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China not n1 anymore
Lithuania P1X3Late 
USA is, they truly wanna be 1st at everything in this case by reported cases of corona :D
2020-03-27 02:53
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2020-03-27 02:56
China hzxhl16 
That's true. Never forget how trump suggested to distract this disaster of all man kind to a certain nationality. Karma incumming.
2020-03-27 03:07
lmao, even tho Chinese gov't obviously lying abt cases...
2020-03-27 03:16
thats so true, but by reported cases usa 1st
2020-03-27 03:26
f u chinaaaaa
2020-03-27 03:28
Slovakia bad_at_life 
china n1 at fucking whole world
2020-03-27 03:09
2020-03-27 03:16
china will be mad about this thread
2020-03-27 03:15
quick china, spread faster, go out and help others to get sick
2020-03-27 03:27
United States ShawnM 
its just a flu - trump
2020-03-27 03:18
crank | 
Poland WITAM 
Technically it is just a flu.
2020-03-27 03:22
United States ShawnM 
no i actually agree and i think ppl are still overreacting because most of the ppl that are worried aren't infected and aren't gonna be the people that die from it because they're in their 20's and 30's
2020-03-27 03:23
People in their 20s and 30s can still die from it. Furthermore, if a substantial number of people do get infected, the percentage that require hospitalisation will overwhelm the healthcare capacity, thereby increasing the death toll regardless of age (which is what happened in Italy). While the infection number to hit that threshold is significantly higher in the US (approx. 750,000), it is likely that they will hit that number before the end of April at this current rate. It doesn't help that healthcare is not subsidised.
2020-03-27 03:35
Oh and that number assumes that the only people in hospital are Covid cases. Considering that USA hospital capacity is already over 60%, the number is more like 250,000 cases, which they'll hit in the first week of April.
2020-03-27 03:37
United States ShawnM 
also china is definitely not revealing their actually numbers, with how high the population density is in china, it has to be way higher than their numbers say.
2020-03-27 03:47
United States ShawnM 
fuck actual numbers not actually*
2020-03-27 04:05
NiKo | 
United States Frotha 
They’re opening Beijing up though
2020-03-27 04:06
NiKo | 
United States Frotha 
It will eventually be a common virus, but I wish we could’ve slowed or stopped it’s spread in the US sooner
2020-03-27 03:19
Belgium kaebboy 
Blame the retardness of Trump for that
2020-03-27 03:26
What do you mean? In the first cases in the U.S he told people not to go out, and increased funding for the CDC every year he was in office? He also executed an odder limiting air traffic to the biggest corona sites? Don't really know why you're blaming it on trump, as he took the right protocols in this matter at hand.
2020-03-27 04:09
Belgium kaebboy 
The usa is probably the slowest country to take measures with the corona virus, you do know that right? While we were having the same amount of infected ppl in europe, your president was saying it was a hoax. Are you kidding me?
2020-03-27 04:43
China making it too easy, just like Tyloo
2020-03-27 03:28
Imagine believing china also here's the thing about america becoming #1 out of everyone.. chinese numbers we know are fake, they have been hiding their numbers for a few weeks now, that being said the next on the list is italy 60.48 million 80,589 infected.. next on the list is spain 46.66 million with 57,786 infected lets go to the next germany 82.79 million population with 43,938 infected.... now lets look at america 327.2 million population with 85,505 infected.. with less deaths then italy, china, and spain.. majority coming from new york... America is controlling this just fine.. it looks like everything is starting to curve as well with the infection rate addition each day staying the same for the past 3 days.. no more doubling.. fake news.. fake media, spread lies, make people panic. I think most people forgot how populated america is.
2020-03-27 03:43
NT 911 was a lie
2020-03-27 03:45
w/e you say off duty officer shoots a robber
2020-03-27 03:53
yes, I imagine you not reading "reported cases" part
2020-03-27 03:59
China SwooksarV2 
Wdym. American testing sucks ass. Also, the eldest isn't able to control people as effectively as we are, so we are much more efficient in being able to lock down and stop infected from infecting other people. For china, it was every province supporting Wuhan, but for the other countries tries, it's just a "who cares. Nothing serious" attitude for the longest time.
2020-03-27 04:32
2020-03-27 03:45
Asuna | 
United States bxteme 
2020-03-27 03:45
sodaH | 
Estonia rafio 
in trump we trust
2020-03-27 03:47
China tralia 
maybe half of NYer get infected >still think it come from wuhan, who know
2020-03-27 03:50
bruh, it certainly came from wuhan Its just that murican healthcare sucks balls
2020-03-27 04:11
america people is not good careful people
2020-03-27 03:51
Portugal Digassmen 
North korea does not appear because every case is a case solved right of the bat (pew pew)
2020-03-27 04:08
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