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Daily Coronavirus Update (19.03.2020)
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
COVID-19 (19.03.2020) [% changes represent change from previous day] Total new cases: 25.793 (+28%) Total new deaths: 1.064 (+11%) Total cases: 244.615 (+12%) Total recoveries: 87.407 (+4%) Total deaths: 10.015 (+12%) Active cases: 147.193 (+18%) In serious/critical condition: 7.516 (+9%) Most new cases: 1. Italy: 5.322 (+27%) 2. USA: 4.412 (+58%) 3. Spain: 3.308 (+12%) 4. Germany: 2.993 (+1%) 5. France: 1.861 (+33%) 6. Switzerland: 1.107 (+197%) 7. Iran: 1.046 (-12%) 8. UK: 643 (-5%) 9. Austria: 533 (+70%) 10. Netherlands: 409 (+18%) Total cases per 1M population: 1. San Marino: 4.244 (+3%) 2. Faeroe Islands: 1.474 (+24%) 3. Vatican City: 1.248 (0%) 4. Iceland: 967 (+32%) 5. Andorra: 958 (+40%) 6. Liechtenstein: 734 (0%) 7. Italy: 679 (+15%) 8. Luxembourg: 535 (+65%) 9. Switzerland: 488 (+36%) 10. Spain: 387 (+22%) Most new deaths: 1. Italy: 427 (-10%) 2. Spain: 193 (+84%) 3. Iran: 149 (+1%) 4. France: 108 (+21%) 5. USA: 41 (0%) Death rate (min. 42 cases - median amount of cases): 1. Algeria: 10% (+7%) 2. San Marino: 9,7% (-3%) 3. Italy: 8,3% (0%) 4. Indonesia: 8,1% (-3%) 5. Philippines: 7,8% (-7%) Death rate list: Source:
2020-03-19 23:51
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Canada Deppan1 
2020-03-19 23:51
Russia StuntS 
Drink vodka/whiskey be healty
2020-03-19 23:52
Smoke weed be healthtly
2020-03-27 00:52
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
POLLS: UK's unique strategy: Coronavirus sentiment:
2020-03-19 23:56
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
Additional polls: Do you have symptoms?: Have you been tested positive for Corona?:
2020-03-20 01:09
Canada balbi 
Uk's is an island it makes sense they have fewer cases, therefore easier to contain it. Same for Japan, Madagascar, etc. "Unique Strategy" doesn't really apply here.
2020-03-20 01:27
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
It's a huge tourist destination tho, and Japan is following what other countries are doing despite being in a similar situation.
2020-03-20 01:31
2020-03-19 23:54
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2020-03-20 01:12
China ghua 
Come and I will show you how you are fucked up, son!
2020-03-20 01:47
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2020-03-20 01:58
China ghua 
Very interesting, a Malaysian speak chinese with these malicious words. How are you raised up? Tell us a story, kid.
2020-03-20 02:02
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2020-03-20 02:03
China ghua 
Don't be shy, tell me a story, how are you raised by animals? is it a wolf?
2020-03-20 02:14
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2020-03-20 03:05
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2020-03-20 03:19
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2020-03-20 03:46
China ghua 
YOU_SMART_BUT_ME_SMARTER, you're the most stupid German all over the world. Go fuck yourself, dumb.
2020-03-21 09:51
Expected from Chinese puppet that cant think for himself and whichs only Goal is the glory of China.
2020-03-21 11:08
Little men be quiet
2020-03-20 15:09
China should stop eating everything that moves... Pls just stop eating weird things like bat soup, rat barbeque, cockroaches noodle etc
2020-03-28 07:13
That's not china's fault. They can't see what they are eating.
2020-03-28 07:18
Small pp, be quiet.
2020-03-28 07:19
Thank you
2020-03-20 01:14
this is so accurate, keep with it man thank you
2020-03-20 01:16
Reunion 1iquser 
cool but you need to post the threads earlier
2020-03-20 01:16
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
I post them at the end of the Danish day (CET) - but yeah I guess posting it earlier would reach more people. I'll think about changing the data time-window.
2020-03-20 01:21
United States What_So_Not 
America is doomed
2020-03-20 01:23 It is estimated that 11–21% of the global population at the time — or around 700 million–1.4 billion people (out of a total of 6.8 billion) — contracted the illness – more than the number of people infected by the Spanish flu pandemic,[3][7] with about 150,000–575,000 fatalities.[4] A follow-up study done in September 2010 showed that the risk of serious illness resulting from the 2009 H1N1 flu was no higher than that of the yearly seasonal flu.[8] Critics claimed the WHO had exaggerated the danger, spreading "fear and confusion" rather than "immediate information".[35] The WHO began an investigation to determine[36] whether it had "frightened people unnecessarily".[37] A flu follow-up study done in September 2010, found that "the risk of most serious complications was not elevated in adults or children."[38] Compared to now no one gave a shit and rightly so. Trusting the WHO on this is stupid, they have done it again and again, benefting stocks of their own companies in the result, making billions for pharma companys and holders. The test was developed by a WHO chief scientist and uses a method that does not prove the existance of covid19, but only the existance of certain RNA strings. What RNA strings it tests for is not peer reviewed and studied, it mostlikely tests for RNA of SARS variant, making the test 1. useless to determine 100% infection with covid19, because it could be any of the other corona/sars variants that results in similar rna strings. 2.useless to proof covid19 resulted in any disease, because it doesnt test for active covid19, only remains of the rna, any other pathogene present could be the reason for disease(especially in old people) 3. ridicously low confidence in positive results(~15%) Most people that get tested positive dont even have covid19, they have one of the other regular corona/sars variants/RNA left of them in their body because its FLU SEASON. Only old people die from it and all the numbers are complete bs, its on the one hand a deadly virus, that on he other hand kills absolutely no one that wouldn't have died anyway from any other/similar mild winter infection. Normal flu is deadlier to anyone under 50 than covid19. The only way this reaches any of the proportions they are making you believe is if they help it, the way the whole world seems to just go along and every country seems to be willing to put martial law into place and remove all kind of civil liberties to "protect" people is fucking nuts. Go read some books(maybe Gulag Archipel so you see what happens when you just go along.. for the people and the greater good..) and stop looking at the news channels, its all BULLSHIT and in 2 years it will (hopefully) be the same line in the wikipedia article: "A follow-up study done in September 2010 showed that the risk of serious illness resulting from the 2009 H1N1 flu was no higher than that of the yearly seasonal flu.[8]" If not, we will probably not be talking here anymore ..and not because of some virus ;)
2020-03-20 01:47
good read but i didnt read it
2020-03-20 01:51
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
Overcrowded hospitals 8,3% death rate in Italy - the death rate of seasonal flu is like 0,1%
2020-03-20 01:51
overcrowded hospitals are a results of the panic and media rage not because there are more severe cases then normally. Look at the death rates for Winter season and compare. Its lower than its ever been. Italy: "Italy showed a higher influenza attributable excess mortality compared to other European countries. especially in the elderly." "In recent years, Italy has been registering peaks in death rates, particularly among the elderly during the winter season." "We estimated excess deaths of 7,027, 20,259, 15,801 and 24,981 attributable to influenza epidemics in the 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17, respectively, using the Goldstein index." Who gets tested and then dies (ergo go into the death statistics and pumps up mortality rate) right now? its old people that get affected more heavily by lung infections anyway, if they died last year the stated cause would have been influenza, lung inflammation, pneumonia now the highlighted thing is changed to corona because everyone is testing for it. But its neither of those, its just age, nothing else. They would have died anyway, there are tons of viruses that can cause lung inflammation(and will) and unless you look at the specific rna in everyone that died to see if covid19 was actually present and to then go ahead and make a solid case that for example the inflammation of the lung came of the result of covid19 and not the other 5 pathogens that could have caused such a disease in the victims body is not trivial and none of the tests that are done right now do any of that. They just show that roughly 15% of tested patients have a corona variant in their body and that of the tested that died the median is 79,4 years old. look at the data i just gave you.. 25.000 deaths just in winter 2016/2017. The numbers combined with influenza/covid19 are still way lower for this season than 2016/17 or 2013/14. Ofcourse mortality rate is at the highest point right now, because most people that would get tested positive(for covid or any other SARS variant that the test can result positive in) are not getting tested because they have no/mild symptoms. The ones that get tested are the ones that have stronger effects like fever or lung inflammation(most of them, again OLD AF) so obviously since they are highly likely to die of those kind of diseases it will result in a high mortality rate. Any kind of influenza like virus that results in respiratory illness is a big threat to elderly in italy as you can see from the study. I have yet to see any reason as to why this is any different to flew. if anything its way less symptomatic for pretty much everyone than flu. I dont have a problem with advice like isolate urself if you are sick etc. its normal to do that anyway. same with all the other things that we are told to do. The difference is that its soon not gonna be of own volition anymore, you are gonna be forced and the facts just dont add up to the proportions of measures taken. Not in the slightest, stop looking at the red numbers and use your brain to understand how the numbers are composed. After the fact it will probably be around 0.03-0.05% slightly higher then average flu. Which btw kills a million people every year, so unless covid goes way beyond that(2m+) its completely accurate to say its just another flu. I just dont buy it, all of the underlying factors point in the complete opposite direction of what the mainstream narrative is and since i am in the "risk group"(chronic illness/imune suppression) i was heavily reading into it in the beginning. Now its just mindblowing how out of proportion it has gone. No healthy human under the age of 70 should be stock piling shit bcs of this, no one should be running to get tested because they cough or being treated like they have "the killer virus" bcs they sneeze( IN THE FUCKING WINTER) In my case atleast i have a reason to think about it and self isolate, maybe even stock some things to prevent getting it (Just like i try to prevent getting the flu by getting flu shot and doing all the things people should do anyways. like washing hands, not meeting people when you are sick etc.), because hey.. it *could* kill me. never has tho.. lucky me. In your case and 90% of the people losing their shit because of this its just painful how dumb you are, that you all of the sudden care so much about the elderly that they now have to life in isolation for the rest of their lonely lives, cant get their treatments and will live a life where no one is willing to even touch them because "i could kill you". Just like it has always been, if you have the flu and meet your 80yo grandfather for birthday, there is a decent chance you will kill him. nothing changed. only the reaction changed. think about it.
2020-03-20 02:25
just wanted to add one more thing: Deaths are inevitably going to end up in the hospital and on the list. Infections only get on the list if tested for. And almost nobody except risk groups and people with clear symptoms get tested. There could be millions of infected right now, all fine, while the deaths are noted and added to the statistics raising lethality rate to the max, even though in reality its at 0.01% just like your seasonal flu. If you look at countries that are not prone to elderly flu, lethality is between 0,3-1.5%(germany, austria, switzerland, s-korea for example) and taking all the things i talked about in consideration that is very low. compared to the reaction it is miniscule.i think its all nonsense, the reason everyone is reacting like this now even though media said the same shit and did the same sort of hourly death counter etc. for h1n1 is probably social media/smartphones. We used to see that shit twice a day and forget all about it one hour later, because it doesnt affect your life enough to warrant any action. Now all you see and hear is BEEP, BREAKING NEWS 300 new DEATHS because of Mosquito bites. 500.000 Million mosquitos heading towards [insert your area here ]. BREAKING NEWS WHO SAY's millions of deaths this season alone. BREAKING... you get the gjist. People i talk to that are worried dont even know why they are worried. just babbling about getting sick, dying and killing their grandparents. they have no reason to be worried at all if they use common sense like always, yet they are infused with worry. Running around headless searching for toilet paper in every shop. Stockpiling rations like in the fucking DDR. sry, way to much text, its just triggering me. slightly.
2020-03-20 02:55
Japan zeroxzero 
It's not a seasonal flu moron, seasonal flus don't cause respiratory issues
2020-03-20 03:25
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
except they do especially bad cases
2020-03-20 03:44
Japan zeroxzero 
yeah in a tiny amount i shouldve specified
2020-03-20 03:46
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
tiny amount? That's what kills 600k people a season.
2020-03-20 03:49
Japan zeroxzero 
and it infects hundreds of millions, sometimes billions
2020-03-20 04:08
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
that's why we have an immune system
2020-03-20 04:30
H1N1 2009: During the 2009-10 flu season, H1N1 caused the respiratory infection in humans that was commonly referred to as swine flu. Causes Influenza viruses infect the cells that line your nose, throat and lungs. The virus enters your body when you inhale contaminated droplets or transfer live virus from a contaminated surface to your eyes, nose or mouth. Influenza complications include: -Worsening of chronic conditions, such as heart disease and asthma -Pneumonia -Neurological signs and symptoms, ranging from confusion to seizures -Respiratory failure causes are the same, complications are the same, symptoms are the same.
2020-03-20 03:48
Sweden flippig 
You do realise there are most likely hundreds of thousands infected in italy
2020-03-20 03:47
Japan zeroxzero 
Except that was just H1N1 flu moron, corona virus causes respiratory issues and has a much higher death rate currently
2020-03-20 03:24
I already laid out multiple reason why a higher death rate is to be expected atm (as you state yourself: CURRENTLY). which doesnt mean jack shit, total number after the fact matters and just like with h1n1 infectivity is insane(over a billion people infected)but deathrate is put way out of proportion by the media, fueled by the WHO that CANT BE TRUSTED. They did this multiple times the last 2 decades alone. Fear mongering, putting out stats and tests that are revised after the fact and in the end it was concluded to be nothing more then a saisonal flue(and h1n1 had over 500.000 deaths world wide in 2 years and in the end thats still nothing, i doubt corona is even gonna get there, unless they test every motherfucker on the planet for it, since the test is garbage and gives you positive results for multiple different SARS/corona variants. that means you could be positive without ever actually getting sick or even having corona. And if you are old, get tested positive(even though the reason you die is pathogene XYZ that isnt corona)it counts as corona death. In 5-10 months, once testing is atleast 50% accurate and widespread for healthy/younger/normal people lethality will go below 1% really fast. trust me bro, or go buy some more toilet paper, in the end who cares xD oh and yes i understand that the amount of pneumonia is really high. but that again, especially in italy is to be expected and was like this BEFORE covid19.
2020-03-20 04:02
Japan zeroxzero 
If this isn't controlled, it will kill more than flu, and it can kill healthy people too
2020-03-20 04:07
just like flu and tons of other viruses and bacteria can kill healthy people, but it doesnt matter to most people not affected directly and you dont make a fuss about it, because its such a small percentage that its not worth the tradeoff of freedom and rights you lose when a goverment enforces quarantine, curfues, limit money, rations etc. I dont want to live in a socialist/marxist society where everyone is expected to behave under any given law that is for the "better of all people" and send to the gulag or shot as a enemy of the people(Someone Willing to transmit the virus?? someone saying the stats arnt real?? Someone wanting to live in a normal civilised democratic society again?? ---> To the re-education camp, or the gulag, or just hang him right there, it will save millions!!! :) Thats ofcourse very drastic, but i dont think people understand how easy and fast you get there and if you dont think its possible, maybe you should check yourself and read some history. We are nothing special, we are no different, it can happen again no problem. and everybody will go along with it. thats what i take from this. If they want to, they can take all our freedoms tommorrow and nobody will do shit. Everytime this kind of thing comes up, the amount of liberties they take get more and someday, someone will take that oppertunity and make us all his slaves. You just have to give them the chance. so dont. I would like to live in a world, too were we all have positive outlook on the world, we all have the same empathy for eachother, where every child can grow up without trauma and death around it, where the elderly live until they are 100 and then pass away in pure joy, never getting sick and dying because of retarded viruses like flu or c0r0na. Where wars and power dont mean anything, where the masses are not controlled by anyone but their individual self. But thats not the world we exist in. If you give up your freedom to the state willingly, no matter for what reason, you dont get it back for free, if ever. Thats how it always was, thats how it always will be. maybe read some Solzhenitsyn(gulag archipel) and think about science as way to controll the masses. just like the bible used to be. Every goverment in power right now gets their panties wet when they see all the sheep clapping in tandem "Hey, Ho! Corona got to go!"and willing accepting whatever rules they put you under. Im not talking about your average doctor or physics guy here, im sure they have the best interest at heart. im talking about the people using what is available to gain as much power over others (i.e. us), we might save 100.000 lives by staying at home and accepting all of the states mandatory actions. But if you compare that with what can lie ahead in the future when a society gives up all its power and freedom for "Safety and Security" its a fucking graveyard with millions. if you dont have that vision in front of your eyes, you better stop looking at these useless numbers and this useless text by me and start reading some history. Im not even saying that any major western country now definitely uses this to change to a police state, but if you cant see the high possibility of that prospect being a legitimate outcome depending on the people in power and how far the average human is willing to give up his freedoms for something that has until now never bothered him at all his whole life (millions of death due to viruses!! omg.. have to act.. oh wait. was like that before i was even born..) is pretty stunning to me. its like everyone is suddenly wearing blinders, unable to see past the dishonest miss use of the numbers. Comparison is everything. You say if its not controlled it will kill more than the flu, but that is funny because ofcourse it is. corona virus is with 15% the 3rd highest virus found in elderly people that died of Rasperatory failure. 9% Influenza. It was always more likely to trigger a disease that ends up deadly in elderly, but that was BEFORE covid 19 even existed. Nothing changed, they just test everyone for the new strain now. When before they would only in some cases that had a high chance of dying(elderly) do the tests for more than just influenza. In most cases the virus that causes the disease does not matter. Its the disease(pneumonia/inflammation) and bacterial infection after/while ill that kills them, not the virus. Thats why you CAN compare it to the flue. It does the same thing, to the same risk group, in the same way, in similar numbers, in the same timespan, with the same symptoms. The only thing worth talking about is infectivity rate and death rate in comparison, but since flu is established and well reported on for years, we have a benchmark and corona is not breaking any barriers here. Unless as you do, you just take the lethality rate at face value. which obviously makes no sense to do right now. Yes ofcourse, maybe in 2 weeks half the planet is infected and all over 70 die. millionsin their 50's etc. Then we have a new benchmark, then we have some numbers we can work with that would have made the tradeoff worth it. But none of the nubmers we have indicate anything like that. It will be a few hundred thousand dead. mostly people that would have died this or next flu season because of influenza or corona or heart attack, liver failure etc. anyway. whatever way you put it, with what there is right now number wise its just a nothing burger. It only sounds scary until you understand the magnitude of numbers. until then 3k deaths sounds horrible ofcourse. thats like the world trade center, every week! :O but it isnt. its just normal fucking life.
2020-03-20 05:07
Denmark Jeffersond 
Dude chill lol... And youre still wrong
2020-03-20 05:19
am I though? How am i wrong exactly, please explain. Just reading what i said, coming to the conclusion that it doesnt fit your narrative and telling me so means nothing. Me giving you concrete reasoning to my logic with this is atleast based on arguments that can be debated. I get that you dont want to write a ten thousand character long essay about your viewpoint regarding this, i didnt want to do it either. But just these meaningless "you are wrong" "no, you are wrong" "8.2%" "0.3%" comments without any more substance to them than the mere disagreement itself are kinda obnoxious. If you have something to say, say it. but atleast put in 1/10 of the effort i did if you want to tell me im wrong. otherwise whats the point in even saying anything.
2020-03-20 05:28
Denmark Jeffersond 
Well hats off to your entusiasm, atleast you try to have a debate on a reasonable lvl, not many does this on hltv. Buuuuuut it’s 5.34 am and i cant sleep so im in bed, and on my phone :p like many Ppl this time of Night, so i dont Think you Will get an equal discussion atm :( :p
2020-03-20 05:36
dont worry about it, i was just interested what point you specifically referred to, since i made many that can be disagreed with. In some ways its just an exercise of reasoning for me, it might not even be what i really believe in (although many things i meant seriously aswell). I have a friend that is extremly good in making points and debating/arguing mine, while i almost never do that (outside of work where i have to). So sometimes if im up for it, i try and lay out a point just to get better at it. No joke he can talk for 4 hours no pause, so if i want to make my point clear to him, i gotta be extra extensive and here i can be as extensive as i want. someday i will write a novel on hltv. maybe. you never know :D
2020-03-20 06:01
World Nastradoomus 
We now have Police stopping us and military to back it up here in Finland. It is insane! Fucking insane.
2020-03-28 09:13
Japan zeroxzero 
im not reading all that
2020-03-20 07:18
ofcourse not because u are just a worthless baiter that has nothing to say, no opinion and no brain.
2020-03-20 17:22
Japan zeroxzero 
its hltv im not reading an essay
2020-03-23 22:15
its not an essay. it takes less than 2 minutes to read unless you have reading difficulties. its 1000 words, not 10k. adhd kids all around kek
2020-03-24 08:28
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes, 7 seconds. Contains 1024 words
2020-03-24 08:36
i timed it, took me 2 minutes 50 seconds to read it. So i guess even though english isn't my first language i am still 30% faster than the average reader. But does it really matter if it takes 2 or 5 minutes to read? I didn't write that much to make heads spin, i did so to cover all the points that clearly didn't get through in my first, much shorter answer. if you dont care to read it, dont read it. Whats the point of telling me how long it would take you to read it? You and the other guy apparently wouldn't read it anyway, unless its so short that you can easily just throw the opposite opinion in the room. Twitter sized opinions are worthless 99% of the time, because they dont convay anything but the core msg. If you only discuss things like that, you never get any depth in any conversation. To me it is sad, that so many people are incapable of just talking and reading. its not that hard to spend 5 minutes to read something. If afterwards you think "fuck that i wasted 5 minutes of my life" thats fine and you are free to tell me all your thoughts on how retarded xyz or the fact that i spend x amount of time covering topic y is. That would atleast be a conversation worth having.
2020-03-24 16:39
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
bro this is actually insane, it's like you're incapable of limiting your writing to what's absolutely necessary, you write a wall of text to express something the average person could use 1-2 sentences to express. I've never encountered anyone like you before.
2020-03-24 16:47
i can limit it. i can just say: If you aint't willing to read it, then dont answer and fuck of. But since i have a brain and i am capable of expressing my thoughts in a way that actually represent those thoughts i do that instead. you should try it sometimes. Please try to express the thoughts i had in the long part in 1-2 sentence, pls do it. its impossible. It is already shortened as far as possible, otherwise it would be 20k words or more, so.. doesnt speak for you and your surroundings if you "never met anyone" capable of expressing their thoughts in more detail than 2 sentences.
2020-03-24 17:10
Japan zeroxzero 
your post is 1,000 words, average reading time is 50-75 words a minute, maybe that includes some dumb people so lets go with 100, thats 10 minutes, even if i skim a bit im looking at 7 minutes fuck that
2020-03-27 00:49
if it takes you 10 minutes to read that, maybe you should go back to preschool rofl.
2020-03-27 05:40
Japan zeroxzero 
100 words a minute is more than the average reading time
2020-03-28 07:03
First thing that comes up when i google avg reading time per minute: "Many resources indicate that the average reading speed of most adults is around 200 to 250 words per minute. College students, probably because they must practice reading, move that pace up a notch to around 300 words per minute" Took me 2:53 minutes, i timed it. You are just whack as fuck, as i said, go back to pre-school haha
2020-03-28 09:01
Japan zeroxzero That being said, a slow reader will usually read about 150 to 200 words per minute. Well, if you doubt any of these statistics, then you lay your hands on a reading test, which can be taken online as well as offline. There are plenty of websites out there that offers such tests to be taken without paying a dime. That being said, when we talk about technical contents, the average reading speed is about 50-75 words per minute. This is because we aren’t able to process information smoothly and rapidly enough to grasp the matter quickly.
2020-03-29 11:16
Just stfu, you are obviously mega impaired, you haven't said a single usefull word in any of your posts. none have anything to do with the topic and you are hella wrong the whole time aswell. You basically just keep confirming your stupidity to me. for what? You dont even read my comments, yet you keep answering. wasting massive ammounts of your own time apparently, since you are the slowest reader on planet earth. Just ridiculous, never take an iq test dude, it would break you haha.
2020-03-29 12:47
Japan zeroxzero 
It's hltv no one is going to read a 1000 word post lmao All your words doesn't change the truth, and the truth is thousands are dead in Italy, Spain and soon America.
2020-03-30 03:49
I do, others do aswell. not everyone here is braindead. All my words are pure truth and have nothing to do with deaths in italy, spain or america? Where is the connection? You didnt read anything i wrote, yet you act like you know what i said. funny, but i guess what did i expect. at this point its obvious you are just so dumb its sad.
2020-03-30 10:33
Japan zeroxzero 
no why would i read a 1000 word post on hltv i read things much bigger than that obviously, just not hltv comments that big
2020-03-30 10:51
Russia Astrali5 
2020-03-20 03:55
those comments are my TLDR, otherwise i would have posted citations/quotes with every sentence.
2020-03-20 05:09
You are one of those who thinks they are the only free thinkers and have all the answers. Pretty much like flat earthers.
2020-03-21 10:03
why? because i have a different opinion to you and make my reasoning for it clear by explaining it in detail with facts? Like any reasonable human does when he trys to make a point? something you clearly are not capable of if the only thing you could think of is comparing me to people that dont believe in science and defy all logic that humans have accumulated over the last 50 generations. Just because you either can't follow or you disagree doesnt make me "pretty much like flat earthers" you dumb fuck. If you disagree with something i said, then go ahead and tell me, thats the point of a discussion. If the only thing that gets out of your brain is : "He thinks he has answers, he THINKS on HIS OWN, must be a flat earther conspiracy theorist!" then why even post at all? just because i dont just give in and agree with everything anybody tells me, doesnt mean that i cant accept when i'm wrong when someone lays out as to why that is. But clearly you cant, so instead you just make a throw away comment of zero worth of whatever comes into your mind first. like a child. i bet if you get called out for something and don't know what to do, your first reaction is to shift the blame on whoever is rightly calling you out. Im so insane in the membrane i even know that you have only friends that are even dumber than you, because you can't coap with the fact that you are a retard that can't contribute anything unless theres only apes in the room. Going around forums making one-liners about other peoples posts isnt smart, its what children do. Atleast i go and search for answers if i have a question, if i come up with a shit answers thats not a problem to me. I have zero problem integrating new information into my brain. im here one day, there the other. That has nothing to do with "thinking im the only free thinker", clearly there is an abundance of people thinking way harder, gathering way more information and coming to way better conclusions than me. I am also following all reports and all advice given by CDC like entities etc. I have to, i am in the risk group. But that fact has nothing(NOTHING!!) to do with drawing your own conclusions and entering them into a discussion about the topic. I'm not sitting here writing books about how everyone is lying and its all a big scam, im not doing videos, im not telling people to do XYZ, im just stating my OPINION on a topic and i enrich those OPINIONS with data that led me to those OPINIONS, so that other people that are actually discussing the topic can follow how i got to those OPINIONS. I am not a scientist, i am not a virologist, i dont work in the medical field, i have no expertise apart from the fact that i am in the risk group and therefore started to inform myself really early on and following all updates, all numbers and in order to judge the risk for myself i compared the numbers that are available and i still do every day. while sitting at home not leaving the building. like any reasonable person would when a pandemic is going on. But that is nothing that has to be said, its self evident. If you would go ahead and actually read the numbers you would see that while it is a pandemic, the numbers are way scarier the way they are framed by the media then they actually are. Just look at deaths in regions like italy in the last winter seasons. compare. is it different? the way it exploded surely. But the Numbers are in the same ballpark, there is no end of the world coming because of the pandemic. Again so even you retarded mongoloid can understand it: 1. There is a pandemic that is killing people and deathtoll is high in old and unhealthy people 2. that fact does not mean that we should just stand by when freedoms are taken away. if you dont understand that politicians and people with power WILL use the pandemic to further their own gains then i dont know how to help you. Why is it that people like you think they are untouchable, that our system is untouchable, that our freedom is untouchable. I'm not saying any of that for my own gain, i gain absolutely nothing. i just lose time. But i am willing to spend that time if atleast one motherfucker like you would be willing to go and read a book for once so that you maybe in 10 years can understand what i am even talking about. People dont like to ask germans for their opinion on things like History, so maybe you should go and talk to an intelligent russian some time, so you maybe understand what can be at risk if you just take everything goverments tell you by their word. Again the First and the second thing ARE SEPERATE. Most goverments and most people in those positions are probably acting in good faith and care about themselves(and their familys) atleast. But ANY life changing major event in our recent history has resulted in either revolution(i.e system change, civil war, dicatorship), genocide, or at the very least diminishment of civil rights. For most countries it will only be the latter. Im sure denmark is fine, you are so cucked you wouldnt even go on the streets if the world was ending if you didnt. All i am saying is dont just take everything at face value and atleast TRY to.. further your horizon.. how is thinking for yourself bad? do they teach you that in denmark? if you think for yourself, if you draw your own conclusions, if you don't agree with EVERYTHING that is said and done in your country it means you are basically a conspiracy theorist? I'm sure if the next hitler comes around in denmark you will be the first to open your mouth and shout out "this is not right". All the people that died for your prosperity will have died in vain when that day comes. because you will be sitting in an online forum telling people that try to warn you that they are "basically like flat earthers". And again, i know its getting long, but since you clearly need way more explanation and you clearly want it very badly ;) im gonna specify that I AM NOT saying that following advice on corona is like letting the new hitler come to power. I'm just taking your answer very much to heart, so i try to explain to you what the bigger picture is that i was trying to draw way above. When instead of taking all possibilites into account, you just focus on the main point(pandemic that kills people) obviously many things i said are outlandish and i understand you are probably struggeling to make that connection. But that is why i wrote so much, so its more obvious where i am coming from and why i am drawing the conlucions that i did at that moment. i can also just post a shitty 20 word sentence basically saying: VoteYea/VoteNay regarding any topic, any answer, anything basically. But does that make me smarter? Is my brain gathering more information doing that? is anyone else gathering more information doing that? is it worth even THINKING yea or nay if you have no reasoning for it that you can backup if you try to make that point? I dont think so. i Probably drew many wrong conclusions from the information i gathered, ofcourse i am biased towards a certain way of thinking. So are you, so is everyone no matter where, no matter when, no matter why. Humanity is a collection of all thoughts and all actions ever done by it, thats why we are who we are and we are where we are right now. for good or ill. I might change my mind on many of these things next week. you know why? because there are smarter people correcting my mistakes, some only because i OFFER my mistakes up to you and others(irl and online) to shit on. Thats how you move forward, thats how you aquire knowledge that is worth something. I have a bias towards myself and my own thoughts, ofcourse i think they are right in some capacity otherwise i wouldnt have them. They are me. You know what changes peoples opinions? Other People with clear and rational thoughts making a case for their own. Surely not shitters like you. What worth while thought have you had the last 12 months? What opinion did you offer up to the public for judgement and did you actually change any of them? How many other peoples opinion have you changed on things that are important to you, by actually confronting them with facts and knowledge instead of useless banter? Atleast i try to reason my opinion. And while i dont agree with flat earthers and i think its stupid, atleast they do that. you cant even do THAT.
2020-03-21 18:47
Ok, im not gonna read that wall of text. You win.
2020-03-21 20:41
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
I think he's never interacted with a human being before
2020-03-21 20:43
i think you have never had any useful discussion with anyone before. But ofcourse another cucked dane to help out the little boy that cant get more than 2 sentences out before his brain stops functioning. You know how humans interact? by talking to each other, by saying whats on their mind, asking for help, giving help. etc. Clearly you danes have no idea how to interact with people by leaving 20 words in a discussion of thousands and thinking you somehow did anything worthwhile. you didnt. your existance is just worthless. great job.
2020-03-22 05:54
He's crazy
2020-03-22 19:28
Ofcourse i "win".. i won when you were born as a pig that rather stays dumb and happy instead of learning something and using your brain to discuss things. Hope that you never meet me, or i will force feed you some books, because clearly you dont have a working brain, maybe its in your ass and some intelligence can be inserted that way, who knows. And not being able to read a text that is that short (its not even 1000 words, its nothing!) means you are probably another adhd trash kid that can only further his hoirzon by watching 2 minute "fact" videos. and any further content or discussion and your brain starts melting and you cry for your mommy. What a loser.
2020-03-22 05:57
Haha, stay mad Jerman
2020-03-22 19:29
Haha, stay dumb pig. (what a great way of communicating, so much head, so little brain)
2020-03-22 19:32
Haha, cry more
2020-03-22 19:36
how am i crying? rofl you must be fake flagging, no way danes are this retarded haha
2020-03-23 11:05
good info m8
2020-03-20 01:54
Qatar olaolakaka 
2020-03-20 02:15
I wonder what the normal flu deaths are this year. Probably up around 500k so far. The fake news just never mentions the normal cold and flu season. We lost over 40k in the USA to the flew last year.
2020-03-20 02:27
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
The fear comes from hospitals being unprepared for the sudden spike in infections, as well as the death rate being higher 2,5-3,5% estimated - seasonal flu's death rate is like 0,1%. Right now Coronavirus isn't nearly as prevalent as the flu, but if it were to spread as far, it'd be way more dangerous based on everything we know about it so far.
2020-03-20 02:49
So if 50k people die world wide from the Kung flu compared to a million from the regular flu we should all focus on the kungflu? Why do you need hospitals for the flu? We have a flu season every year and you don't go to the hospital. Dollar tree has nice meds for a buck. They work great.
2020-03-20 02:52
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
if the "kung flu's" deathrate is way higher and is as contagious as it is - yes...
2020-03-20 03:14
If it's much higher then why did 1 million die from the flu last year and this year maybe 50-100 k will die from the kung flu? Math anyone?
2020-03-20 03:16
Japan zeroxzero 
Because it hasn't spread as much yet because we've taken measures against it you fucking moron
2020-03-20 03:27
Nothing has changed in my town accept for a few idiots that panicked and bought a ton of food and TP they don't need. Watch the movie called wag the dog and you will see how the media can control you.
2020-03-20 03:42
Japan zeroxzero 
Yeah congrats your town doesn't have any cases.
2020-03-20 03:44
Here is how this plays out. The rich will crash the world economy and keep talking about this fake virus. In November when Trump gets elected again the Virus will vanish and January of 2021 the market will start it's next bull run. It's happened forever. The rich crash the market then load up. We are lucky, load up in December.
2020-03-20 03:47
United States theory^ 
2020-03-20 15:37
Sweden flippig 
Look at the death rate in germany
2020-03-20 03:49
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
that's already triple the flu death rate, and then you look at Italy with over 40.000 cases (Germany has give or take 15k) with a deathrate of 8,3% and China with over 80k cases and a deathrate of 4%
2020-03-20 13:26
Sweden flippig 
but its still like 0.3% death rate and they obviously havent caught every case but i think its alot more accurate than the italy numbers since there are probably so so many unrecorded cases there
2020-03-20 13:28
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
it's more contagious than the flu -> it spreads faster -> it spreads wider -> when we reach a stage the flu is at it will not only be three times as deadly, it will likely infect way more people. Also taking the lowest deathrate of a country and just running with it isn't exactly the most accurate way of predicting it. Some studies estimated a deathrate of 2,5-3,5%.
2020-03-20 13:36
Sweden flippig 
It seems to me that germany have done the most comprehensive testing tho
2020-03-20 13:44
Soon we'll see brasil on this list UNFORTUNATELY Here 95% of ICU in public hospitals are occupied Soon old people infected by the Coronga will need ICU but there won't be any available and they will DIE Bolsonaro does nothing, said a week ago that is was a fantasy from the media We aren't in lockdown yet even though 600+ confirmed cases and thousands of real cases Dark times incoming
2020-03-20 02:36
sad to hear brother
2020-03-20 02:43
More people die in a few months in Chicago just from shootings. Nothing to see here.
2020-03-20 03:17
United States theory^ 
Will it spread quickly in favelas or do not a lot of people interact with those communities?
2020-03-20 15:38
Of course, the favela shelters are very close to each other, very small and bad sanitary conditions It will spread really quickly there, specially because there won't be UCIs for them and they will have to be isoleted in their small houses where they live with other people, so they will certainly spread it to his relatives at least
2020-03-20 17:43
Egypt Smartest_mens 
switzerland what doink
2020-03-20 02:55
Kazakstan 3 death? Source? wtf fake
2020-03-20 02:57
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
Source seems to be fucked on this one as it links to this: Might be a mistake.
2020-03-20 03:12
Did anyone notice why the virus is fake. It seems to have avoided all third world countries with no medical or anything. Those countries would be wiped off the face of the earth if this was real.
2020-03-20 03:18
Japan zeroxzero 
Iran? and not many people travel to those third world countries, there's an ebola outbreak in africa right now
2020-03-20 03:28
i mean it literally is destroying countries like iran (they are not just reporting all the death cases) and poor countries cant afford traveling to places like china and italy etc
2020-03-20 03:28
United States theory^ 
Many 3rd worlders dont have money travel or the infrastructure to like we do so i believe it would be slower, also govt doesnt give a rats ass if it costs money
2020-03-20 15:39
You’re also stupid, 3world country have no money to travel allot. And does counters are more isolated than you think. The virus spread slower in does country’s.
2020-03-22 12:53
Sorry bud but the rich countries do have the money to travel and they go to third world countries but also even third world countries have a lot of rich that travel and would bring the virus back. This is how you will know if the virus is real or a hoax. If the third world countries don't lose half their people from it then it was fake. I think that's pretty fare to say. If the Media keeps focusing on first world countries then that's another thing that backs me up that says this was a giant hoax.
2020-03-22 13:53
two words: text kits. can't have confirmed cases if there's no way to tell it apart from a flu
2020-03-22 19:44
Canada ZHF 
USA HAHAHAH. I thought it wasn’t a big deal. Oh wait, canadians also thought it wasn’t a big deal :( we’ll be in your situation soon too
2020-03-20 03:26
Chinese Virus*
2020-03-20 03:43
Real numbers are triple those
2020-03-20 05:33
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
likely, it's the rise of the numbers that's more interesting than the absolute values
2020-03-20 13:22
Finland Smoonah 
what’s the 19th month called?
2020-03-20 05:44
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
murican fakeflagger? d/m/y is the most commonly used date format alternatively y/m/d is a good one to use too but m/d/y is just straight up retarded
2020-03-20 13:21
Finland Smoonah 
2020-03-20 15:07
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
Reported: Useless blogs, threads and posts, irrelevant posts, baiting etc.
2020-03-20 15:27
Finland Smoonah 
I don’t care lmao
2020-03-20 15:28
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
now, actually reported
2020-03-20 15:36
Finland Smoonah 
Look at a calendar, what do you see first? the month. now you’re in month what do you see, the date. What year is the calendar? 2020.
2020-03-20 16:43
France Strasbourg 
I lived in PH and there is 2 cases in the condominium. And the condominium is just infront of my fucking house. Inside of a small village!
2020-03-20 07:22
Australia sad_faze_fan 
Can’t wait to see Australia on the next list
2020-03-20 13:31
the virus still stay until we have vaccines
2020-03-21 09:53
Germany Shackrag 
just evacuate everyone out of the usa and canada , test everyone around the world for the virus and quarantine the infected there. the risk of corona is only not knowing who is or who is not infected. if all the effected are quarantined there is no risk of the virus spreading. finally the wall aka mexicos taxes woldnt have been wasted in vain
2020-03-21 09:57
China had 100000 cases in January, it's in the millions now. #ChinaLiedPeopleDied
2020-03-22 05:53
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
I think so too - at least now, it'd be weird if they lied themselves into 80.000 cases. Here's the 21.03 update:
2020-03-22 05:57
Countries with largest increase in cases United States - 26892 +6936 (34.8%) Italy -53578 +6557 (13.9%) France -14459 +1846 (14.6%) United Kingdom -5018 +924 (22.6%) Germany -22364 +712 (3.3%) Switzerland -6863 +584 (9.3% This is a great tool here
2020-03-22 11:09
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
I'll start linking it in my posts from now on, thanks.
2020-03-22 12:44
CIS sergioff 
lmao keep believing lies
2020-03-22 12:47
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
these are the officially reported cases - if what you're saying is that reported cases =/= actual cases then duh, but I'm not claiming that
2020-03-22 12:51
You’re so stupid kid.
2020-03-22 12:51
CIS sergioff 
stupid kid? lmao that's what a brainwashed sheep says, just go watch tv, you might miss the "news"
2020-03-22 18:37
Flags checks out east Europe propoganda kid.
2020-03-22 22:06
I live in the Nederlands, people are so stupid they going outside. Going to the beach, Forest. Like 70% thinks it’s just a flu.. Young people can die too it doesn’t matter.
2020-03-22 12:51
NEO | 
Denmark Tzianzhin 
The quarantine's main objective is to slow down the spread of the virus, not to stop it - so hospitals can handle all the cases they need to, which in turn means less people in critical condition will die, but yeah, if people don't listen we're just taking a pointless hit to the economy right now. But it's not about young people dying, it's about young people infecting the more vulnerable - the young people do indeed barely die because most young people's bodies are healthy enough. 21.03.2020 update:
2020-03-22 12:57
The Nederlands is the only country is Europe with no lockdown... It’s good that you doing this on HLTV! Danish brother.
2020-03-22 12:58
This is what people aren't getting, you can be healthy and think you'll recover from it even if you do contract it, but that doesn't mean you wont pass it onto a vulnerable person. People are just selfish. Ive moved my 87 year old grandmother into a part of my house, and banned anyone from calling, taking no chances.
2020-03-22 13:58
Good job English mate! To taking care of your grandma! Pretty soon Holland is in lockdown too! Well I hope.. The beach is now banded for visiting! In the news today. Because it’s beautiful day.. I see more old people just walking on the streets like I don’t care if I get it...
2020-03-22 16:46
ropz | 
Finland Denssi 
Go to sauna and drink viina
2020-03-22 12:59
who 🚗🚗 ?
2020-03-27 00:53
China should stop eating everything that moves... Pls just stop eating weird things like bat soup, rat barbeque, cockroaches noodle etc
2020-03-28 07:14
USA doing worse than 3rd world countries
2020-03-27 00:55
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