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1st world country with 3rd world problems
United States America! 
Perfectly describes the US at this point First world: Rich country,2nd most technologically advanced country,good living standards, good pay, low taxes, real estate opportunities and culturally influential. Third world: Retarded goverment, dumbass leader,rapidly increasing coronavirus cases, outdated gun laws and lack of universal healthcare. To this day I still dont know why people were dumb enough to elect trump and even still Bernie who actually wants to help the average American is mocked being called communist.
2020-03-27 01:17
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Germany Sonnabend 
2020-03-27 01:17
United States America! 
2020-03-27 01:19
Germany Sonnabend 
smart american
2020-03-27 01:19
your nose....
2020-03-27 01:22
Germany Sonnabend 
2020-03-27 01:37
what ?
2020-03-27 02:50
2020-03-27 05:36
Kyrgyzstan JimHalpert 
2020-03-27 19:14
Go back to reddit nobody cares about your terribly formulated opinions. How low does your iq have to be to generalize the inner workings of the largest economy on earth with less than a paragraph of text and still maintain the indignation to assert that you are in any microscopic way correct
2020-03-27 01:21
United States America! 
If your disagreeing with what I'm saying sorry but you're wrong /closed
2020-03-27 01:22
United States JoshDAA 
Bernie wants socialism, and to be honest i would prefer that a dumbass like Trump stay in offer than a delusional dem candidate like Bernie, Yang was a good option but he is gone. Trump will most likely win the election but he wont do anything like his past terms so its all good
2020-03-27 01:26
Rich | 
North America Gumdrop 
He /closed because he doesn’t have any arguments for his stance in politics and runs around spouting bullshit so you probably won’t get an actual response from him.
2020-03-27 01:36
its not bullshit hes a moron. You probably are too
2020-03-27 01:39
bErNiE wAnTs SoCiAliSm You have absolutely 0 idea what socialism is so stfu and don't use words you don't comprehend. I'll give you a little hint tho, social democracy has as much to do with socialism as US politics have to do with basic human dignity, that is nothing.
2020-03-27 02:37
United States JoshDAA 
there is a difference between social democracy that EU uses and socialism, but a third world polack like you wouldnt know the difference
2020-03-27 05:10
Which is exactly what i said you fucking idiot, can you not read?
2020-03-27 14:29
I'm correct youre a brainlet know your place.
2020-03-27 01:35
China is actually the largest economy but i'm sorry you feel that way
2020-03-27 02:09
2020-03-27 02:30
China GDP 14 trillion USA GDP 21 trillion China is far behind
2020-03-27 02:34
I wasn't talking about purchasing power parity
2020-03-27 07:00
I know what you were talking about, yeah. But PPP is more accurate and doesn't favor the US because of USD
2020-03-27 07:25
largest economy is purchasing power parity. Ok calm down brainlet
2020-03-27 07:16
trump is right, the virus has a very low deathrate and will decrease as more infected people get tested
2020-03-27 01:23
deathrate is low only if people are treated + 2% is still high if everyone gets infected
2020-03-27 01:27
that is true
2020-03-27 01:30
well right now we all have f big 3rd world problem
2020-03-27 01:29
Belgium lil_vodka 
Bernie is a jew, if he will be the president a lot of bad things are going to happen.
2020-03-27 01:30
2020-03-27 01:34
Nt sideways Germany
2020-03-27 02:57
Canada razneK1789 
2020-03-27 19:24
flag checks- oh what
2020-03-27 06:10
Liechtenstein Herodotus 
I don't like how this term has caught on lol
2020-03-27 01:35
Germany KaZo04 
i thought that i would never see a day where an american admits that the gun laws arent perfect wow
2020-03-27 01:43
Literally a majority of the country thinks that way.
2020-03-27 02:57
United States America! 
2020-03-27 04:28
"First world: Rich country, technologically advanced country, good living standards, good pay, low taxes, real estate opportunities, and culturally influential. Third world: Retarded goverment, dumbass leader,rapidly increasing coronavirus cases, outdated gun laws, and lack of universal healthcare." Italy is a third world country confirmed Also 2nd amendment isn't outdated, if they only wanted the guns of that time allowed they would have been specific, just like they were throughout your entire constitution, during the period that the 2nd amendment was written there were already advancements being made in gun technology, they had magazine fed repeating fire arms dating back to around the 1600s and guns being able to shoot more than once before reloading, all of which were implemented before the end of the 18th century. If you truly believe that 2a is outdated then say good bye to free speech.
2020-03-27 01:46
I disagree on Italy. Italy got damn unlucky with the Corona. Having lots of Chinese coming there as tourists and also due to their clothing industry they got hit really hard really quick, long before anyone expected it to happen. That and their health care being strained for funds over the last years due to Italy's economic problems made for a nightmare scenario. That the same is now happening in the US and even worse, that isn't bad luck though - that is incompetence pure and simple.
2020-03-27 02:04
Italy - Rich country, technologically advanced country, good living standards, good pay, low taxes, real estate opportunities, and culturally influential. Rapidly increasing coronavirus cases, lack of universal healthcare. USA - Rich country, technologically advanced country, good living standards, good pay, low taxes, real estate opportunities, and culturally influential. Average speed of reported coronavirus cases, lack of universal healthcare Italy third world country confirmed, based on OP's opinion.
2020-03-27 02:11
Poland sikalafa 
what do you mean by saying average speed of reported coronavirus cases? Is 17,000 a day an average speed? To be honest I am not scared, but I am worried about old people from my family. Trump wants to open the schools and everything on Easter, there's more than 500 cases at the moment in my county, I don't wanna go to school, get the virus and infect my parents/grandparents. I am not gonna go to school if he really opens the schools that early. That's a 3rd world president.
2020-03-27 02:15
It really seems you need to update your knowledge of Italy. They have universal health care. They are however not that rich, their economy isn't in crisis like Greece but not that far from. On average though Italy is a better place than the US, better education, a better place to be low income, healthier population, much fewer in prison, amazing food and a lot less junk food... The virus thing in Italy has gotten so bad because they were hit hard really early due to many connections with China, textile industry mainly and also tourists from China - this in combination with a health care system that while good was without much reserve capacity.
2020-03-27 02:44
Not sure I'd say US is the most tech advanced country, but one of the most advanced I will agree to. On the good pay thing, considering the number of homeless, the number of people on food stamps and the 3 million incarcerated of which many work for nothing that does not really hold true either.
2020-03-27 01:59
+1 I was going to point out the homeless matter as well. Plus, being a cultural influence doesn't mean you're good influence... all the world gets from the usa is crappy hollywood movies and fierce vanity standards. I agree with you on the other points though, your health system is horrible, you spend way too much in other stuff instead of the wellbeing of your own citizens... and i'd say this applies to the education system as well. You have the economical capabilities to have exceptional citizens and mindset, as many european countries do, yet you thrive for the "american dream" instead.
2020-03-27 02:23
I am slightly confused here. It seems you are not only responding to me, but to others as well only who is unclear.
2020-03-27 02:32
Sorry mate, when i say "i agree with you" i meant the thread creator.
2020-03-27 02:35
Ok, now I am a little less confused :-)
2020-03-27 02:45
United States America! 
The homless rate is actually lower in the US than in the EU edit: its lower than in canada too
2020-03-27 04:23
Incarceration is kind of irrelevant Nearly all of the homeless are in big cities in California, along with Miami Chicago, NY and Dallas. The rest of the US is fine, especially considering what #41 said I also wouldnt consider food stamps as a sign of low pay necessarily, since the system is kind of broken as it is.
2020-03-27 06:16
Irrelevant - if you think a couple of million of people not allowed to vote and many of them doing jobs for almost zero pay well then I can see how you can dismiss a lot of things. A country is not fine if half a million of its people are homeless or if many millions are working and on welfare at the same time, so call the system broken or whatever it just is not the sign of a tier 1 country.
2020-03-27 13:26
But the homeless rate is lower then that of europe- so its a problem most countries have. The Incarceration is irrelevant to the conversation at hand -- no one is forcing you to work in prison. i'm also not saying incarceration is a good thing, its fucking dumb, but is largely thanks to the drug war, a another issue from pay.
2020-03-27 17:47
Europe is not a country, saying so is like saying South America is a country. As for US prisons you really are not well informed. More than 7 out of a thousand Americans rot in jail and as for their wages:
2020-03-27 17:57
The US as a country is economically comparable to Europe as a region. The US has shitty states like the deep south, it has super strong areas like NY California and Texas (each comparable to european countries in their own right) Again, I never said the prison system was good, I never said I liked it, I never said it was OK. But it's still irrelevant to the conversation of pay. Incarceration isn't an issue of pay, it's an issue, of you know, incarceration.
2020-03-27 18:03
You are tying way to hard to simplify things. !. You keeping going on about Europe and that is ignoring Europe is all seperate countries, now 28 of those are in a Union only the union on its own is not really like the US and looking beyond the EU you see the Europe have countries that are very different and all totally separate. In some ways you can compare the EU and the USA, but even that is a stretch. 2. Since the debate here is about the USA being a tier 1 or something else, then I gotta insist that the USA having something like 2½ million of its people behind bars is a factor you can not ignore. The prison system in the US is an industry and part of that is that inmates make for really cheap labor. Do some research instead of just calling it irrelevant.
2020-03-27 18:20
1. No, not really. The US and EU are VERY comparable economically. Obviously they are not the same, the EU isn't a country. But the comparison is very fair. US states operate as independent entities. They are very autonomous from the federal government -- some states like Texas even have their own national guard. Comparing states like Texas and Main is like comparing Croatia and Ireland. They just aren't the same. Most Europeans totally underestimate how big and diverse the US is. 2. YES. I agree. It's dumb, and it definitely counts against the US, but you brought up Incarceration as it relates to PAY, which I had a problem with, because it was irrelevant to that specific issue.
2020-03-27 19:08
Sigh, this is futile and I won't keep going. But let me just illustrate how far you are off the mark when comparing the USA and the EU, you talk about Iceland and Croatia as how different EU countries can be only Iceland is not part of the EU.
2020-03-27 19:22
and yet the US has Alaska and Nevada? The US is far more diverse then you think.
2020-03-27 21:12
An individual state is just as diverse (from others) as individual EU countries.
2020-03-27 21:22
Are you a fake flag? We’re moving at the same pace for coronavirus as most of the west currently. It’s not the USA nor any other western nations fault corona is buttfucking us. China takes all the blame on that one. Our “outdated” gun laws are the sole reason the country is free and it is still necessary to keep them based of all available statistics. And not having universal healthcare isn’t the problem. The problem is the government trying to control the healthcare industry while still alluding to it being free. You should change your name and your flag if you’re not American which I would not be surprised by.
2020-03-27 02:23
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
i personally think that this ''rapidly increasing coronavirus cases'' is a 1st world country thingy. our societies have grown so close that we touch so many people a day, a virus like this has no trouble at all travelling through such a society.
2020-03-27 02:31
United States tenki_cs 
Trump won because not every American that wants social policy expansion supports mass migration, abortion, intersectionality, etc. Not to mention our institutions have always been corrupt, including the media and Trump took the low hanging fruit by berating them all the time
2020-03-27 02:37
Australia zi8gzag 
2020-03-27 02:42
Australia Moonayyy 
America is prime example of how to not run a country and why full blown capitalism sucks
2020-03-27 05:35
2020-03-27 05:48
not sure why they even test people for coronavirus when most countrys tell average mens)) to gfto if you are not elderly or weak, they will spread it again to weak and elderly. :-P just do what china does XD 3k active cases, oh boy i guess corona is afraid of communism.
2020-03-27 05:42
United States ShawnM 
Calling Trump retarded lmao Grow a brain
2020-03-27 05:45
Capitalism LUL
2020-03-27 05:57
Australia Moonayyy 
2020-03-27 08:48
+1 moldova is better
2020-03-27 06:49
United States America! 
wtf mens))
2020-03-27 07:03
2020-03-27 08:14
NAF | 
Canada Waveform 
Bernie is actually left of the nordic social democracies as it is. He's actively anti-capitalist, USA needs reform not a revolution After this, if they can replace just a quarter of that military spending on integrating a social healthcare system they'll be in a better place. Remains to be seen if the polarized country can learn from its mistakes or just keep pointing across the aisle
2020-03-27 06:52
yeah i know, that's why Biden should be elected
2020-03-28 05:48
he'll fix all of it
2020-03-28 05:48
cant compare.. dont see many of 3rd world country people travelling out side of there country to bring back a virus do you? no because they cant afford it, americans (1st world countrys can) China's plan to crash the worlds economy and get the upperhand.
2020-03-27 08:53
2020-03-28 05:48
2020-03-28 05:48
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