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r8 future bass song i made
rain | 
Norway verydenkmem kinda like the songs u hear on ESL stream its not some cringy rap song btw. plz r8, i spend very much time making this
2020-03-26 22:46
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Mexico MEXlCO 
0/8 because of name
2020-03-26 22:47
it was my project file name. I have no name for the song yet
2020-03-26 22:48
Update: I got a name for the song now lol
2020-03-27 22:47
Finland N1ghtmar3_ 
Do your thing its good on that music category but not my kind of music. It sounded you know what you are doing men
2020-03-26 22:48
ty men)))😄
2020-03-26 22:50
Japan Fanta_machine 
Is that Steve Harveys smile?
2020-03-26 22:50
yep i have the whole picture, like the eyes and chin, and forehead separated into different ones
2020-03-26 22:51
Japan Fanta_machine 
song is cool too but not very original
2020-03-26 22:52
What makes the track not sound original?
2020-03-28 00:05
China Supermadbettor 
I don't really know is it just me or my headphones or smth else, but the sound is a bit deaf? Like it lacks of 'sharpness'.
2020-03-26 22:52
its soundclouds quality, not your headphones or anything
2020-03-26 22:52
I liked it so far, but 00:50 - 01:15 sounds too intense and fast for me, might be just preferences tho
2020-03-26 22:55
It probably just is preferences. Thank you anyways. 😄
2020-03-27 22:59
Estonia MorsAlbum 
soundcloud doesnt change quality?????
2020-03-26 22:58
It does, export your project in .mp3 format and upload it to soundcloud. Then you listen to your original .mp3 file and then you listen to it on soundcloud.
2020-03-26 23:01
Estonia MorsAlbum 
if you upload a wav it stays as wav? also i dont like your vocal chops in the drop, they sound too fake. nowadays no matter the song its good to have your vocal chops sounding actually human and not fucked up synthesized - like when you move a sample up an octave
2020-03-26 23:07
But the rest of the drop sounds good right? or no? and I didn't really feel like waiting 2-4 minutes on the .wav file to upload on soundcloud. But uploading .wav makes it stay the same quality
2020-03-26 23:13
Estonia MorsAlbum 
wav is a LOT higher quality than mp3. but yeah the drop is pretty good as is the rest of the song and the structure (other people said the structure is bad for some reason?) its just the vocal chops i hate when they sound too synthesized
2020-03-26 23:19
I'll fix that tomorrow. Ty man ☺️
2020-03-26 23:22
Estonia MorsAlbum 
how long u been banging the pots and pans together gimme ur steam
2020-03-26 23:25
I can give you my discord, if thats okay?
2020-03-27 09:02
Estonia MorsAlbum 
no lmao i dont use discord
2020-03-27 13:05
2020-03-27 13:14
Canada Artour 
2020-03-26 22:52
Brazil dsnvitor 
slap like now
2020-03-26 23:06
2020-03-26 23:06
Hungary Shiron212 
O M G SLAPPERS on hltv approved
2020-03-27 00:03
2020-03-27 09:10
well made, i could see that on an ESL waiting screen maybe theres too much "downtime" after the first refrain?
2020-03-26 22:54
Yea, my mom and dad thought so too, Just didn't really know what to put there, So... I ended up moving some notes around until it sounded different but still recognizable. Ty for the compliment btw.
2020-03-26 22:55
Russia ImAmnesiac 
Impressive, gj man
2020-03-26 22:54
Thank you 😄
2020-03-26 22:56
Hungary aveosmo 
before the drop the vocal part has way too much reverb and there is no midrange sound, which would keep the bass and voice together love your song man !!!! 10/10
2020-03-26 23:13
Tyty. I'll fill the mids with something tmrw.
2020-03-26 23:15
nice m8 how long have u been producing
2020-03-26 23:25
I remember I bought FL Studio some months after I started in high school, so 2 years ago. But I didn't start producing for real before this December.
2020-03-26 23:33
France Djodjoo 
Pretty nice but the refrain almost sounds like trap and not future bass to me, not a big fan of it
2020-03-26 23:28
Trap and Future bass is pretty similar though, so it's understandable that you can mix those two together
2020-03-27 21:31
Germany Sonnabend 
Pretty good 👍👍
2020-03-26 23:30
Thank you man 😄
2020-03-27 00:01
Hungary Shiron212 
Very nice! But maybe the bass is a little too much when it drops
2020-03-26 23:36
Thank you. I actually thought that aswell while I was mixing the low frequencies (bass), but I ended up not undoing it cause it sounded really bad when I lowered the volume of the bass.
2020-03-26 23:42
Hungary Shiron212 
Ah, I see Well it's not that bad actually
2020-03-26 23:59
Oh okay. Thank you anyways.
2020-03-27 22:42
Very nice, unique and cool. I like the drop but i feel like it has a bit too many "shiftups", would like to hear a little more of the melody. 8/10
2020-03-26 23:58
Thank you. I always appreciate constructive feedback on my songs.
2020-03-27 00:01
No problem man <3
2020-03-29 11:31
LoOna | 
Reminds me of this
2020-03-27 13:13
Compliment or?
2020-03-27 21:28
pretty cool mens)) i like it 👍
2020-03-27 21:36
thank you mens)) glad you liked it
2020-03-27 21:40
do you plan on putting it on spotify?
2020-03-27 21:42
I don't know yet. Do you think I should do it?
2020-03-27 22:09
idk if its hard or expensive, but if you can do it for cheap and easily then sure why not
2020-03-27 22:13
i would add it to my playlist lol
2020-03-27 22:14
You think the track is that good? I just submitted it to NCS (No Copyright Sounds).
2020-03-27 22:18
yeah i think its pretty decent, i definitely feel like you have a shot at getting ncs to release it
2020-03-27 23:12
Wow really? Thank you 😄
2020-03-27 23:18
2020-03-27 21:44
Good or no? Hard to tell when you use the /8 and not /10
2020-03-27 21:46
Too harsh on the Cuts but other than that it was good 9.6/10
2020-03-27 21:46
Thank you man, appreciate it. I'll look more into the cuts
2020-03-27 21:49
Italy spazioesterno 
i liked it, congrats for ur job dude 8/8
2020-03-27 21:51
Thank you, I appreciate the compliment.
2020-03-27 21:55
don't listen to this genre of music but this was really good. 8/8
2020-03-27 22:17
Didnt notice this comment. Thank you brother 😄
2020-03-29 00:01
Switzerland garfield_kart 
i came to troll and tell you it fucking sucks but its alright. not my type of music tho
2020-03-27 22:19
ahahah appreciate it
2020-03-27 22:36
not garbage, good job
2020-03-27 22:24
Thank you mr saatana
2020-03-27 22:54
Clear highs and lows, nice production, I'd only edit the main chorus effecting a little to try to add to the swingyness of the main synth. Good use of vocals, good mastering, it's not my style but well done.
2020-03-27 22:25
Thank you for the feedback
2020-03-28 13:05
6/10 vocal sounds super weird i dont even know what exactly is wrong but it just feels wrong also i think u had too much sounds in the drop, could be better with a little bit of simplicity not that terrible after all tho, i expected worse
2020-03-27 22:25
Thank you for the feedback. I thought sounds in the drop fit very well together, but I can see that maybe it's good with some simplicity sometimes.
2020-03-27 22:29
United States hoobit 
I like it. the drop is very nice
2020-03-27 22:30
Thank you. I thought so aswell.
2020-03-27 22:38
Czech Republic Xedys 
2020-03-27 22:30
hahaha thank you my friend
2020-03-27 22:33
Finland hltv_b8r 
bruh that mastering is dogshit tho
2020-03-27 22:49
bruh im sorry soundcloud is retarded and lowers sound quality if you upload a .mp3 file though. If it's really just the mastering, it's not that bad is it?
2020-03-27 22:52
Europe xrnavkha 
this is rlly nice tbh
2020-03-28 05:38
Europe xrnavkha 
this is rlly nice tbh
2020-03-28 05:38
Thank you 😄 I worked really hard on this one too
2020-03-28 11:05
It's Good 7/8
2020-03-28 06:20
Why 7/8? What's missing to make the track better you think?
2020-03-28 11:12
Pretty good! Nice work
2020-03-28 07:40
Thank you. Appreciate it.
2020-03-28 11:33
AM | 
Malta Yarrak 
nice but i expected bass guitar playing men
2020-03-28 11:39
xD thank you men)))
2020-03-28 11:47
2020-03-28 12:25
Yea bro haha
2020-03-28 12:46
Finland Abelzini 
2020-03-28 12:29
2020-03-28 13:30
Czech Republic noclips_ 
actually pretty good, i like it
2020-03-28 12:31
Glad that you like it. Thank you ☺️
2020-03-28 12:56
I love how appreciative & helpful HLTV mens are in this thread (and they actually know what they're talking about, technical terms and stuff). Big indicator u did good men. Can't say anything coz I think a lot of music is good anyway lol.
2020-03-28 12:46
Thank you men
2020-03-28 12:50
Portugal NabasKi 
That's pretty good actually, but I feel like the drop is lacking something.. perhaps some claps or something?
2020-03-28 13:13
Maybe it does actually miss claps. Thank you for the feedback
2020-03-28 13:18
Very shameful bump
2020-03-29 00:05
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