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NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
xaxaxaxa you guys cant give anyone credit, you guys are more sad and degenerate than coldzera fans themselves, so sad
2020-03-29 21:15
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onliner ace? fck him
2020-03-29 21:16
+111 i did the same in global mm 5 months ago
2020-03-29 21:17
mm against pros? bad b8 tbh
2020-03-29 21:26
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
and then he whiffs online and you guys post clips of that, he cant win xaxaxaa
2020-03-29 21:22
Japan zeroxzero 
Yeah he can't win, when was the last time cold won something lmao
2020-03-30 03:52
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
2020-03-30 03:52
Japan zeroxzero 
wow vs tyloo
2020-03-30 08:42
All his titles and mvp medals was online too! ;)
2020-03-29 21:23
I dont hate but He is waste of money, baiter, ecofragger, toxic, high ego, friend seller
2020-03-29 21:24
Portugal RKO23 
thank god the pro scene isnt like that, this is why the casual matchmaking comunity is dog shit :).
2020-03-29 21:26
Am I wrong?
2020-03-29 21:34
Portugal RKO23 
why wouldn't you be?
2020-03-29 23:22
why would I be?
2020-03-30 00:35
Portugal RKO23 
okay mate. it proves that pros are way better than you guys and toxic, okay... high ego? LOL friend seller? which friend did he sold? Ecofragger? why? because he always kills eco? and that's bad? Baiter? how? Waste of money? Won two majors, but waste of money, carry a dying mibr, but waste of money sure bro. wouldn't you also kill the guys on eco? dont tell me that you wouldn't kill the guys on eco...
2020-03-30 00:46
He sold friends, taco+fallen+fer Toxic, dont you know him? Baiter. Sometimes even NiKo say him why you bait? I see this in a match. Niko got angry cuz of coldzera's bait Ecofragger I saw today he got some eco frags,except 1v5. Waste of money bcs nobody value 1m dollar in cs now, maybe only s1mple
2020-03-30 03:37
Portugal RKO23 
he didn't sold anyone.
2020-03-30 06:25
India _Jazz_ 
Baiter? Okay Friend seller? Don't be dumb, he's not Ecofragger? 50/50 Toxic? No Waste of money? No; s1mple, NiKo, ZywOo will be sold in more than 1M dollars.
2020-03-30 06:35
Friend seller wtf
2020-03-29 21:39
Brazil Sputy 
he is the best cs go player ever and it hurts some egos...
2020-03-29 21:25
Portugal RKO23 
he's not, but okay.
2020-03-29 21:26
he is... deep inside you know it, he is skilled, smart and a winner... no one have all those qualities, s1mple is not smart nor a winner, device is smart and a winner but not so skilled, i dont know who would be the other contender
2020-03-29 21:28
bro simple is much smarter and has better game sense, u cant even compare baitzera with simple cmon
2020-03-30 03:48
s1mple is the most skilled player ever, i give him that no problem... but no way he is smarter, he is playing smarter in the last months, but overall he always goes for unecessary duels, shows his position when he shouldn't, raged and lost his mind in the middle of match... he is great, dont take me wrong, but in the history of the game coldzera is over him...
2020-03-30 03:52
es um atrasado do crlh, quem é o melhor pra ti ? fox ? po crlh acéfalo
2020-03-29 21:29
Deixa o cara porra
2020-03-29 21:40
s1mple? ZywOo? device?
2020-03-30 06:37
trk | 
Brazil NahT_ 
+1 i don't get why the users spread so many hate towards the players, are they frustrated that they couldn't go pro or just cuz they are 14 yo thinking it is funny?
2020-03-29 21:26
flusha | 
Netherlands arTvamp 
I donno man its sad to see the kidz is real mens the kidz is real! :D
2020-03-30 04:19
oh after that ace coldzera is GONE
2020-03-29 21:35
Denmark Kon10R 
Simply estupido to "hate" ANY of these top 200 (of millions) wonderful players. Yes, I'm an Astralis fanboy, but I juzz luuuv to watch all these superheroes performing at their best. Winning or not: Any hero from any sport is showing what we all can achieve in life with hard work, determination and ambition.
2020-03-29 21:35
3 frags in the next 20 rounds lmao
2020-03-29 21:40
+1 hahahaha
2020-03-29 23:24
Dont you know that HLTV users are the best players and coaches in the world?
2020-03-30 04:05
flusha | 
Netherlands arTvamp 
Yes they sure are. they got me through AK ranks all the way to Supreme man I love these guys. oh wait no I carried them a lot soloQ it was a hell. they wll make you play less like yourself. damn they will make you fall down if you dont mute them. FUCK............ where can I get my money back?? I HAD BAD COACH O_O
2020-03-30 04:21
United States Shmikeb0b 
bro tf u mean.... he left the almighty mibr......... trAiTOr!!!!!!!
2020-03-30 06:26
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