. Nt BR. Kkkkkk no brain, no english, no understanding of cs mechanics
2020-03-15 02:07
i dont cry for krieg i dont need it. i just learned how to use it. you are noob
2020-03-15 02:08
Link faceit?
2020-03-15 02:09
fuck u
2020-03-15 02:09
Kkkkkk scared to link anything cuz ur actually silver? Nobody belives ur actually any good when You cant Even write in english and dont understand bullet inaccuracy
2020-03-15 02:11
dont need to expose myself to nerds like you
2020-03-15 02:16
Xaxaxaxax most noob thing iv ever read. Cya favella
2020-03-15 02:17
f0rest | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina veasih 
+1 +rep
2020-03-15 01:53
Tbh I would just make it semiautomatic and lower a bit price
2020-03-15 02:02
Nobody would use it if it was only semi. Its not that much better than ak that it would be worth only going for hs taps
2020-03-15 02:08
nerf unscoped accuracy 600rpm fire rate then it is balanced
2020-03-15 02:20
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