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The rankings
Ukraine NAVl 
So now that all the tournaments will be probably played online, how will the rankings work? Teams from different regions won't be able to play against each other because of ping issues. Do you think hltv will make a ranking for each region or what do you think will happen?
2020-03-29 17:05
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It doesn't matter cause astralis top1,flukevi top 10
2020-03-29 17:06
Ukraine NAVl 
XD nt
2020-03-29 17:06
Never again 4 players of navi will play good,covid saving navi reputation
2020-03-29 17:08
Ukraine NAVl 
Astralis outdated, NaVi the real top1
2020-03-29 17:08
keev | 
Germany _PH1L 
U r the real meme
2020-03-29 17:22
3cm boner
2020-03-29 17:30
I mean Na'vi is top 1 by rankings so at this point no one cars about these rankings.
2020-03-29 17:21
keev | 
Germany _PH1L 
and G2 top 3
2020-03-29 17:23
nexa said G2 are a top 5 team and he said that he doesn't know #3 is deserved or not because of decay and no tournaments in recent times unlike you Na'vi kids saying Na'vi top 1 all the time. I agree with him. Need more tournaments to really fix the rankings.
2020-03-29 17:28
keev | 
Germany _PH1L 
Neither is Navi top 1
2020-03-29 19:53
just see comments below my comment So many retards saying top 1 and its not like Na'vi said they're not really a top 1 team till they win more tournaments.
2020-03-29 19:59
Ukraine NAVl 
Hltv is saying they are top1 though, so you are the retard here.
2020-03-30 02:34
Brazil MonkeyLover 
Cry is free
2020-03-29 17:24
Ukraine NAVl 
They are top1 for a reason, cry is free
2020-03-29 19:33
keev | 
Germany _PH1L 
The reason being losing to big or to fnatic?
2020-03-29 21:29
Ukraine NAVl 
2020-03-30 02:33
Sweden Lagge15 
I think they already realized their ranking system needed a change. MIBR and ENCE stayed top 30 without winning any significant matches for a 3rd of the year. People have complained on the ranking for years but couldn't pinpoint what the issues have been more than disagreements about certain teams. But now CSPPA has agreed on a new ranking system (used for Flashpoint 1), as soon as that is announced how it work I believe HLTV and ESL will check their own ranking systems and how they can improve.
2020-03-29 20:05
Netherlands Imrivendill 
HLTV will just put Astralis on #1 again and don't care about the others until Lan matches get played again
2020-03-29 21:30
Doesn't matter, Na'Vi already top1 - so it wouldn't have changed even if it was LAN since they are the best team in the world. Na'Vi era 1 month down already
2020-03-29 21:37
Netherlands poeya 
maybe they make like teams need move to the region and for the tournament play in bootcamp
2020-03-30 02:35
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