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Insults over political differences?
United States BestAimerOfAllTime 
Why is it socially acceptable to insult people who have different ideas and politics to you? Almost everyone in my family is a democrat, but I don't insult them for it, and they don't insult me for being republican. They believe in a social democrat system, however I think the system is perfect as it is. It rewards the hard working Americans and punishes the grovelling, lazy teenagers who expect life to be handed to them. We have healthy discussions about different policies and what could improve the county. We might disagree, but it's fine. However, when it's taken online, I am liken to nazis, murderers and branded as a mindless Trump supporter because of my views. Why is this seen as ok? Why do I, a hard working, tax paying American get insulted by people who go to college hair dye rallies and collect government hand-outs? It's pathetic and insulting.
2020-03-29 07:26
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"people who go to college hair dye rallies" 💀💀💀💀💀
2020-03-29 07:33
shalala | 
Pakistan Hazam 
Well, online people insult each other over everything, not just politics. If you think it’s more common in politics tho, it’s probably because of the clown fiesta that was the 2016 American election, where everyone was insulting everyone
2020-03-29 07:38
Some opinions and """different ideas""" are worse than insults you snowflake
2020-03-29 07:44
But I don't have any harmful ideas you detestable individual. All I want is for hard work to be rewarded and for lazy people to realize that they need work ethic to be recognised and maintain jobs.
2020-03-29 08:05
"if someone can't afford healthcare and dies it's a good thing" is a harmful idea by any means you crybaby
2020-03-29 08:13
No, it isn't. If you can't afford healthcare, you're not working hard enough to deserve it. Simple math.
2020-03-29 15:17
IDK do you see the internet as society?
2020-03-29 07:46
By definition, it is.
2020-03-29 08:05
One of Trump's ideas was to reopen his hotels business during the pandemic because, get this, "he was in loss". Surely you gotta question the president's decision to put his own revenue over the country's safety. And this is just one of his blunders.
2020-03-29 15:22
Just because I am republican does not mean I support Trump, I think he is absolutely braindead.
2020-03-29 21:01
Brazil ewro_w_da_ump 
left = retard welcome to the cultural war buddy
2020-03-29 21:06
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