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science deniers?
United States KKonian 
Is there any past proof of people with tinfoil hats being right and science being wrong? Like if the earth turned out to be flat that would mean science is/was a lie and tinfoil hat idiots were right
2020-03-22 23:18
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science deniers = religious people they should not reproduce
2020-03-22 23:19
United States KKonian 
Well like denying climate change does not need to have a religious purpose
2020-03-22 23:20
>Not believing liars >denying science
2020-03-22 23:22
United States KKonian 
Show me any past proof of "science wrong me right"
2020-03-22 23:27
Flag checks out at this point
2020-03-22 23:29
United States KKonian 
If anything our flags should be switched
2020-03-22 23:29
2020-03-23 01:27
niilo | 
Finland t0ki 
name checks out
2020-03-30 09:43
Brazil jacksfurions 
petrol was going to end in 1970, btw i am not science denier but the real science is a way of investigating the truth but it is not the truth itself, in 1808 they thought that molecules with water were indivisible atoms, then they discovered that molecules were composed of several indivisible atoms, now we know that atoms are divisible, truths change with the knowledge.
2020-03-23 01:50
If no new sources were found. But they did. And techniques got better so they could drill in previously unreachable places. But other than that you're right in that.
2020-03-23 01:44
Why would science think humans would suddenly stop finding new sources? More-run out of food by 2000-Population Bomb(mass starvation fr lack of food)-they sterilized poor people all over the globe and we didn't find unreachable food. No rationalization, they were not only flat out wrong, obesity is the new problem. Ice age called for in the 70's, ozone hole caused by hairspray will kill us all-instead natural and naturally fixed itself. They were wrong about everything in outter space sometimes multiple times. 10percent born that way, really 1 1/2percent, still no born that way. Y2k, west nile, madcow, bird flu, sars, swine flu-every year is something is going to kill us all. Human fetal cell on Mars=human life on mars, human fetal cell here on earth in mommy womb=not human life. Solving the genome sequence will cure so many diseases! The computer will create a paperless society. Every global warming model as in every single one has overstated warming. roughly 50percent of scientific fact today will be disproven in the next 100yrs-(chronicling human knowledge is actually a science) that's provided the one world silence all dissent leftists haven't permanently broken science. I could go on for four days.
2020-03-25 01:35
But this isn't about that. This isn't about science progressing and finding out they were wrong. It's about something called a conspiracy theory turning out to be right and science to be wrong. Like UFO sightings, flat earth, anti vax, etc. I think that's what we're looking for. The people with the tinfoil hats as OP put it. And secondly a lot of the things you were saying are more the media over blowing something. For example the scientific consensus wasn't that Y2K would be a disaster, but that if we didn't do anything about it then it could cause a lot of trouble. Because they warned us almost all systems were checked, tested and fixed where necessary. And on the global warming you're just flat out wrong. I don't know what this means: "10percent born that way, really 1 1/2percent, still no born that way." The hole in the ozone layers was fixed because we took action and prohibited ingredients that caused it. Too bad you made it political at the end.
2020-03-25 02:51
Stupid question There have been many times where scientific theroies, many widely accecpted have been wrong. For example, we once though earth was the centre of our solar system. If you look at medicine there have been countless incorrect notions over the course of history.
2020-03-24 01:34
But this isn't about that. This isn't about science progressing and finding out they were wrong. It's about something called a conspiracy theory turning out to be right and science to be wrong. Like UFO sightings, flat earth, etc. I think that's what we're looking for.
2020-03-25 02:39
UFO stands for unidentified flying object, anything can be a ufo until it has been formally identified. As for conspiracy theories, I think you're kinda misleading what youre asking. Conspiracy theories such as flat earth, climate change etc etc are just outrageous because concrete proof already exists that shows their bullshit. However, there have been many times where people have thought of theories that massively go against common beleif and have turned out to be true
2020-03-25 03:17
It's just what OP asked for: "Is there any past proof of people with tinfoil hats being right and science being wrong?" I think there's a difference. Like these but with science. Something that was called a conspiracy theory that turned out to be true. I'm not saying there aren't any. I just can't think of any that fit those criteria.
2020-03-25 03:24
People don't deny climate change, they deny that it's caused by humans. The climate has changed often way before man arrived.
2020-03-23 01:21
People do deny climate change all the time. Things like: It's snowing so climate change isn't real. And it hasn't changed at the rate it is changing now.
2020-03-23 01:46
One of the reasons I don't give two craps about climate change is because humans can't control the weather yet. We can't control the sun or anything so why worry about it? What can we do? Out of all the climate scientists in the world I've never seen one come forward and present a solution. I see a high school drop out named greta holding signs and getting rich doing it but also no solutions.
2020-03-23 01:48
wft are you talking about. Weather =/= climate. The fact that we can't make it rain on command has nothing to do with climate change. And the solutions are right there. Use more renewable energy. Reduce carbon footprint. Use something other than cement. Make products last longer and throw away less. If you don't know what the solutions are you should just google a bit man.
2020-03-23 02:03
YOu just named everything that will not happen. Cheap renewable energy would anger the electric companies and they are very rich and powerful and have many friends in congress. The oil companies also have many friends in congress that pass laws to help their companies for a small fee. Carbon footprint.. We got a get around sucka. I'm not walking, I'm driving or taking a train. Cars,trains and planes will never go away. Making products last longer is the opposite of what companies are doing. I heard back in the day like 1920-1950 companies had pride in their work and made things last as long as they could. Then companies started to realize how much more money they can make if they make crap and things don't last long. When my headphones die I run out and buy new ones. I actually had some that lasted 6 years once, cost around 200 but you would think they could make headphones to basically last a lifetime if they wanted to. So I agree with everything you said and it would help us but we are going in the opposite direction of what you want and the rich are never going to change.
2020-03-23 02:09
I think opinions are changing. We are getting more renewable energy. Hydrogen cars are getting more popular. And you said you haven't heard solutions but also agree these would work. We just need legislation. So vote for people who will impose these things.
2020-03-23 02:46
bruh with the current renewables, things only get worse. It's not economically viable I suggest you should watch bjorn lomborg ofc, global warming is a clusterfuck nightmarish problem. If we don't act fast enough, the poor are gonna be heavily affected. The bigger problem is that we don't have an efficient solution If u want to shut down all the coal thing, well good luck with that cuz the poor are the first to be harmed. We have to make a breakthrough in how much more solarenergy can be stored or a new type or a new type of alternative appear.
2020-03-23 10:17
Renewables have become more and more efficient and economic in the last decade. If we would put a lot of money and energy we can probably fix those problems. If you thing about how much more efficient we made computers over the last few decades. If we put the same drive behind other forms of energy I think we can come a long way.
2020-03-23 14:59
how much percentage did renewables improve? 3-4%? There are reasons why they only cover 20% of global energy consumption Look at Germany. They used to shut down the coal factories and build the renewables. They had to turn on coal factories again as energy generated by renewables couldn't meet ppl need. Unless we discover a new type of renewables or find a new material that can absorb solar energy from the sun about more than 50%, we're done And if you spend more on subsidies and already existing renewables with the same efficiency, it only affects the poor. We've talked a lot about renewables since idk 70s but nothing has progressed significantly due to low investment in green innovation. yea taxing on carbon footprint may help, but those Usa china and india and the whole world obsessed with economic growth
2020-03-23 22:01
They turned on coal plants because they closed all nuclear power plants.
2020-03-23 22:52
so why they are not doing it rn simple, it's not good enough
2020-03-24 00:05
Because it's not where the money is right now. Big energy companies don't want to invest in things that don't make money. If you put up solar panels they don't need a lot of maintenance and people don't need to keep buying solar panels. Oil and gas are usable once so people keep buying gas. That's why they're more likely to invest into hydrogen. Because people will need to keep buying it.
2020-03-24 02:16
I actually agree with u on this point we need to invest in research in hope for improving renewables but rn, spending too much on solar panels absorbing 18-20% isn't the wisest decision
2020-03-24 03:14
people dont deny climate change. climate always changed what people deny or question is the influence of Humans. And thats a 100% legitimate Question
2020-03-23 22:10
People do deny climate change all the time like: "how can it be snowing if there's global warming?" The question might be legitimate but the overwhelming scientific consensus is that humans are the driving factor behind the rapid temperature change we're seeing now. You probably know this "graph" Climate has always changed but never at this rate. "While there have been prehistoric periods of global warming,[12] observed changes since the mid-20th century have been unprecedented in rate and scale.[13]" from:
2020-03-24 16:04
Man-made climate change is a hoax used to advance political agendas, get over it
2020-03-28 01:04
2020-03-29 09:32
shox | 
Serbia nzzm22 
Yes, but a creator exists without religion.
2020-03-22 23:21
2020-03-22 23:53
United States KKonian 
Even if there is a creator named "god" the hocus pocus of religious rules, stories, and etc are fake. The same thing happens to everyone when they die regardless of what you believe
2020-03-23 00:03
Mongolia bozgor 
I miss being a little teen who thinks he understand everything 👌😎
2020-03-23 00:06
United States KKonian 
The same thing happens to everyone when they die regardless of what you believe
2020-03-23 00:10
Mongolia bozgor 
yea, when Caeser died totally the same thing happened to him then what will for you 👌😎
2020-03-23 00:12
United States KKonian 
If its something phsyical that other people are doing because of his death then sure. But for what happened to his "soul" or whatever from his point of view its the same as anyone else who dies
2020-03-23 00:14
Mongolia bozgor 
even a papau guinean cannibal understands the concept of "soul" better than you do 👌😎
2020-03-23 00:17
Well... There's no such thing as a soul.
2020-03-23 01:47
+1 It would be nice if there were, but souls and the afterlife is just wishful thinking for people that have weak minds that only want the simple answers to complex questions.
2020-03-24 01:35
Australia HighRate 
2020-03-30 09:14
not true
2020-03-22 23:51
2020-03-22 23:52
Tunisia Respecc 
2020-03-23 00:07
Nah, I'm religious and don't deny science Science = how things work (The true) religion = why it exists and where it came from
2020-03-23 00:12
Not really. Where it came from is also science. And it depends on what you call being religious and what you believe in. If you believe in things that don't have a good reason than that's contrary to science I think.
2020-03-23 01:49
Actually science doesn't really explain where universe came from. It's just knows how and when it started. Science also knows when and how it will end. Science will never know where universe came from, cause science needs time to explain itself.
2020-03-23 02:45
I don't agree. Just because we can't explain at this moment doesn't mean it isn't a science question. Before we couldn't explain lightning but it was still a science question. And just because physics can't explain anything before the big bang atm doesn't mean we can't ever do that. There's so much we didn't think we could ever know but now we can. And always god was put in those spots by religious people.
2020-03-23 02:52
We cannot. The big bang's condition cannot be described as such by our physical laws and all information, if you would go backward in time, about anything in time - if it even existed before big bang - is lost because everything, all energy had been concentrated in one point, a singularity. There is no way we can learn anything before the big bang. Answer from Volker Maiwald, german aerospace engineer. With big bang theory, we will never understand the creation of universe. We need more than just that. We have limits. God wouldn't have that. There could be so little details that we couldn't see. Planck is the limit. String theory would help a bit in this case, but it's in the edge of human nature. AI is maybe the peak, and it may be still waste cause it uses the laws we made with our understanding.
2020-03-23 03:05
I'll grant you that we'll (probably) never be able to explain it. But that does not mean it's not part of science in my opinion. The laws of physics are true whether we know them or not. And the law of physics "before" the big bang are probably completely different seeing as there's no time. But that doesn't make it a religious question. It just means we don't know. Btw. I don't think that aerospace engineers opinion on god is relevant. From what I can find from his Linkedin page he didn't study theoretical physics or astronomy. He's an engineer.
2020-03-23 05:13
He didnt say anything about god he just told why the creation of the universe cannot be proven with our physics. How can we explain something that comes from nothing. We have this thing called conservatition law and if we deny it. Pretty much all of physics will crumble with it.
2020-03-23 13:31
To me this sounds like he's implying god fits in there: "With big bang theory, we will never understand the creation of universe. We need more than just that. We have limits. God wouldn't have that." Where do you get that something came from nothing? It came from the singularity. We don't know about "before" the big bang so neither do we know whether is was nothing.
2020-03-23 14:56
With big bang theory, we will never understand the creation of universe. We need more than just that. We have limits. God wouldn't have that. There could be so little details that we couldn't see. Planck is the limit. String theory would help a bit in this case, but it's in the edge of human nature. AI is maybe the peak, and it may be still waste cause it uses the laws we made with our understanding. This was my quote. We as a human beings need matter. Singularity is thing that we can't observe with our understanding. Black hole eruption is the closest we can get. You know every universe needs a beginning. Nothing can't be done without matter. Even if there were universe or matter before big bang. Where did that matter come from? Nothing? Or was there always matter? Where did it came from? These things are so out of this world that we simply cannot ever comprehend understanding them.
2020-03-23 15:49
I just copied the part I thought relevant for my point. Yours was about so I wasn't trying to make it look like something it wasn't (even if I might did). I do agree we don't know all those things at this moment and that the chance is really high we'll never know. But to say it's impossible to ever know seems presumptuous to me.
2020-03-23 22:57
Yeah everything is possible. This thing is just so complex that we need more than human knowledge as it stands to understand it. New theories, AI, meaning of Black matter/energy new tech. There is so much we don't know. We just don't have time to understand everything. Life in universe is possible for blink of an eye and we gotta enjoy every new accomplishment. I'm interested about science I actually study it. But I'm not the one with most knowledge or wisdom. I don't want to argue about two different things. I respect what you value here and maybe someday humans will know better, but as it stands today I believe we will never know what's out there until time comes up.
2020-03-23 23:13
I think we just found out we basically agree XD
2020-03-24 02:17
Australia HighRate 
We have no idea what kind of system our universe is contained in. The “wall” between our universe and the outside is probably just due to the differences between those layers. substances, materials, laws of physics and so on. Just so our universe have a chance to expand in the outlying system. It’s not a boarder that can’t be crossed. You talked about matter and how things started. I don’t think we have the capacity to understand since we only know about our universe. But religion will never have any answers. A god would be made of matter as well. What would be before god was created? You can go on endless loops like this.
2020-03-30 09:39
The word "probably" is appearing so much in hltv forums that it hurts. Ofc everything is possible since we don't know enough (we don't know basically anything about majority of the building blocks in the universe.). God may be only a myth in the end, but since there is no evidence of other or better solutions atm. I've got all the right to believe to something eternal. As bible says we are made of matter, God is eternal. The fact that bible is made so hard to disprove makes me believe in something unnatural. You can come back to this comment with some "proofs against God" from internet threads, but as long I see I'm not losing anything believing, I'll continue. I've gathered very good friends through my beliefs. Even if I'm wrong I really doesn't care because I'm living much better life than many other people in this world without drugs or other bad habits.
2020-03-30 18:46
Australia HighRate 
Good for you man. Not gonna bash religion. What are your thoughts on the simulation theory? You don’t think it makes sense that it is a species that created us and our universe? Rather than one almighty being? Both cannot be proven rn and both theory’s are similar. Difference being that a god created everything with magic and a species created everything with science. In both theories/religions there has to be matter before our universe and all those things that no one can answers. Any thought?
2020-03-30 18:56
The simulation is an interesting thought, but as a theory I think it won't be popularized until I'm very old. If I get there. We need our own simulation of other worlds to prove it and when that happens I think my time has come up well before. One can believe to Zeus and I respect that. I however think that it's not worth of my value in this point. Simulation is not like religion. Could be true, but this time I don't want it to be true. When Matrix came out everyone saw the thought of simulation, everyone was scared. I don't want to live in fear that I'm not a human being, but just a program or AI. Cipher has a point when he wants back from reality. I've made a decision to follow religion and I don't expect anything to crumble it. I'm happy, and that's all what matters.
2020-03-30 21:27
If you believe in science it didnt come from anywhere. TIme is a construct that humans created, therefore before the beginning of the universe there was no time and thus no time for it to be created by anything or anyone. What probably happened is just an infinite repeating cycle. One day the universe will collapse back in on its self and then another big bang will expand it all again
2020-03-24 01:43
Well that's an interesting thought and it could be true. But what created the cycle?
2020-03-24 01:50
What cycle? This is an event that happens in a dimension we cannot perceive as humans and never will be able too. It's where the entire universe is condensed into an infintely dense point and infinite desnity means it has zero volume and therefore does not actually exist. It happens in a dimension that we cannot see in a timeframe that doesn't actually exist so back to the original question, what cycle. This is slightly related but mostly off topic, however very interesting, give it a watch:
2020-03-24 02:00
Infinite density may be just a proof of deficient theory of relativity. As we know singularities aren't real, when it comes to law of nature. Infinity isn't a thing. That's why black holes are so difficult to observe. Another dimensions are also believing into a theory. Technically believing to a creator is also a theory. Humans are so specific with science, that any anomalies will crumble the base. And that's why I think my opinion will never change. I can only say before theory of everything, that dimensions could be true, but at this point of the universe I haven't got any reason to believe so.
2020-03-24 16:51
Infinity is most definitely a real thing. Just like complex numbers are.
2020-03-25 01:57
I don't know how anything in the nature can be infinite. Mathematically infinity is defined like complex numbers (that are man made btw). But everything has a limit in our world. Irrelevant limit is mathematical thing not natural. Like whats infinite minus infinite? Zero? Because infinite can be anything between thus it's undefined. It's unnatural to have such thing as infinite. And no numbers that are incredibly huge are not infinite.
2020-03-25 16:35
Just because the mathematics are beyond the level you've been taught in education, does not mean they are not real. You can have infinities bigger and smaller than other infinites. You can also have numbers so small or so large they can be assumed infinite (and in many cases have to be in order for the mathematics to work correctly). Without infinity as a very real concept, much of science that we use today would be obselete
2020-03-26 23:36
"Infinite describes things that are endless" If the number has a known last digit it's not and cannot be assumed infinite. Infinity is not a number definition for uncountable amount. Remember mathematics are man made. Infinity is a problem of man made invention. We use math to model nature, but the problems that it created stays with the invention.
2020-03-27 01:30
You should really study maths and/or physics to a much higher level as it really just is not as simple as that. Many numbers in maths do not have a last known digit (take pi for example) and carry on to infinity. Many numbers in science are also so large or so small we can consider them infinitely large or infinitely small and without these assumptions physics would quite literally break down. Take a look at the graph y = exp(x). Where does the line touch the x axis? It doesn't right. And it never will. No matter how far you go down the line it never touches the axis. But if you go to infinity, the line is now infinitely close to the axis so is it touching or not? Another example is optics. If you look at problems that involve rays of light entering a lense, when do the rays of light seem completely perpendicular to the lense and parallel to each other? When the source is infinitely far away from the lense. There are thousands of concepts where infinte numbers are needed to explain and model nature, whether man made or not. You cannot assign definitive values to everything and with that mindset you will severely limit how much you can learn about the world around you
2020-03-27 02:13
Pi like e has infinite number of digits, but they're based on approx series that man has made. As you know a sequence has infinite number of points if its end point isn't defined. Tell me one classical physics problem that will break when infinity isn't defined (that is proven) with and serious observation by physicist or scientist. I think the level above me is so high that they would have every argument ready against infinity without thinking about it. Another example is optics. If you look at problems that involve rays of light entering a lense, when do the rays of light seem completely perpendicular to the lense and parallel to each other? When the source is infinitely far away from the lense. I'm not sure what this is trying to ask, but if light is coming from 90degree angle to the lense, the light will be against the lense so that sin-theeta=1 and all of it will reflect back to the source. Lightsource's distance doesn't matter in this question if we observe the problem in vacuum. In this question we have to know from what substance we are in what optical density it has and is it going through the lense. If you meant total reflection that's what I also told here. I pretty much slept all of the wave theory, but that's what I learned from that.
2020-03-27 15:59
No, there is no absolute certainty regarding its origin, and even if science shows the universe had a beginning, it can't explain who made it or why it was made And yes you're correct on your 2nd statement, though I am not a blind believer who believes without good reason, should be based on evidence obviously
2020-03-23 18:54
There's no absolute answers. Yet. Science has been pushing back religion for several hundred years now and giving answers to questions that religion said were one way and which was showed to be wrong. The room for a god is almost 0. And science does point towards our universe actually coming into existence from nothing and as such without reason - no god needed. Besides that, for thousands of years people have believed in fantasy beings, but not a single proof or even small sign of something "larger" has been presented. And still people keep believing.... believing something just because you want it to be true isn't good.
2020-03-24 01:41
I literally just told you that I agree believing without evidence is obviously stupid, but assuming there's no evidence is somewhat of a strawman, I don't believe without reason or evidence. I agree that the universe had a beginning and that this is the most plausible theory in science currently. No science doesn't point into it coming from NOTHING, nothing is merely a concept, there was always something, unless you can show me any philosopher of science or scientist who believes and agrees that the universe came from nothing (and no not L. Krauss, because his "nothing" is something as he explains in his book)
2020-03-24 19:17
Imperial college london proved the big bang actually happened to more than 99% certainty. This was the beginning of the universe.
2020-03-24 02:06
Yes, I agree that the universe had a beginning and that it is the most plausible theory in science currently, but this has nothing to do with what caused it and why that cause caused it, because that would be philosophy not science.
2020-03-24 19:18
The big bang is not a theory anymore, it happened. If you're interested in how we know for sure take a look at this:
2020-03-25 03:27
A scientific theory does not mean the same as "theory" singled out linguistically..look up what a theory in science is my brother
2020-03-25 20:43
When you said "plausible", I assumed you took the view that it was not proven to be true.
2020-03-25 20:46
Australia HighRate 
It is science as well. we can’t see or travel far enough to go or have a look outside our universes. If we will, it will be science to explain further. We will use science to explain the laws of that reality.
2020-03-30 09:56
Nah, it wouldn't be science then, before you go and preach science you should learn what it is first, don't blind follow, my brother in humanity..
2020-03-30 17:47
Australia HighRate 
We would have to use observation to have any idea of what it is and probably experiments and study it to explain further. Stop trying to be a dickhead when you know exactly what I mean.
2020-03-30 17:54
Yes where did the magic pixie dust come from and why did it go bang?
2020-03-25 01:37
refer to the mini thread starting at #214
2020-03-25 03:22
Canada razneK1789 
science is the study of how nature works, not where it came from
2020-03-23 19:05
science is the study of nature. Both how it works and how it came to be. Why would it stop a the big bang.
2020-03-23 22:53
Canada razneK1789 
because there's no way of studying what happened before the world. that's why there are only theories about how the universe came to be
2020-03-24 21:05
But that's still science. Like math and physics. It's still about science.
2020-03-25 00:49
Canada razneK1789 
lol ok
2020-03-27 02:52
One of the smartest people of the last century was a climate skeptic , Freeman Dyson, search up what he has to say on the subject.
2020-03-23 00:22
this statement is false.
2020-03-23 00:50
On soo many levels, some idiots are even +1ing (hopefully they are trolling).
2020-03-23 02:38
2020-03-23 01:25
Germany Bier 
Also very often and in most cases people from the political right spectrum
2020-03-23 10:04
Surprise surprise...
2020-03-23 11:27
Agree but the German flag and "(insert people here) must not reproduce" just writes the joke on its own at this point
2020-03-23 16:21
Israel thatguy 
yeah kinda scary tbh
2020-03-27 19:15
Ok fascist
2020-03-23 23:51
2020-03-24 19:18
2020-03-27 03:32
Yes, the scientific consensus has been wrong multiple times in the past.
2020-03-22 23:22
United States KKonian 
some examples?
2020-03-22 23:28
Russia LeGoBoys 
Scientist were saying your mom is not gay
2020-03-22 23:29
2020-03-22 23:30
United States KKonian 
2020-03-22 23:49
Denmark bb123 
2020-03-23 13:52
Woah just take it easy man
2020-03-23 00:55
oof bro u obliterated the poor guy
2020-03-23 16:21
2020-03-23 23:52
Germany Neckarstadion 
Geologists in the early/mid 1900s didn't know about plate tectonics and had lots of bullshit theories to explain geologic processes. Pretty much this whole branch of science had to be rethought once plate tectonics got proven right. The guy who proposed the idea of plate tectonics was ridiculed and other scientists thought he was crazy to go against the grain like he did, but he was right.
2020-03-22 23:54
But do you know any cases where the people, or the "conspiracy theorists" were correct, but the established science wasn't. I can't think any, really.
2020-03-23 00:04
you cant? what about MK ULTRA and ECHELON programs. didnt even need to google anything. plenty of true conspiracy theories,
2020-03-23 00:07
But those are not conspiracy theories opposing science. It's a government lying and hiding something. He's referring to stuff like anti-vax or flat-earth.
2020-03-23 01:53
problem mentioned above with geology we have right now with social sciences around 70% of social science studies cannot be reproduced.
2020-03-23 00:08
idk about conspiracy, but geocentric model was around for quite some time and was accepted by the whole scientific community. It's always funny in Philadelphia made a joke about it, it make syou think about all that stuff.
2020-03-23 00:37
The geocentric model was valid in a western world controlled by religion. #RememberGiordanoBruno
2020-03-23 00:50
In the 1500's there was no scientific method so there was no such thing as science at that time. I'm not going to backpedal any claim that science made wrong of course. What would be interesting is if there were any cases in ~1600's-1700's because that's when science developed to the way it is today.
2020-03-23 15:17
Well there is the atom model (idk if i'm saying it right), the current one has been proved wrong some weeks ago i believe. Once again idk if that's the point you were looking for, hope it helps you
2020-03-23 15:57
Thats how science works. They swap to to the most correct model instead of sticking onto a fiction novel from 2000 years ago.
2020-03-23 18:33
I am aware thanks
2020-03-23 18:51
Even though they would be correct about anything, it wouldn't be nothing else than opinions. So, who cares about "conspiracy theorists" except "conspiracy theorists"? Don't loose your time trying to prove them wrong with solid proofs, because in their peanut malfunctioning brains, they're always right and there is nothing you can do to change their mind.
2020-03-23 00:45
but sometimes they are right and the government is lying why do so many americans believe earth is flat? because their govt lies all the time about everything so they dont believe anything any more not even NASA
2020-03-23 10:07
Like I said, even though they're right, it's nothing more than a bunch of opinions. Stupidity is the only reason why people would believe Earth is flat not governments.
2020-03-23 18:17
im pretty sure if the american govt lied less to its citizens they would be less inclined to believe in flat earth otherwise why are there so many flat earthers in USA and less in europe. education can be a factor but does it matter that much?
2020-03-23 22:22
A government lying less won't make people smarter. Education is the key to provide critical thinking to rip out middle age beliefs and to keep doubting your own government.
2020-03-23 22:55
did you read the part of this conversation about MK ULTRA? us govt. testing psychedelic drugs. on their own citizens. in public transport. for mind control. youd have to be fucking daft to believe anything they ever say.
2020-03-24 01:29
What part? You never told me anything about Mk Ultra. Anyway, I'm aware of this experiment and what they did to Theodore Kaczynski and others, as I'm aware of Compound 19, Unit 731, XKeyscore or PRISM and many other fucked-up-government-cofidential-stories but let's save it for an other day because their is no connexion between governments' secrets and people's stupidity. It's not because Governments lie that you must believe in any bullshit.
2020-03-24 02:23
people believe in chemtrails because of MK ULTRA
2020-03-24 09:16
2020-03-24 09:30
trust has to go both ways
2020-03-24 09:30
Imagination is the key and in most places the bigger the government, less the imagination in the population, since dirt turned brown.
2020-03-25 01:41
Education is the fuel of imagination.
2020-03-25 18:02
Australia HighRate 
Some people will always be stupid. People believe all sorts of conspiracy theories. One thing is certain, it’s not the brightest people. I do promote skepticism and do fact checks.
2020-03-30 10:05
2020-03-23 09:36
France daniel19 
darwin theory was not accepted until recently, guess bc religious institution still had influence
2020-03-24 01:32
Australia HighRate 
its like people believing in the god story and being too dumb to understand evolution. People that choose to believe in religion are just too stupid and want the world to be easy. Its like science is too much for them to digest, they want the easy worldview.
2020-03-22 23:32
I think it this way. When science just cant explain everything you begin to believe. Evolution would be plan of god not proof against. Religious books doesnt always explain literally, because they arent meant to do so. What matters is faith. Explaining things that cant be proven by our laws, with unnatural is natural. What those people are losing believing? Nothing. They might be wrong, might be right, and everybody will see it in afterlife.
2020-03-23 04:42
Australia HighRate 
there is no prooth there is a god or any of that bs. of course they are 100% wrong. science is proven time and time again. science is 100% real.
2020-03-23 09:29
If fell for it f me
2020-03-23 13:34
"Religious books doesnt always explain literally, because they arent meant to do so." No they are written like this vague so they can't be proven wrong and people like you for example can interpret things into it.
2020-03-23 09:31
Youre right. You dont have to read bible to believe in something unnatural. It just helps to believe. As im seeing it im not losing anything if I believe. Mby I will reconsider if something proves otherwise. But I doubt that. And tbh I dont dig pope or other kind of puppets that really arent doing any real good for religions.
2020-03-23 13:50
Yeah you can believe whatever you want, it is just a believe. But religion is more then that and I don‘t talk negative about people that believe in a god or in something else but i dislike the concept of religions.
2020-03-23 13:53
2020-03-23 13:56
Canada razneK1789 
how can someone be too dumb to understand evolution (unless disabled)? there's nothing complicated about it. if you weren't retarded and dense yourself you would understand most people have religion not to deny science
2020-03-23 19:09
Australia HighRate 
They are very stupid believing in one almighty thing creating everything. Evolution proves its a false story.
2020-03-26 11:53
Canada razneK1789 
evolution is a theory it's not proven
2020-03-27 02:53
Australia HighRate 
lol. so you believe one almighty thing created every universe, every galaxy, every star and so on? and this almighty thing is just sitting chillin outside it all? that is just dumb.
2020-03-27 03:29
Canada razneK1789 
yes. i think it's about as proven as your theory of evolution too
2020-03-27 03:40
Australia HighRate 
its darwins theory. about as proven? there is a lot of evidence for evolution while there is no evidence for god...
2020-03-27 05:16
Canada razneK1789 
yes, I know its Darwin's theory. A theory is not yet proven. As for evidence for evolution, please link. I agree with evolution, but not the idea that you have where something comes from nothing
2020-03-27 05:26
Australia HighRate 
what do you mean something comes from nothing? the big bang? Life evolves and adjusts to its/our surroundings. Its hard to imagine what is outside our universe, since its so big for us. There are probably mekanisms for universes to be created. Our universe is probably a very very small part of "everything" that exists. Thinking about this is hard and confusing so I think that is why people still choose to believe, even nowadays when science have come so far. A few thousands years ago when the kids of their time made up religions they had no idea about how our universe works. Not even that our earth is round and the biggest force in the universe is gravity, which controls our planet. When they made up religions they even thought earth was the center of everything. That is how small minded and narcissistic humans were during those times. Believing something that made their lives easier, today... Thousands of years later seems dumb to me. We dont believe earth is the center of the universe now and we dont belive earth is flat. We evolved, so we should evolve from religions as well. But if it helps you, I have nothing against it. As long as you don´t hate others for it or countries start wars in its name. Same with terrorists blowing up people in the name of religion in hopes of getting to heaven. And the heaven and earth concept was made up to make people behave better. During the times when religions was made up they didnt have good laws and a way to implement them in society like today. They needed something like that to make people behave better and start a norm. Its like the first laws that every human knew about. We dont need that kind of scare tactic today, (you are going to hell if you do that) Instead we have, you are going to jail if you do that. Actual consequences during your time on earth. But I´m interested in understanding what you mean by "he idea that you have where something comes from nothing" pls explain.
2020-03-27 12:33
Canada razneK1789 
tf theres nothing complicated about it. it means how did life come from nothing. you said you believe in evolution. do you realize that life had to come somewhere? and what caused the big bang? ironic how you guys use theory of evolution and big bang theory to justify there is no god, when these men who created the theories weren't atheists
2020-03-27 19:14
Australia HighRate 
what do you mean come from nothing? the earth was created by materials from the big bang. That combination of air, water and stuff on earth in combination with the heat from the sun makes life possible. meteors and materials from space have been crashing down on earth and the combination of substances made it possible for small organisms to develop which during billions of years became what we know as life and humans throw evolution. asking what caused the big bang is just ridiculous. You realize how big just this universe is? its not like we travelled to the end of it and went throw the boarder of it. Maybe in millions of years we get the answer what is outside and can comprehend and start looking at what created it. just because you cant understand something doesnt mean the only option is to believe in some god. I think its weird that you think that there is ONE god, one almighty thing. IF, big IF, this universe is created in like a lab/computer then it is probably some kind of species that created this universe. Like we create universes for avatars in games. Believing it is one almighty thing just sounds so dumb.
2020-03-27 21:40
Canada razneK1789 
i mean that the universe can't just come from nothing. you know very well that combination of anything from big bang cannot just form life. for there to be life, there must be life. sounds weird i know but that is how it works. i believe something had to create this whole universe, complex as it is. and yes, it can be hard to wrap around your head why it was created if there was an almighty being. but that is why religion requires faith. if you choose to believe in something else then that's fine, but don't say religion is completely unreasonable. because if it were, some people wouldn't be religious.
2020-03-27 22:31
Australia HighRate 
of course it dont come from nothing. we have no idea about the mekanisms that create a universe. we dont even have any idea what is outside our universe. Its very easy to say its a god outside, its harder to be creative and thinking logical and rational about it. what do you mean for there to be life there must be life? Life comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. they live from different things. life lives in the most extreme places. under water, in extreme heat and so on. Life begins with very little, its just very small. like a cell. There is probably millions if not billions or trillions of planets that harbor life. Its not a rare thing that exists only on earth. I think religion is for people who want to make sense of the universe in a very easy way. so everything is explained and they dont have to think about it again and have something to believe in. Makes life a bit easier. Thats the thing about it in my opinion.
2020-03-27 23:34
Canada razneK1789 
well speaking from my experience, religion actually makes life harder lol. it doesn't deny science like you say. but it explains where the universe came from. science will never be able to explain it. why? because you can't study outside of the universe. I don't get why you think it's easy to say God created everything. It isn't.
2020-03-28 00:36
Australia HighRate 
what explanation would be easier? seems like the most simple explanation. maybe the robots/ai can study it in many billions of years. but mankind, probably not.
2020-03-28 00:57
Canada razneK1789 
not saying the explanation itself is easy, but rather accepting it as possible not impossible like you say. lol how tf are robots gonna study what happened before the universe? this is way beyond "the earth is flat" or "the eartg is in the center of the solar system"
2020-03-28 02:35
Australia HighRate 
Explaining the creation of the universe with an almighty being is still the easiest way to explain it. Something that everyone can accept and feel good about. dont you think? Can you think of any explanation that would be easier to fool people to believe if you had to? If AI will be able to create their own future and they manage to travel throw our universe until they reach a way to exit it in some way... In that scenario they might be able to find out what sort of system is outside, and how that system creates what we call a universe. There would probably be a lot of logic behind that sort of system but its hard for us to imagine because of the size of it. If our universe which is so massive for us, is only say for example like 0,01% the size of the next "system" its contained in. The thing we call a universe might be just a little energy output in this system. that spew out particles from one singular point and expands like a bubble within it. If the AI will be able to travel throw all this while doing research along the way throw billions of years, then they might be able to find out how that sort of "system" created our universe and the mechanisms behind it.
2020-03-28 03:05
Canada razneK1789 
If religion I'd so easy to accept then why don't you accept it? Because you want to live your life the way you please without any consequences? You're confusing easy to say with easy to believe. And the AI part is ridiculous. Science seems to be your religion in this case no offense. The universe is expanding faster the more time goes by and you want to go outside it? like I said earlier, super ridiculous. dont you think that something had to design nature? all the laws and the order? The earth is optimal distance away from the sun. You do not seem open minded to discuss, I will not continue unless you have a good argument
2020-03-28 18:05
Australia HighRate 
Religion is easy to accept for those who want to simplify our existence. Its not based on any proof. Science develops rapidly, maybe you lack imagination to see what we can create. We come a long way in just the last 100 years. Science is not my religion. I see what science does and its not hard to see what can come from it. I dont want to go outside our universe, lol. AI on a self sustaining spaceship might in the far future. What do you want to discuss? the earth is at optimal distance yes. If it wasnt it wouldnt exist as it does today and life would not emerge on earth. So what do you think your god does? where is he? what is he made of? how did he get created if you think life need life to be created? how can he have come into existens? There is so many questions religion just wont and cant answer and I dont want to believe in something that makes no sense and lacks logic. The design, law and order is controlled by the forces in the universe. Mostly gravity. Gravity is the force that makes everything with a lot of mass into a sphere. Earth got lucky, the only livable planet in our area of space. But there is probably many places like earth, with flourishing life on it.
2020-03-29 00:03
Canada razneK1789 
religion cannot answer all questions, but science can either. it doesn't simplify existence. you obviously don't understand religion today enough to realize. how do you know it's easy to believe in if you want to simplify existence? have you been religious yourself? and if so, how does that relate to other people's experiences? have you heard what other people have to say? i don't mean to be rude but you seem to love science, but you lack logic in your arguments and make a lot of assumptions. yes, some people in the past used it for wrong purposes. but that doesn't apply today. you can't reasonably deny science is not your religion if you just straight out not consider any other possibilities. btw, i won't answer some of those questions you gave me because my religion does not explain it (some things will be revealed at the end of time) or you can't understand because you need a basic understanding of my religion to know. it's kinda like knowing how addition works b4 multiplying. also, do you seriously think gravity controlled how far the earth would be from the sun? wtf?! my above question was who designed the universe with all the laws and order. there's just so much detail, no way something can just appear. and if you choose to deny God because he sounds ridiculous to you, so be it. the creation of the universe is no subject that science can explain though. that is for sure. (i don't mean the big bang theory, i mean what caused it). why? because you can't go outside the universe.
2020-03-29 06:17
Australia HighRate 
what is the logic I lack in my arguments? and what assumptions do I make? i dont have any religion. Science is not a religion. Its science. Yes, Gravity is pulling earth towards the sun. Earth is moving sideways in a high speed and the suns gravity makes sure we are at this safe and perfect distance. Just because science cant explain everything doesnt mean religion is the answer.
2020-03-29 08:33
Australia HighRate 
You are saying that religion dont have answers and science dont have all the answers either. Why can´t that be enough for you? Why do you have to have religion giving you a simple and unbelievable explanation to our existence? Is it just because science can´t explain everything. I don´t get why you need to believe in that sort of unbelievable story. And you say some things will be revealed to you at the end of time. How would that work? We are humans. We are our brains living in our bodies. When we die our bodies becomes nature. How would your brain(you) be able to get any answers when you are dead? your brain will not exist. Do you believe that you would like "wake up" when you die and there is your god giving you all the answers of the mysteries of the universe and beyond? Please explain what kind of scenario it would be when you will get these answers. Do you think you will have some sort of consciousness after you are dead? You only exists during your lifetime, after your life ends there is nothing more of you, you will have no consciousness. If you believe you will wake up or something then maybe you believe we are living in a simulation?
2020-03-29 09:38
Canada razneK1789 
Well I cant explain to you most what you asked since you dont have understanding of my religion. It would just confuse you more and make you even more unbelieving. Btw, I asked you how the earth is so conveniently at optimal distance from the sun and you said gravit y then start explaining gravity to me lol. That makes no sense theres a flaw in logic. The assumptions you make are that it is easy to believe in religion because it simplifies things. It doesn't. Btw do you know? Have you been religious? If so, why do you think the same applies for all? If this is not an assumption what is? Also I see we're getting no where in this conversation so I will end it. You think religion of something to need be 100 percent provento be believed in. I understand your point of view. But not the part where just because we dont understand it, science has to explain it and that Religion cannot be a possible answer. I think you know that we will never find how the universe was started. It's just not possible to go b4 the universe appeared. Just think, how earth is the only place in a huge universe so far we know and discovered that is able to have life. But if you choose to believe in science alone so be it. You can respond, but I will not answer. Cya around hltv bro
2020-03-30 06:30
Australia HighRate 
It´s coincidence, most planets did not end up at a good distance to their sun. But earth is not the only planet that got lucky. Scientist are finding more planets similar to ours every year. we just started exploring our universe. You can´t expect us to know about what life exists on planets we never been to or studied? Do you really believe we are the only planet with life in the universe?
2020-03-30 10:52
depends on what u mean of God there's a reason why this idea had existed thousand of years
2020-03-23 22:07
Australia HighRate 
what is the reason?
2020-03-29 09:46
I'm an atheist myself but new atheist does not take the problem seriously. There's a reason why Christianity and Islam exist for thousands of years. Although they're fundamentally flawed but were beneficial and kept the order Atheists sure disregard christians cuz they say god is superstitious. Well yeah, I know that. But without God, society back in the days would collapse into chaos. That's why Nietzsche didn't claim "God is dead. And we have killed him' triumphantly. When the modern world break up with traditional religions, humankind throw away the meaning, their roles. However, with humanism which just appeared, we sneak back some meanings into this universe
2020-03-29 10:02
Australia HighRate 
I agree. Religion have been beneficial in some ways and bad in some ways. Now in modern times it serves more of a comforter for people than anything else imo. And I also think there is so much meaning. We can do so much and live great lives. We should enjoy it and not think about having a afterlife because there won´t be an afterlife for anyone.
2020-03-29 19:49
That is what humanism teaches us. It states that human lives are scared and human beings give meanings to the cosmos The thing I worried is that humanism may disappear in the near future and the society would collapse
2020-03-30 10:59
Australia HighRate 
aight, good thing we are giving meaning to the cosmos :) Yes, we got big challenges but I think humans will find ways forward and persevere. Society will certainly keep having many flaws but I don´t think it will collapse. Most nations got good intentions and we work together when it´s needed.
2020-03-30 11:12
oi mate, u seem to be a very optimistic person but next time don't promptly bash religious people. They may keep following it in order to keep their life in form even though they know God is superstitious. Wish I could be like u tho
2020-03-30 13:05
Australia HighRate 
Thanks buddy. I will keep that in mind and go easier on religious people. For those it helps live better lives, religion is a good thing. I just find no logic or reason for it. Have a good day!
2020-03-30 13:27
United States KKonian 
I found this very high IQ statement regarding the earth being flat. For instance, what’s the tallest supposed mountain on Earth? Everest. Except it isn’t. The name is a giveaway; it’s clearly a morphing of “never rest”, because if you wanted to go to the biggest mountain you’d literally never rest, because it isn’t actually there. What about all those people who have climbed it, you say? Well, consider all the people who have died supposedly doing so. How do you die climbing something that isn’t there? You can’t. They were obviously killed to protect the conspiracy, whereas those who “survived” were willing to play ball.
2020-03-22 23:35
what the fuck are they imagining it to be an infinite spiral that goes into space?
2020-03-23 00:50
people honestly believe such shit? lmao
2020-03-23 18:22
please tell me you don't actually believe this
2020-03-24 02:11
United States KKonian 
Im mocking the guy for these idiotic claims
2020-03-24 02:40
Asuna | 
United States bxteme 
+1 logic!!!
2020-03-27 03:43
2020-03-29 08:23
"I love science, RELIGION SUCKS!!1" redditf*g atheists who haven't read a single scientific paper (nor a religious text) are cringe af edit: there's one right above me
2020-03-22 23:39
United States KKonian 
It almost just sounds too satire to not be a troll but its probably not satire
2020-03-22 23:41
its actually something a lot of ppl believe. every day there are less religious people and more atheists.
2020-03-23 00:06
United States KKonian 
Yeah we are in the information era because of the internet. Theism = lack of information
2020-03-23 00:09
it already started before the internet, been on going in my country for centuries, going back at least to events that started protestantism, with luther and calvin
2020-03-23 00:10
Science deniers aren't usually the most clever people. The flat earth society have disproven themselves many times but still think the earth is flat.
2020-03-22 23:42
Cognitive dissonance
2020-03-23 00:17
Australia HighRate 
they just want to be part of a club because they are too dumb to be allowed in any other club.
2020-03-23 09:32
Mainstream science is theory based therefore it's a belief system which is no different to a religion.
2020-03-22 23:49
United States KKonian 
facts vs black magic
2020-03-22 23:51
Unlike religion, many scientific theories are backed up by data though. Evolution as an example can be backed up by genetical similarities in different species.
2020-03-22 23:53
Genetic similarities does not by any means mean "therefore we have a common ancestor". That's an assumption ONLY the mainstream "scientists" are telling u while the majority from the academia that doesn't have the platform as them have multiplie theories and disputes regarding this. But these mainstream ones present the darwin evolution as fact ignoring all the other evolutionary-theories. + You yourself like most of the sheeps have no clue about this and have not studied, researched the darwin theory like the experts have but you take their word for it as a fact. THAT is belief.
2020-03-23 01:04
Lol, pretty impressive calling people idiots when you don't even know who Darwin is, I have no interest having a shit fight with you because you come off as the i need to win arguments type of guy. I wouldn't be so quick to believe information that is handed on a platter and designed for the mass population to consume especially from people like Darwin.
2020-03-23 05:31
Where did I ever state Darwin is right? I'm simply suggesting that he has data that somewhat backs him up. Why so confrontational?
2020-03-23 09:22
Australia HighRate 
because he knows he´s wrong and cant win the argument. his thinking is really dumb.
2020-03-23 09:37
second most retarded comment i read today
2020-03-23 00:05
Australia HighRate 
+1 people on this forum are fucking stupid.
2020-03-23 09:35
pretty funny tho
2020-03-23 10:08
Australia HighRate 
yeah, only reason to stick around because people are so stupid its funny
2020-03-23 10:11
in times like these i think its important to share knowledge. for example you can make improvised face masks from vacuum cleaner bag that are almost as good as surgical masks, if there is a shortage in your country
2020-03-23 10:14
dumb statement
2020-03-23 00:16
2020-03-23 01:15
No. A scientific theory doesn't mean it's unproven it's the opposite. It has nothing to do with belief. It's easy. What theory has the best and most evidence (and can be replicated), is most consistent with reality and has the best predicting power. And if somebody finds new evidence that disproofs it we find out what we did wrong and try to find a better theory with new evidence. That's not a belief system. That's an evidence system.
2020-03-23 01:59
2020-03-23 02:30
Australia HighRate 
lol are you stupid? some things on the edge starts with a theory. Someone has a deep thought about reality. After that it gets tested and proven. Then it goes from theory to science fact. People like you are making this world worse, ignorant kids these days. use the internet for something good for once. stop posting your bs here.
2020-03-23 09:33
2020-03-23 09:59
Science was created and got the method it has now in the 1600-1700's, mostly 1700s, so anything before isn't really science. And I mean, post 1700s, science has been pretty spot on, but there have been untested beliefs scientists had, like the universe is infinite, time and velocity is objective and not relative, and a lot of medical myths. But I don't think there's a crazy instance where the "people" were right and the scientists were wrong.
2020-03-23 00:02
yes, the ppl who said corona virus was human to human transmissable by air, and people without symptoms were infectious, while WHO and other organisations were like: it'll be fine
2020-03-23 00:04
Germany Neckarstadion 
Where does WHO say that corona is not human to human transmissable by air?
2020-03-23 00:10
they didnt say it wasnt, but they also didnt alert people that it was, in time. EU govts kept airports open, even after we got reports from china that it was human to human transmissable by air and some infected ppl show 0 symptoms. they said on news today they didnt know that it would be this contagious. which is strange because i did know about it a month ago and i dont even know anyone who has any inside info.
2020-03-23 00:13
But the WHO isn't the scientific consensus. They said a lot of things that weren't true though. Just like the RIVM.
2020-03-23 02:07
well thats a big problem isnt it
2020-03-23 10:07
Yeah it is but what I'm trying to say is that the WHO doesn't represent what the scientific consensus is. So just because they say something doesn't mean science is wrong
2020-03-23 15:00
i think a lot of ppl (including me) thought they did communicate the scientific consensus before recent events occurred.
2020-03-23 16:48
Australia HighRate 
are you dumb? they never said that. stop making shit up kid.
2020-03-23 09:34
Hindsight is a bitch, congratulations. Don't critisize people for not being able to see the future.
2020-03-24 00:14
ive been telling people about it for more than a month now, i hate being right all the time. except when flusha gets banned i would LOVE that. i ordered a gas mask from germany before stock ran out. good filters. cost 130 euro. i have weeks of protein powder and food supplements stocked. i saw this coming. other ppl didnt. i can criticize them for it. and i do. dumb fucks.
2020-03-24 01:32
It would have been crazy to think it would get this bad a month ago. No one was gonna shut down the country for a perceived threat half way across the world.
2020-03-24 01:32
it would be crazy if i wasnt right every time.
2020-03-24 01:32
but apparently its just everybody else
2020-03-24 01:33
Anecdotal. Buying a fucking gas mask, by the way, is overkill. Just stay home ffs
2020-03-24 01:37
i havent been outside in 10 days. still need to be prepared for emergency situation. if anything else goes wrong i will have to go outside. house can catch fire, electricity or water can stop working, 10.000 other things its not anecdotal, you can look up online how inadequate responses have been from governments to this crisis.
2020-03-24 09:15
oh and gas mask will also be useful in the future for example for spray painting things or for when the germans attack, whereas medical face masks are only good in this specific situation
2020-03-24 09:53
i dont deny science, i just don't trust them. like if u pay them enough money they will work on a nuclear warhead that can wipe out whole countries. like how can i trust this people?
2020-03-23 00:05
by paying them to make what you want them to make
2020-03-23 00:05
my crackdealer works the same way, dont need scientist for that.
2020-03-23 00:13
making drugs is also a process that has been studied extensively by science, the guys who make that crack are applying science
2020-03-23 00:14
low iq person trying to appropriate the idea of what science is into narcotics
2020-03-23 00:17
you guys literally made a tv show about this exact topic, you might have heard of it
2020-03-23 00:20
you are actually citing television to prove your arguments what is it like to be that stupid?
2020-03-23 00:20
jesus christ please stop these terrible baits and go fuck your trump pillow
2020-03-23 00:21
I vehemently dislike president trump. As to how I am baiting??? I think you're mad bro
2020-03-23 00:21
your lack of education disturbs me
2020-03-23 00:32
I think you're a bad baiter bro
2020-03-23 00:32
2020-03-23 18:27
Sweden deadvein 
science doesn't exist
2020-03-23 00:05
How do think you managed to post this comment?
2020-03-23 01:14
Sweden deadvein 
Jesus helped me
2020-03-23 01:50
I pray to Jesus everyday for creating the internet.
2020-03-23 14:02
Canada razneK1789 
so funny making fun of people's beliefs asshole
2020-03-23 19:12
I make fun of all of them, so it's fine.
2020-03-23 20:11
Canada razneK1789 
get a life
2020-03-23 20:54
2020-03-24 00:14
By suggesting that science is undeniable truth you are denying the scientific method.
2020-03-23 00:18
United States KKonian 
What i see it as is being a 10 year csgo pro then having someone who has played the game for a few days and try to argue about what is right or wrong about anything regarding csgo. Even going as far as saying they could beat the csgo pro in a 1v1
2020-03-23 00:27
How long you have played a game has nothing to do with how good you are.
2020-03-23 00:29
United States KKonian 
being a pro (scientist) = studying for many many years being a few day player means doing some google searches and clicking a few articles on science related topics and thinking they are now an expert on the topic by their own delusion I feel like the analogy is pretty much perfect for when it comes to random people arguing with expert opinions on a topic
2020-03-23 00:32
I taught myself English when I was 8, got an A* on the igcse exam, and listening to some teachers at school was painful even though they had a degree on the subject. Spending years learning something doesn't necessarily mean that you are an expert, if you are an idiot or go in it with prejudices the result won't be a good one, for example some chess players spend their whole life playing chess and never reach the gm norm but some people have managed to reach it at a very young age.
2020-03-23 00:40
United States KKonian 
There are anti vaxxers who think they are experts on vaccines from some google searches and think they are above doctors on the topic
2020-03-23 00:44
It's a good thing to question everything, even doctors, but what's not ok is making your own assumptions about things you know little about, even with a quick search I can't see how someone can bring up any argument against the effectiveness of vaccines, except maybe that there are no studies on their long term effects. You don't have to be a dumb person to be one of these people, even a person like Richard Feynman actually believed that brushing your teeth is ineffective and he never did it, even though his doctors brought him several scientific papers that proved otherwise, and he also had horrible teeth lol but he still didn't do it.
2020-03-23 00:59
United States KKonian 
"How long you have played a game has nothing to do with how good you are." can be true if its like a pro fps player coming from another game. But almost all the time a random person who has been playing csgo for a few days will be low silver level at best
2020-03-23 00:35
This has nothing to do with science. You probably can't even tell me the process that your neurons used to tell your fingers to type that utter nonsense.
2020-03-23 00:29
Why do you call them idiots. What harm did they do to you? So what, let them believe what ever they want to believe. There is just no point... What difference would it make, if we really had a flat Earth? None..
2020-03-23 00:25
United States KKonian 
Because when there is no positive source of entertainment everything gets channeled into negative forms of entertainment
2020-03-23 00:28
It's not because they're "harmless" that they are not stupid. Earth isn't flat, so drop the the "if" and the biggest problem is when stupidity start spreading this nonsense making others believing in it.
2020-03-23 01:12
You didnt get it. So what if everyone believes that Earth is flat? What difference does it make? None.
2020-03-23 01:55
Profound assumption.
2020-03-23 04:42
2020-03-23 18:29
Over 65% of scientific studies turn out to be wrong many years later, to a certain degree or even sometimes completely wrong. Science never claimed to be the undeniable truth, it's the practice of searching for the truth.
2020-03-23 00:27
mashallah 🙏🏿
2020-03-23 00:28
they thought that Pluto is a planet
2020-03-23 00:29
Until 2006 when the term dwarf planet has been created to clarify the planet classification.
2020-03-23 01:00
but there were no tinfoilers against that
2020-03-23 18:31
You just don't believe everything they say unless they proof.
2020-03-23 01:36
2020-03-23 01:36
Brazil Bene_Tleilax 
Doubting(not denying) science is a scientific stance.
2020-03-23 01:47
I think someone didnt understand science.
2020-03-23 01:47
'Climate change' is a hoax.
2020-03-23 02:07
United States KKonian 
its a hoax to old people because they will be gone before it has a large effect
2020-03-23 02:08
Nope, it's just a big scam. They wanna push globalist agenda, we'll get all the blame, leftist jews are cancer, even the torah says so.
2020-03-23 02:11
United States KKonian 
Then we will see how something with a 97% consensus rate among scientists vs uninformed people turns out. Fire up a csgo 1v1 of a pro player vs a silver. I wonder who will win
2020-03-23 02:17
The "97%" who refuse to debate.. Piss poor analogy with the pro v. silver
2020-03-23 02:20
United States KKonian 
Thats what it is. How informed on climate related science do you think any climate change deniers are? Its just "no i think its a hoax because that cant be true"
2020-03-23 02:21
What a garbage response. You understand that there are scientists that deny the whole "climate change" right? Your 97% =/= 100%
2020-03-23 02:25
United States KKonian 
1 out of 33 scientists are not a lot
2020-03-23 02:27
Because people don't want to lose their job, mainstream science is basically a cult. #19 is correct on that.
2020-03-23 02:30
United States KKonian 
1/33 scientists must have lost their job then
2020-03-23 02:32 Tell your scientists to come next time
2020-03-23 02:33
The legend Freeman Dyson was a climate skeptic and before he died he said that the only reason he is loud about it it's that he can't get fired anymore. His view on the subject is that climate is very complicated and we do not understand it very well yet.
2020-03-23 04:58
at one point most of germans supported hitler, does it mean he was right?
2020-03-23 18:35
There was a time '97%' of scientists thought earth is flat. Just saying.
2020-03-23 02:49
United States KKonian 
Before any technology or observable proof. That sure means a lot
2020-03-23 02:51
science is only about denying so what the fuck are you talking about? dont know about sir karl popper?
2020-03-23 02:09
United States KKonian 
Science is about proving things with data, tests, and facts. Not tinfoil hats, pseudo science, and misinformation
2020-03-23 02:20
WHO: there are more sexes than two scientists in 2020 xD.
2020-03-23 10:02
that's not science's fault, it's the fault of simps that allowed gynocracy and other leftist shit to infect STEM.
2020-03-23 13:52
I mean to be fair there are hermaphroditic sexes
2020-03-23 22:14
Just look at the alien visitation stuff. Conventional science will always dismiss the existence of we being visited by aliens. Because they get paid by countries to lie about it. But everyone who investigated this subject knows we're being visited and that most governments know about it. Same must be true for other topics.
2020-03-23 13:38
source : trust me bro
2020-03-23 18:37
Do your countries have any wisdom in the field of virology? It is very clear that the virus only passes from person to person, so if you keep people at home, the number of dispersion will eventually drop.. When it starts to get warm +25 then the virus will not be able to survive so it will last until summer Unless you let everyone outside like they still do in some countries. Next year I will comeback, but we will be ready so young people will get it and build up immunity and old ones stay home.
2020-03-23 14:06
you will need science to disprove or prove stuff. if your theory is not disproofable, it is bad science. but still can be science. anyway. science can be wrong. thats why we need ppl to continuously research and to try to proove stuff.
2020-03-23 16:19
Denmark Kon10R 
I don't know any wearing tinfoil hats. Anyone questioning the human spirit may be just as ignorant.
2020-03-23 22:05
Alex Jones was right about Fluoride Also if you look at history you can see a lot of small groups disagreeing with the powerful elite and being right. Galileo Galilei for instance.
2020-03-23 23:50
157 Research Papers Supporting the Vaccine/Autism Link
2020-03-24 00:09
Gender versus climate in the final showdown... who will win... It turns out your boypucci can't pop out babies and the world won't end in 12 years... It really does beg the question Dan, how retarded are liberals? The world may never know. In other news, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? No, I'm sorry. The fact you suck dick will not be considered among your engineering qualifications... this is the private sector and frankly I don't see how that could increase our profit margin on this upcoming bridge project... Go trades or go STEM, crazy how many liberal arts degrees there are that wanna expand the welfare state. It's almost as dumb as going to a college to "learn art" You mean they apprenticed under a skilled craftsman and learned to hand chisel marble statues? No these folks place tampons in teacups to express repressed victorian era feminism in the context of a modern rebellion against the patriarchy. You mean they went out drinking all weekend? I guess that is the easy way out. I can't wait for their macaroni art that represents their inner child or their interpretive dance meant to make wealthy movie stars adopt retarded children abandoned by mothers in countries where the fascists didn't let the mother preemptively murder them before the value of their vagene got stretched and ruined for all time...
2020-03-24 10:07
I don't want your nudes, don't message me again.
2020-03-24 10:05
Well science have been wrong many times.. to the point that we learned something new. But that isnt really bad science. more good science. Everything should be based on facts and science.. sadly it isnt. Like people following a paper written 200 years ago to tell them self everyone should have a gun regardless of all the murdering it cause. People dont care about truths really. but keeping what they have. protecting what they had yesterday instead of creating what they could gain tomorrow. It isnt that much about science being wrong. because good science is to know you could be wrong at any point as you learn something new. But to many are to stubborn for that. and then keep a belief that at some point is then proven wrong. or use science or false facts even for good goals. Like climate change. its a real thing. but the main issue with it is the polution.. fact is the earth have been warmer than now. way warmer. and even if there was no human here it would also get warmer and warmer. its a part of nature. Ion particles in space. places have been under water that is now land and vice versa.. The electronic poles changes place. so many things. that humans just ignore even if we know them. the earth have a cycles on its own. its not really the temperature that is the issue with climate change. because it would rise anyway. and we need to accept that. even with no human it will get warmer than it is now. but we are still destroying our planet og the life on it. and need to deal with it. But because people are stupid we cant speak that truth because then the Trumps of the world will use that as excuse to burn more oil and destroy even more. So science is often wrong. because it can always improve. Science can be used wrong or in ways it does not fit. also making it wrong. So the things is when is science just plain wrong. and not just becoming something new as we learn. like once it was science there had only been two human races. now we know there have been 1000´s. Once it was said "black" people was closet to neanderthals even though they are furthest from it. infact the "old" people of Australia is the closet to "clean" homosapiens there is. and might be the key to much illness the rest of the world has build up over the ages. Once it was science not just fait the the earth was the center of the solar system. Once it was good sciences to make vaccines out of the galls of animals. infact americans tried creating polio vaccines like that. and thus started putting aids into humans. something we struggle with to day. but back when it was done it wad good science. So the only correct science there is, is to know that nothing is ever 100% sure. everything can always change as we learn something new. We need to always leave room to that new thing. be willing to learn new things. not defend things we thing we know because we are stubborn. because that is why we have most of our issues now. holding on to thoughts of yesterday. Science is leaving an open door for bassicly anything. only that way can you be sure about the facts you have. Even gravity and such. its everywhere. but we cant really say that. even though it is in space. we cant say that in some galaxy. other than out own, there is a solar system where gravity is something else, or not there at all. And such is everything.. And that is also why math is important in science.
2020-03-25 01:19
Europe Nomarosa 
2 things either you're normal or you believe in fantasy divinities
2020-03-28 02:37
Being Normal or unnormal isnt a thing. But on the other hand everything written in that message i wrote first is 100% correct. And even fantasies can become realities. and sometimes what people believe to be truth is nothing but fantasies never becomming anything else.
2020-03-28 03:40
and plenty of the most accomplished scientists that ever lived believed in some form of religion. religion is nothing more than mankind dealing with the uncertainty of death- science on the other hand is mankind trying to deal with the uncertainty of life. we will never know whether religion is right or wrong. we already know science is wrong about half the time every 100yrs and if tat stops happening, we know science has turned into religion.
2020-03-25 01:46
science deniers = left wing
2020-03-25 20:54
ZywOo | 
Portugal dipz0r 
Climate Hoax is real.
2020-03-25 20:54
United States theory^ 
2020-03-28 03:45
just wait till a new vaccine for coronavirus comes out, people will stay thank god for saving them and not the scientists that worked their ass off
2020-03-27 01:32
H4RR3 | 
Norway NoeNOR 
Uhm, science told the world was spinning around the earth, but science was wrong..
2020-03-27 02:13
Europe Nomarosa 
world spinnin around the earth What did I just read
2020-03-28 02:36
H4RR3 | 
Norway NoeNOR 
You know, people thought earth was the center of the world until it was proven it wasnt.
2020-03-28 23:17
That's literally what Science is... it's ever evolving and changing.
2020-03-27 02:17
Greece Graecos 
2020-03-27 15:57
I forgot to also write it's a load of shit because we aren't intelligent enough yet to fully understand the complexity of the planets mechanisms, we gather new information on existing theories and laws all the time and evolve them as we evolve intellectually and that's why I like science way more than religion.
2020-03-28 00:20
jOELZ | 
Europe skrekc 
Wht you care about that
2020-03-27 12:33
Smart people are able to distinguish the ideal of scientific knowledge and how it is actually practiced in each particular case
2020-03-28 00:59
Europe Nomarosa 
2020-03-28 02:36
im evolution denier and you cant do shit about it
2020-03-28 02:37
Why don't you try to learn science? Pick a field, and learn about it. Then make your own opinion.
2020-03-28 02:40
Its nice to see this from people who never read any mathematical or scientific papers, don't do science and have never read a religious text.
2020-03-29 08:23
you are flat earther?
2020-03-29 09:28
Science itself is a system of processing information and assessing the meaning. Much of what we believe today is a strict contradiction to what was once believed by a consensus of the world's foremost scientific authorities. All inaccuracies in science are due to human error rather than science itself. It'd be stupid to suggest science is a lie, but I think it's pretty much given that our scientific institutions are excessively polluted by the biases of our era. The part that's up for debate to me is whether or not it's intentional. The most relevant example is how the west's leading epidemiologists allowed this tragedy to befall us instead of advising travel bans/etc. from very early on.
2020-03-30 11:19
What if I believe in both God and science?
2020-03-30 21:43
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