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Denmark hf4ng 
hehe funny he start few years ago with cheaters, mix den/swe Epiphany Bolt, now new players Astralis..
2020-03-22 14:00
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2020-03-22 14:02
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what source? everywhere, look at Epiphany Bolt on liquidpedia, look at their winning/loose games when they played shit cups like QuickShot or DIGNIT for matchfixing and cheat to win against better teams
2020-03-22 14:19
hes always been a team player since hes been a pro. always the one benched and brought back and never heard a complaint. he will work out well with these 5 i just worry one of the 5 starters turns into a bitch about having to sit out
2020-03-22 14:02
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