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Brazilians come here "is just a flu"
Portugal RKO23 this scares me.... so, is just a flu uh... tell me how the flu does this.
2020-03-23 04:06
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brazil is a scary place
2020-03-23 04:08
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Brazil |LUCAS1|
you never visited tho 🤷‍♂️
2020-03-23 04:11
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is that a threat 🤔🤔
2020-03-23 04:35
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Brazil lorderedin
chile omegalul, civil war
2020-03-23 04:36
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2020-03-23 04:57
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Brazil lorderedin
fake flag? nice kid.
2020-03-23 05:07
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no texan flag nt bosnia
2020-03-23 05:08
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Brazil lorderedin
nt fat north american, go eat your McDonalds
2020-03-23 05:09
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go hide in ur bunkers mr bosnia dont want nato to bomb u :)
2020-03-23 05:10
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Brazil |LUCAS1|
but natosaphix good boi wtf
2020-03-23 05:20
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very good at bombing
2020-03-23 05:47
Brazil |LUCAS1|
are you implying that all brazilians are criminals?
2020-03-23 04:42
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of course not 😤😤😤
2020-03-23 04:58
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Brazil |LUCAS1|
i don't think so 😔😔😔
2020-03-23 05:21
flu stronk
2020-03-23 04:11
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Portugal RKO23
yeah mock it, moron...
2020-03-23 04:11
flu on steroids but being serious now, I think that isn't wrong say that covid it's a type of flu, but a fatal type. I believe that just like in the past when Indians died of the normal flu, the same will happen now, I just hope it won't take long to find the vaccine
2020-03-23 04:20
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Brazil ZerongBr
we will find a vaccine, but since covid is a virus, it will mutate again and again, so there isnt a cure
2020-03-23 04:25
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Brazil _Awper
Create a vaccine, not find.
2020-03-23 05:39
another normal day in this fuckin shit place
2020-03-23 04:26
Brazil _ninja
unfortunately, we have people that thinks like that, it's not just a flu, the brazil culture it's a pretty ignorant, people just believe when it happens to their family...
2020-03-23 04:45
2020-03-23 05:37
fer | 
Brazil Tali00
It's just a little bit what is Brazilian public health care called SUS (Unique Health care system), SUS don't have the basic things to support the people that have Covid-19. Here in Brazil probably we'll have a very big percentage of deaths by Covid-19 deaths because SUS can't support everyone and because we act like monkeys against the virus, I can see my grandmother and grandfather going to supermarket, shopping and etc... The most part of Brazilians really don't care about the pandemic. The unique thing that can save us is the private health care (but it isn't too expensive than USA).
2020-03-23 05:46
3/10 for this actor Instead of a Drama it`s just a Bad Comedy
2020-03-23 05:57
Brasil will take over the world with this "Flu" , im 100% sure Italy : 60000 cases Brasil in few months : hold my beer
2020-03-23 05:57
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+1 we are just 50 days away from winter, its gonna be very bad...
2020-03-23 06:18
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