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CSGO steam charts
Denmark s0|30mple_s4mple_NukeG0Ds0mple 
So anyone can provide me a proof that the numbers of concurrent players which was over 1.2 million as I saw doesn't include chinese perfect world's numbers?
2020-03-26 08:54
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go play cs go nonprime for a day and you will realize that these numbers mean nothing since f2p.
2020-03-26 08:59
man why are so many offtopic comments on my posts. I really mean something. F2P does change things but it won't change much in dota or anyother game. Just make every game in the world F2P and you will see csgo is doing better job than any of them. Anyways no offtopic comments please.
2020-03-26 09:01
why you want a proof? real playerbase is still at 400-700k
2020-03-26 09:04
so that I can be sure that this game isn't dropping in EU-NA regions.
2020-03-26 09:05
this game isnt growing. it has a stable, old veteran community. f2p cheaters and corona manipulate the numbers. it will never die but wont boom either.
2020-03-26 09:07
okay dude don't lie some of friends joined the game like 5-6 months before and loved it so much that they're now stuck. How can you say that?
2020-03-26 09:09
Lithuania bolik 
above guy is braindead, so you can ignore him. Steam charts do not include perfect world csgo.
2020-03-26 09:16
i didnt mention chinas numbers anywhere, u moron.
2020-03-26 09:19
Yeah, I just said you are braindead and advised him to ignore you. If you want a reason, well csgo became f2p over a year ago. That's it.
2020-03-26 09:25
yeah but so many youtubers said that it includes like 3kliksphilip and 1 more guy said same. I don't understand thats why I asked for proof.
2020-03-26 09:25
idk where to find it, but steamcharts came out on reddit saying they do not include it since csgo is ran by perfect world over there and here its steam. However this was like in 2016-17, so it might've changed.
2020-03-26 09:31
oh that thread I know I've read it, it was in 2017
2020-03-26 09:32
yeah, also some community servers that I play on used to have like 5/32 players, now its 32/32 constantly, so its clear that china has minor impact in this
2020-03-26 10:03
2020-03-26 09:09
Get yourself a steamspy log in and check it.
2020-03-26 09:12
mens))) I don't have money or brains to do the same.
2020-03-26 09:26
its fake, "real" playing players are about 500k-600k (it's still high imo this game doesn't deserve)
2020-03-26 09:17
2020-03-26 09:20
wow nice big brain
2020-03-26 09:25
smarter than you forsure.
2020-03-26 09:26
ye ye half milion players afking OMEGALUL
2020-03-26 12:54
Netherlands meneertjesem 
there was a website that showed the player stats per region but i dont know how its called and if it's accurate
2020-03-26 09:27
2020-03-26 12:29
Europe Bleedinggamer 
about 1 mil i think only on steam, fully deserved during corona everyone has free time so they play cs, it aint fake like some think they just haters who should stop being on HLTV.
2020-03-26 09:29
400k of them are spinbotting on nonprime. i dont count them to the real playerbase
2020-03-26 09:31
Europe Bleedinggamer 
thats a gross over examination, i havent had a hacker in the last 20 games. If 400k are spinbotting that means 2/5ths are hacking so every about 3rd game youd get a hacker maybe if lucky every 10. SO hereby this is false
2020-03-26 09:43
to meet these guys you need -nonprime -high rank -lowest tf it is a pool of HVH games. they are cheating for fun and it costs them nothing.
2020-03-26 09:45
>non prime >high rank pick one
2020-03-26 12:24
if you are decent player 8-10 lvl faceit, you can make it to LE/LEM because the ragehackers play in these ranks. beating wallhacking dmgs/mgs is easy.
2020-03-26 12:28
bruh you would not get really high rank even if you're hacking. If you're spinbotting, you will be immediately banned. Even pro players don't get that high ranks. You would need to play a bit to get good rank and playing a bit would make you prime. Prime isn't that hard to get.
2020-03-26 12:30
they arent hacking their way to lem-global. they either play legit to these ranks and then start ragehacking or buy accounts in those ranks. i have ragehackers every 3rd game right now in supreme and they banned very fast.
2020-03-26 12:34
You said "to meet these guys you need -nonprime -high rank -lowest tf" all three not possible at the same time is what I'm saying. I've high rank and I don't get hackers. No hackers for I guess past 30-40 games. Maybe smurfs but thats it. I'm LE rank. I guess it is high.
2020-03-26 12:38
your trust factor is high. i was LE within 13 games on my smurf. i didnt have prime low trust factor because of countless reports "high rank"
2020-03-26 12:51
so perfect world around 100k? so it means csgo is on all time peak even if you remove PW
2020-03-26 12:27
its more than 100k but u still right
2020-03-26 12:31
china is about 10-20% of playerbase europe around 55-70% america around 10-15%
2020-03-26 12:34
Sweden sesar 
2020-03-26 09:37
it is insane 16% gain in average players in past 30 days. This game is increasing fast af.
2020-03-26 12:28
Sweden sesar 
2020-03-26 14:30
okay but what if it increases same way for sometime I think not everyone would leave the game after the virus effect is over.
2020-03-26 14:52
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