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csgo update
Afghanistan stopbanme 
If you had the power to change one of these things...
2020-03-25 01:53
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Hungary mEZENCEphalon 
just make own shadows ffs also cl_first_person_uses_world_model would be nice
2020-03-25 01:55
just make own shadows?
2020-03-25 01:55
Hungary mEZENCEphalon 
see own shadows thats what I ment
2020-03-25 01:56
2020-03-25 01:56
REZ | 
Mexico MEXlCO 
"Make startmoney 1000$." lol
2020-03-25 01:55
would make pistol rounds less rush more brain ))
2020-03-25 01:56
Hungary mEZENCEphalon 
glock against helmet.. I are dont think so
2020-03-25 01:56
fuckkk okay yea that's dumb. 950$ then
2020-03-25 01:57
Aleksib | 
Finland Mamppa 
still don't understand the "nerf krieg" silvers. In long ranged maps like d2 and train krieg is 2x better than ak. Ak's problem is poor first shot accuracy. You can miss a shot even tho your crosshair is on the head. What valve should do is buff all other main rifles like m4, m4-s, ak and aug. Randomness in "competitive" game isn't a thing.
2020-03-25 02:02
2020-03-25 02:08
RapeN | 
Hong Kong Females 
Making the Krieg $4000 should fix the game I think or even something like $3800 would be fine
2020-03-25 02:03
North America YungRiceG0d 
Reversing AUG nerf and bumping the price of AUG and Krieg a little bit would balance the game out.
2020-03-25 02:13
Read through all and understood, that CSGO is perfect game and it does not need anything, little updates to make game more entertaining, like adding some stuff on maps or removing every like 6 months ta make the game feel fresh and I'm more than happy....
2020-03-25 02:13
Czech Republic MyronCZ 
Adding TEAM RANKS and leaderboards straight to CS:GO matchmaking would be nice.
2020-03-25 02:19
Germany Cyasera 
128-tick, now yes a great anti-cheat would probably be even better but just because it's a dedicated AC-client doesn't mean that it is a good AC...
2020-03-25 02:32
Brazil DodoGamer7 
''Make both M4A1 and M4A4 buyable in-game.'' explain plz didn't get the point
2020-03-25 02:33
valde | 
Denmark QBE_ 
Make krieg either 3300 or 3500, 4k is waayyy too much lmao
2020-03-25 02:35
I would like to see both M4's 1 hit headshot at super close range juslike AUG
2020-03-25 02:41
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