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Latvia 1chance 
if u make a new user on my pc and download cs and faceit and start playing on it (2nd acc ) will faceit findout ? and what they will do if they find out
2020-03-28 11:38
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you might need to change your username if you do that
2020-03-28 11:38
change my username on what
2020-03-28 11:39
2020-03-28 11:42
2020-03-28 11:42
name checks out
2020-03-28 11:48
flusha | 
Germany felo 
You can't connect one steam account to 2 faceit accounts If you have a separate steam account there should be no problem. Might be against Faceits Terms of Service but noone gives a fuck
2020-03-28 11:40
2020-03-28 11:43
flusha | 
Germany felo 
Also you have to note that you cannot unlink an account, if it's linked to that one faceit account it stays linked. Even if you deactivate that faceit account
2020-03-28 11:45
thx for information bro
2020-03-28 11:47
Actually many ppl give a fuck and especially faceit staff, they will ban both of your accounts, and yes they will find out eventually
2020-03-28 11:54
flusha | 
Germany felo 
Then they got their priorities wrong, because I see so many fucking smurfs in low to mid level faceit it's insane Yesterday I played vs 5 people with all new accounts, 10 matches played max lul
2020-03-28 11:56
actually they ban your main acc and let you play only on smurf, there is no way back from that.
2020-03-28 12:14
flusha | 
Germany felo 
wtf that's even worse if it's true Fuck faceit lmao
2020-03-28 12:16
why ?? its in their policy, its a good punishment for smurfs, so they will lose main and cant play anymore on faceit with that account
2020-03-28 12:32
If they find out, they will report you to GabeN
2020-03-28 11:41
i have 2 accounts. One i use to play with low level friends. I havent got ban
2020-03-28 11:42
yea i was about to do the same 2nd acc to play with low level friends but im just wondering what they will do if they findout xD
2020-03-28 11:43
but you need different steam account for new faceit account
2020-03-28 11:44
yea i know
2020-03-28 11:44
Don't make any connection between your smurf and main. If you get reported a lot with new acc, faceit is going to ask for phone number confirmation. You can bypass it with prepaid otherwise you cant play anymore.
2020-03-28 11:51
They will tell your mum
2020-03-28 11:57
not very likely
2020-03-28 12:05
You”ll go to jail son, dont do it
2020-03-28 12:09
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