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Most likely team's for zews to coach
felps | 
United States Hubterbean 
Zews is a great coach and would be a solid pick up for any team but there are a couple teams where it could be the difference in under preforming and being at top 3 team. Team 1: Liquid need a coach with a stronger mindset who won't take bullshit and put the players in the correct roles (like rajun and ropz in mouz) if liquid sort there roles out and get a stronger mindset this team is scary as seen in the most dominant period in csgo history in the summer of 19. Zews would be a great pick up and could do all of the things listed above. Why this won't work: is liquid willing to bring him back since he has already had his chance with taco instead of stewie? Team 2: Eg is in a position similar to liquid but the difference is I think imapet is a better coach the adren. But at the same time eg aren't as accomplished as liquid however struggle with the same mindset problems however roles aren't an issue here they all have defined roles. I'm sort like adren is more of an analyst who is focused on the tactical side of the game then zews but lacks the winners mentality needed to bring a team to the top for an extended period of time (example zonic in astralis) Why this won't work: will eg kick imapet? Probably not at the moment I believe the team is fine with him as a coach for now but if they keep struggling then it's a possibility Team 3: complexity a new team with a lot of potential I would love to see what zews would do with this team who have a lot of skill on paper. Why they won't add him: will zeus go to complexity over some of these other teams? No but if they are the only offer than yes.
2020-03-28 13:12
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Ukraine Pham_ 
liquid will take him soon, they've been stagnating for too long
2020-03-28 13:18
RpK | 
Norway verydenkmem 
Stewie2k also gone soon
2020-03-28 13:18
Ukraine Pham_ 
no, stew will stay
2020-03-28 13:19
There not kicking stew too impactful
2020-03-28 15:01
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