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Our company today let us go home and said work from home for the next week. Everbody was like “yee let’s goo I’ll work with my pijamas” etc. Fucking retarded people didn’t realise we have to do exact amount of work and they are going to fail to deliver while sitting on their asses at home chilling. I was kinda mad because workload should be less. It will be hard to do all the stuff with bad work environment. Fuck. Give me some tips for effective work from home rutins please.
2020-03-16 17:43
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>yee let’s goo I’ll work with my pijamas Why not work in your pyjamas?
2020-03-16 17:44
you are the retarded one if you can't discipline yourself to do work properly when your master isn't watching, are you a slave?
2020-03-16 17:46
Yeah sure you fucking moron it’s all about that you think? - I don’t have 5k desk&chair at home. - I don’t have 2 monitors cost 4k each - I don’t have pc with i7 10th tenth gen All I have to do is sit down and work at office. Now I’ll have to deal all these stupid shit at my home. It has nothing to do with anybody watching me you retarded shit. I need proper environment to work. ffs...
2020-03-16 17:48
yes I'm sure your office job needs a 20k setup XD u a graphic designer for new elder scrolls? lmao you're just a spoiled brat lacking discipline, get over it, tons of people work at home without problems
2020-03-16 17:54
Their job is suitable or they just make their home suitable for working from home. I am probably just arguing with a kid who never worked before. nvm, it’s all good. not worth replying anymore.
2020-03-16 17:56
he might be trolling like a retard, but I agree on this topic. Working from home is shit. I don't have a second desk e.g., so either I need to work on my gaming PC, or I have to fit my laptop on the desk with all the other stuff here. Both sucks
2020-03-16 18:09
so make some space or use your own pc, i don't really see how is that a problem
2020-03-16 18:11
It depends on your setup bruh. Mine is 100% clean, no clutter, monitor arm mounted to the desk so it does not take any space from desk, all wireless, perfect cable management. My new home work space is better than at my work.
2020-03-16 18:30
but then you had to invest money into this
2020-03-16 18:35
Yes but I see it as good investment because the more I work, more I will make money and if my setup is nice and clean, I am more willing to spend time there. Also it is just overall better to have clutter free home.
2020-03-16 18:40
you are right, senpai
2020-03-16 21:24
What’s wrong with these threads??? I indeed believe working from home should be more wide these days but your retarded brain can’t process difference between not having a proper environment and long term preparation for working from home. If my company let me do light work while me making my home suitable for work PERMANENTLY, ofc I’ll gladly take that. Problem is, they want the exact same amount work I do in office in upcoming weeks without letting me prepare myself. You just don’t get it. You are so retarded that made me reply again. Btw, dry cough is still going. I don’t know what is your point showing that thread to me.
2020-03-16 18:34
I know this frel bruh. It will not be possible working from home 10 hours everyday with kids and other people which also working from home. It is kinda stupid...
2020-03-16 21:32
lol +1 i'm working from home right now and it's great. no social pressure of the office, no annoying small talk, just getting my work done with no bullshit. hopefully once corona goes away this will become more accepted amongst offices
2020-03-16 19:10
vent your frustrations, let it all out
2020-03-16 17:46
dress like you would go to work normally and set up a space exclusively for work related things
2020-03-16 17:46
Is the only thing keeping you working your job environment?
2020-03-16 17:46
Who says “only thing”? It is a major thing indeed but there are other variables for sure. What is your point?
2020-03-16 17:50
It shouldn't matter where you work from, just have to have discipline
2020-03-16 17:58
why the fuck would you not want to work at home in pyjamas lmao you should direct that anger towards the cunts who are taking quarantines and suspensions as vacations and going to the beach
2020-03-16 17:47
I won’t fucking sit down at home with my suit. You just don’t get the point. Office provides nice working environment, home doesn’t. People just don’t realise this.
2020-03-16 17:50
Lebanon Dogman69
guess you dont work in an open office
2020-03-16 18:32
Well I do and there are stupid fucking shit girls talking about their irrelevant shit all day long and it really pisses me off. Other than that, it’s good. I put my headphones sometimes, I just focus on my work.
2020-03-16 18:37
I understand but I don't get why you're THAT mad about it I mean you do understand the whole global pandemic deadly virus thing right
2020-03-17 16:03
So she says “let my body do the work” and “we can work from home” Basically she wants to be a cam girl? This song shows just how retarded muricans are.
2020-03-16 17:54
she gon ridin his cock while streaming
2020-03-16 17:55
I agree with you since I'm experiencing the exact same frustration right now
2020-03-16 18:12
at least u still have ur work. My Hookah Place closed today and i lost my job for an uncertain period of time. Fck corona
2020-03-16 18:15
What city, bro?
2020-03-16 21:25
A lot of companies did that.
2020-03-16 18:16
Honest take: Don't distract yourself with bs, work hard to finish your tasks as earlier as possible so you can chill later, don't mess with the deadlines or this will undermine your image as employee
2020-03-16 18:16
Lebanon Dogman69
I have to prepare laptps for people going to work at home lmao
2020-03-16 18:17
IT guy
2020-03-16 18:19
I work from home for like 4 years now, it's great. It was hard at first because I couldn't manage time and was always getting distracted but now I finish my work in like 5 hours instead of 8
2020-03-16 18:18
Chile strong221
just do the job 4Head
2020-03-16 18:20
play cs and pretend you working didnt worked for me i got fired
2020-03-16 18:22
you moan about such stupid things. be an adult for once and clean your fucking desk
2020-03-17 16:11
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