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kennyS fans
kennyS | 
India kappakennyS 
So I made this post some time ago. Really I was at my lowest possible IQ. Now I realize my mistake. I just can't stop loving the guy. I hope he is back to his usual form. I hope we see really great highlights from him today. I don't want to leave the best and biggest community inside csgo, the kennyS fan community. Thank you.
2020-03-28 11:03
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2020-03-28 11:07
Noooooooooooo :(
2020-03-28 11:08
2020-03-28 11:07
most of the kennyS fans are Indians btw
2020-03-28 11:08
Shut up you peasant you are a disgrace to every Kenny's fan
2020-03-28 11:09
:C sorry
2020-03-28 11:11
Quit Ur low Iq bait
2020-03-28 11:12
not baiting
2020-03-28 11:13
2020-03-28 11:14
why u bully me?
2020-03-28 11:14
Nt modhi
2020-03-28 11:15
why are u so mean wtf, G2 and kennyS fans are supposed to be accepting of others. I bet G2 wouldnt like the way ur speaking to mr.modhi
2020-03-28 11:22
Nt, I guess Ur Indian too
2020-03-28 11:48
LOL, im the least indian person here, 75% scottish and irish 25% northeastern european (english, danish)
2020-03-28 11:58
Nt Indian
2020-03-28 12:55
shox | 
India iejesus 
Stfu roast the person not our country moron
2020-03-28 13:07
God damn Indians Where did I say anything bad about Indians here :d?
2020-03-28 13:30
shox | 
India iejesus 
Why would u even had to mention the country. And it clearly justifies with 'god damn indians.' You see something on hltv you dont like his opinion you see his flag and bam this country is shit anyway so his opinion doesn't matter.
2020-03-28 13:34
My bad tho Indians are good but he is a disgrace to Ur country
2020-03-28 14:23
yeh and I'm not indian LOL
2020-03-28 14:24
2020-03-28 14:25
shox | 
India iejesus 
I know ffs but what can we do :(
2020-03-28 14:29
Ban them
2020-03-28 15:12
Ban them
2020-03-28 15:12
"I just dislike the guy. Misses half of the shots. Then positions himself like a big retard. Can't rifle or do anything with other guns." you were indeed either blind or negative IQ af
2020-03-28 11:11
Really I was at my lowest possible IQ But it was bad performance and I was expecting a MVP
2020-03-28 11:12
2020-03-28 11:12
Hello mens))
2020-03-28 11:20
kennys top 1 hunter top 2 sexa top 3
2020-03-28 11:22
yeh men he really sexy
2020-03-28 13:09
+1 kennyS top 1
2020-03-28 11:26
ok, now stay away from hltv.
2020-03-28 11:22
I was away for long time
2020-03-28 11:26
Norway CheNaLii 
Nah dude you are such a plastic fan gtfo. The community will never forgive you and you will always be a kenny hater
2020-03-28 11:22
one mistake and all my good deeds are washed away please don't do this to me guys
2020-03-28 11:27
GTFO Plastic fan of best player to ever touch the game
2020-03-28 11:24
no I'm not plast:c
2020-03-28 11:27
Poland fanofs1mple 
who cares gtfo
2020-03-28 11:30
bro didn't call you why do you come with that name and flair?
2020-03-28 11:44
plastic fan
2020-03-28 11:46
No I'm not plast:C
2020-03-28 13:41
"You let me down kennyS" HAHAHHAHAHA
2020-03-28 11:51
kennyS | 
Croatia buzeG2 
again this guy holy fucking shit can you just leave this site?Plastic fan/baiter i would pay so much just t see you get perma ip banned
2020-03-28 11:54
shox | 
India iejesus 
Maybe should just change his flag. He makes our whole country look stupid with his threads ffs
2020-03-28 13:09
Noooooooooo Your country is already stupid with people like you
2020-03-28 13:42
Italy KezaijinDZN 
2020-03-28 13:10
No I'm not plast:c btw the irony saying plastic being FaZe clan fan
2020-03-28 13:43
I'm not even a kennys fan but ill tell you what ? you got more plastic in you then a twitch thot. so begone.
2020-03-28 15:39
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