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MIBR fans are toxic
pig | 
when FURIA wins nothing happens on twitter but even when MBIR beat tier 84 tier team they go crazy the problem is not the country you idiots but the hate, if you guys hated FURIA the same rage would be there
2020-03-30 03:06
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Spain kroosw0w 
mibr fans have always been toxic, nothing new
2020-03-30 03:07
and people have always been attacking them by calling coldzera and fallen monkeys lol
2020-03-30 03:09
Spain kroosw0w 
Because that was the cool thing to do back then, now nobody cares about FalleN nor coldzera
2020-03-30 03:09
but still calling them monkeys
2020-03-30 03:10
Russia MeowZer 
astralis and navi fans 10 times more toxic mibr fans are just very sad of winning 1/10 games so they are very happy even beating tier3 team
2020-03-30 03:08
Russia dewitt321 
Overall br fans are very sensitive, when u lose they hate You, when u win they praise You, but people say so much shit about mibr cuz they used to see them win all the time, mibr their number 1,not furia, I think that people just happy to see when mibr are winning, even if its tier84 as u said, it feels good to have a hope that Your fav team Can make a comeback
2020-03-30 03:16
This only happens with MIBR.
2020-03-30 03:43
ZywOo | 
Switzerland byterrr 
im not brazilian, don't really care about fans... Don't really care about "era's" and any of that. But man, I miss the old SK, the playstyle they had was straight fire. So many legendary games against VP...
2020-03-30 03:24
FalleN | 
Brazil Morokei 
CS GO comunity is toxic
2020-03-30 03:30
Brazil zBlizz 
2020-03-30 03:41
There just m_____y
2020-03-30 03:36
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