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2020-03-30 03:19
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Bulgaria Minatø 
?????????????? go listen to sistem turbat
2020-03-30 03:20
i'd rather not
2020-03-30 03:28
Bulgaria Minatø 
okay mr.juve then ;p
2020-03-30 04:04
Netherlands poeya 
dude give a better warning next time I was not ready for this gore
2020-03-30 03:21
sorry mens
2020-03-30 03:27
Not cool dude
2020-03-30 04:20
I wonder how they managed to restore his face so well. Aside from a single blind eye, his face looks perfect. I think it's BS until I get quotes or proofs from reputable media.
2020-03-30 03:22
Found another source as well: $1 million medical bill. OMG. Doctors in the US are brilliant.
2020-03-30 03:26
Why do you think they're so expensive? LUL
2020-03-30 04:21
2020-03-30 03:21
United Kingdom whatacliche 
2020-03-30 03:22
gla1ve | 
Spain kroosw0w 
How did they restore his face holy shit
2020-03-30 03:24
Must be fake
2020-03-30 03:26
Argentina dou1337 
I was really lucky my 6 yo brother didn't saw this lol
2020-03-30 03:24
Russia MeowZer 
reported will sleep bad bc of you
2020-03-30 03:24
Today I attempted to insert a whole cantaloupe melon into my anus because the local shops had run out of apricots (I buy a lot). Using about a gallon of butter, breathing techniques and a few hours I managed to finally get it inside. However it was too uncomfortable so I tried to shit it back out.This is where things got confusing because rather than a melon sliding out half a dozen apricots did. Now there is a chance that I just blacked out upon excreting the cantaloupe and it rolled away somewhere and that I happened to have a dozen or so left over apricots lying around my rectum from earlier but I cannot for the life of me find the melon anywhere.I think I may have the power to anally turn melons into apricots. Further experimentation will be required of course (once my rectum has recovered) but if this turns out to be true then I may be able to solve world hunger.
2020-03-30 03:25
2020-03-30 03:29
this is awesome wtf
2020-03-30 03:29
shouldnt have clicked wtfff
2020-03-30 03:27
I've seen worse things than this online 2/8
2020-03-30 03:28
same but still
2020-03-30 03:29
That facial reconstruction WTF
2020-03-30 03:29
thats insane 1/8
2020-03-30 04:06
What did he win, a new face?
2020-03-30 04:07
If he won and got This face. Imagine the bear
2020-03-30 04:13
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