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Faroe Islands Croton 
of official cases coronavirus, will happen this week what's will happen from there ? flattening the curve or logarithmic explosion
2020-03-29 00:20
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All efforts are being taken to flatten the curve. Leaders around the world already know shit is real. It will get worse in the upcoming month than it'll get better (less bad) -- Unless, of course, the virus mutate and we get a second wave. It should be rare, but can happen.
2020-03-29 00:27
second wave you said, we can't handle first wave, that would be a disaster
2020-03-29 00:33
It's gonna be a seasonal virus which will return yearly most likely like the flu.
2020-03-29 23:46
1. I can't imagine situation as it is right now for each season 2. source? as far as i know there is no data showing that corona will disappear suddenly
2020-03-30 03:54
Liberia weALLcheat 
People will develop immunity, so it wont be such problem as now. But the virus will probably stay with us.
2020-03-30 08:34
Immunity which lasts only a couple of years. Just like every flu it's gonna be seasonal. Source: saw it on the news here in Belgium
2020-03-30 16:51
source: i saw it, trust me
2020-03-31 08:49
It's true. Why the fuck would I lie ?
2020-03-31 11:16
corona it's not a flu
2020-04-02 20:42
Why wouldn't you lie?
2020-04-03 23:57
I never lie even tho I sometimes really should :/
2020-04-04 00:18
the old and the weak die. thats kind of what will happen
2020-04-05 11:11
2020-03-29 00:28
1 mil cases gonna happen soon, as of now its 660k. Looks like lockdown is the only sensible solution to stop the virus.
2020-03-29 01:21
In summer it will slowdown
2020-03-29 01:24
You do realise that it was summer in the lower hemisphere until last week, where countries like Australia and Brazil have almost 4000 cases in lockdown.
2020-03-29 01:32
Its not that the hot weather will help but alot of people will start to recover and hopelly it well be some medicine to counter
2020-03-29 08:54
or you will be dead till summer cuz of corona
2020-03-29 08:55
Yes i have seasonal astma which complicates corona ((((((
2020-03-29 08:57
actually anyone of us can die, this virus is too op, he can't stop spreading and because of easy travel it will affect most of us so big changes coming in the future that's for sure
2020-03-29 08:58
Its not that bad as ebola
2020-03-29 09:00
it's still a killer
2020-03-29 09:04
It was something simular swine flu and spanish flu
2020-03-29 09:08
It’s worse. Yes, one person with Ebola is at a greater risk of dying than one person with Covid. However, due to how contagious Covid is compared to Ebola, you end up with enough cases to exceed healthcare capacity, which leads to far more people dying than expected (see Italy). Ebola is hard enough to transmit whereby you will never end up with millions infected and so you’ll never end up with hundreds of thousands dead, which will unfortunately be the stats for Covid by May.
2020-03-29 13:31
But what can you do ? Stay at home and try to not get cought by covid 19
2020-03-29 19:01
Keep the number of infected in your country below your country’s healthcare capacity until treatment/vaccine is developed. This means isolation when community transmission is occurring (cases unable to be tracked with cluster outbreaks) and lighter restrictions when only family transmission is occurring (you can track all random cases and quarantine them). The moment you lose control of the cases, isolation is the only response available currently.
2020-03-29 23:44
You can only compare the 2 in stats. Covid will be deadlier in stats but as a virus theres no comparison, Ebola much worse, 1 in 3 people will die with Ebola, doesnt matter if ur healthy/young/old and in some cases(the 1st strain of the virus) can have up to a 90% CFR. Can literally make u die from internal blood loss.
2020-04-02 20:13
You clearly didn't read my post but thanks for adding nothing.
2020-04-03 08:08
You clearly didnt read mine as i was only clarifying what u said and adding some more info. :D
2020-04-03 19:36
Then the virus mutates and comes back much stronger in fall
2020-03-29 08:57
If it does - its man made
2020-03-29 08:58
Spanish flu did the same thing
2020-03-29 08:59
It was just after ww1 so it can be also man made. And medicine came in longer period of time
2020-03-29 09:03
There are at least 8 different strains of corona virus in existence; it’s already mutated multiple times. It’s not manmade.
2020-03-29 13:34
There is no proof because those mutations was very fast in just 200 years
2020-03-30 22:23
Covid-19 has already mutated multiple times; it’s just that none of the mutations have yet affected the parts of the virus necessary for its infection process, so they haven’t been classified as new strains. That’s how mutations work. Millions of cells replicate hundreds of time a day; they make mistakes. It’s part of life. There is more than enough proof that it wasn’t manmade. There have been several research papers on the topic in the last month.
2020-03-30 23:26
Also, the dangers of novel coronaviruses existing in bats has been highlighted in research for 10-15 years. Nobody really listened.
2020-03-30 23:39
Just realised you will probably want sources for that research. For the first comment, see, e.g., Andersen et al. (2020) The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2. For the second comment, see, e.g., Cheng et al. (2007) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus as an Agent of Emerging and Reemerging Infection.
2020-03-31 03:26
things like heat/temperature could lead it to mutate. its not just some guy in a lab that decides "yea we mutating this and spreading it all over the world again in august"
2020-04-05 11:14
well actually it might not, the contra argument is that when it gets warmer in countries like in europe more people going out outside which make it easier for corona to spread
2020-03-30 04:06
Yeah but most countries might have been passed its peak by that point
2020-03-30 22:17
most countries have been in social distancing so it will only really peak once life gets back to normal for everyone. imho best thing to do would be to slowly stop the social distancing we currently have. let the people who are not at risk continue their normal lives and possibly get imune to the virus. its a fucked up situation for everyone at the moment and I hope you dont get it with your asthma issues. i am currently working from home and the person I live with is part of the risk group. if the lock down ends and my company forces me to go back to work in the office I will most likely get it (commute 30-45 mins train/walk - working in an office building with several more companies). there are alot of grey areas but I would say if you have the chance of working/studying from home for the next few months and you are part of/live with someone who is at risk, then you should.
2020-04-05 11:20
Totally agreed. Our health minister and president also said this
2020-04-05 19:58
With this corona panic you can see people are really, really dumbs and naive.
2020-03-29 01:28
2020-03-29 01:38
It’s pretty dangerous though
2020-03-31 12:27
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina DaddyNiKo 
Depends. If you are young and healty , then no. If you are old/ young with bad immune system , then it is (but pretty much anything is dangerous if you are in that state)
2020-04-04 00:11
It can still be dangerous
2020-04-05 11:10
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina DaddyNiKo 
Seasonal flu as well
2020-04-05 11:18
Obviously but Corona is more dangerous for young and healthy people than the seasonal flu is in general
2020-04-05 12:04
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina DaddyNiKo 
But not by much. Majority of dead people were affected by some chronic disease or very old. Italy for example , who have the most fatal results , has an average age of 80 when it comes to casualties. It is worse than a flu sypthom wise , but in terms of complications it's about the same for healty people as the seasonal flu.
2020-04-05 12:12
Not true. The mortality rate for it is 0.2% for 10-39 and seasonal flu is about 0.1% IN GENERAL with weak people too so the Coronavirus is plenty more damgerous but yeah nothing to be afraod of
2020-04-05 12:22
muric numba wone as always, playing the victim any day..
2020-03-29 01:34
Probably already 2-4 million cases just not confirmed
2020-03-29 08:56
North America karalumano 
this virus will be around for 2 years at least and will infect more than 100mill and kill at least 30mill tht is what bill gates told.
2020-03-29 09:19
He probably isnt far off. Life is going to be weird for the next couple of years.
2020-03-29 09:28
Brazil _Awper 
LOL, you didn't believe did you?
2020-03-29 13:36
bill gates is smarter than you,
2020-03-30 03:59
in usa or globaly?
2020-03-30 04:00
North America karalumano 
global. 30million is a big number but its not even 1% of our global population.
2020-04-03 23:53
lol it's almost like country like Poland got removed all of the sudden, quite a big number imo
2020-04-03 23:56
North America karalumano 
yep 30m is big but our population on earth is bigger prolly close to 8b
2020-04-04 08:50
real numbers very difficult to estimate due to lack of testing everywhere
2020-03-30 04:08
Finland mattixboi 
logarithmic growth is the opposite of exponential growth. i think you mean a logarithmic scale
2020-03-29 08:57
i am not sure which one is more accurate for corona
2020-03-30 03:56
Finland mattixboi 
at the start it's exponential, like rn in europe and usa
2020-03-30 08:28
My work is still open wadafakaafaesfnuasicb
2020-03-29 09:00
What do you do?
2020-04-03 23:59
xartE | 
Finland STINDE 
tomorrow, thx to usa
2020-03-29 09:29
280k left I think it will be done by Wednesday
2020-03-30 04:10
It will be milion in 3-4 days MonkaS
2020-03-29 23:54
Argentina Joedash 
If people keep going out of their homes like if they were on holidays this will keep growing. Covid keeps being a problem cause people are retarded enough to go out like italy did when they called quarantine, same on EU and now in America where even Mexico's president said that they have not to worry of COVID because they are stronger than it.
2020-03-30 04:54
+1 stupidity, mexico will be next pandemic center
2020-03-30 16:27
Argentina Joedash 
Yeh, i dont know what is so hard to understand from the words "Stay. At. Home", idk if people is retarded or what that they cant understand those 3 simple words.
2020-03-31 08:42
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina DaddyNiKo 
If you have even a slightly bit of social life , staying at home for so long is fucking immposible . I have been in my home for about 2 weeks without going out and if it continues , I see my self going crazy 100%.
2020-04-04 00:14
Argentina Joedash 
Thats a problem if u cant hold urself. I dont have problem on being in my house all day long, of course im starting to feel a little like in a cage, but i dont have problem because i know that i dont have to spread a virus or get a virus because i wanted to go outside.
2020-04-04 00:22
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina DaddyNiKo 
Going outside=/=getting a virus As long as you avoid contact and isolate yourself when outside , it's fine. The virus doesn't last long in the air and depending on the material it lands on it can last from 6hrs to 48hrs , but that doesn't matter for as long as you don't touch your face and wash your hands.
2020-04-04 00:28
Argentina Joedash 
It is impossible to stay with no contact with other people, besides, people infected could have touched anywhere u touched and then u put your hand in your face or somewhere dangerous and there u have the coronavirus as a gift for urself. People are pretty unconscient about this pandemia which isnt dangerous in terms of killing but in terms of spreading and that made people bring the coronavirus to america and so. I mean, look at italy, do u think that people stayed at home? I doubt so, cause now there are a lot of italians infected and a lot of them are dying.
2020-04-04 06:40
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina DaddyNiKo 
Why do people touch their faces anyways ? Wear a mask so you don't and wahs your fucking hands. And still the average age of people dying is like 70 , to people of that age even a normal seasonal flu is dangerous.
2020-04-04 11:57
depends, still no tanks in my street so ppl keep going outside
2020-03-30 22:24
Korea XigNw0w 
It will happen eventually even without these threads.
2020-03-31 11:19
IDK man
2020-03-31 12:21
IT 's DONE ! first million holy fuck hummanity is dummed
2020-04-02 20:08
you mean eldery people will die? it will help the world more xd
2020-04-02 20:44
im not sure why do you laugh at the end, sociopath or something?
2020-04-03 23:58
no just facts. less people -> better environment also less older people, more money for government for higher rents or other usages.
2020-04-04 00:05
Finland renge 
if tested numbers are 1 million, the actual numbers are at least threefold. and that could be a huge underestimate and while America says that the next month is going to be the toughest, it's going to be much worse because hospitals and hospital staff are screwed
2020-04-02 20:20
humanity is doomed due to china
2020-04-02 20:41
the virus be poggers tho ngl
2020-04-03 08:09
fer | 
Brazil serjolaum 
south america is under the logaritmic explosion, so the cases are going to raise even more
2020-04-03 08:09
Keep going out people, I want to see army boys shoot up some civilians.
2020-04-04 00:03
1 million is nothing dud, we are 8 billion :O even 1 million dead people u wouldn't notice any difference in this world.
2020-04-04 00:23
That depends a bit where but in general yeah
2020-04-05 11:54
Reunion 1iquser 
0 cases in my home county lets go
2020-04-15 11:35
Sweden xJokerN^^ 
One of swedens biggest tv/radio celebs died today from Covid-19. Just 51 years old... This is so sad. This guy was a gud dud
2020-04-15 19:33
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