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Best team on each map
Bosnia and Herzegovina hercegoVAC_ 
dd2 navi vtg g2 ovp liquid inf fnatic (or astralis)? nuke astralis mrg 100t? train mouz Thoughts????
2020-03-30 09:59
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2020-03-30 10:02
Nuke vg
2020-03-30 10:03
2020-03-30 10:06
So a g2 fan dont know who vg is
2020-03-30 10:08
2020-03-30 10:10
2020-03-30 10:10
Germany sommares 
virtus go
2020-03-30 16:22
Jamppi | 
CIS movix 
Vitality Go
2020-03-30 18:25
Russia nobody_cars 
vici gaming?
2020-03-30 10:37
G2 might also be in race for best nuke / inferno team
2020-03-30 10:04
Inf myb..
2020-03-30 10:06
Definitely not inferno, but nuke
2020-03-30 12:32
2020-03-30 17:00
lol stfu budget putin no1 asked you
2020-03-30 17:05
Shit list tbh. Only d2 and train is true
2020-03-30 10:06
Fix it than
2020-03-30 10:06
i dont have time
2020-03-30 10:43
2020-03-30 17:06
Indonesia captaindog0 
nuke faze
2020-03-30 10:09
Even tho I forget them, I don't think they're that good on nuke
2020-03-30 10:11
Indonesia captaindog0 im not faze fan but map control for this team is really great imo. g2 got a fluke win in this map i think
2020-03-30 10:24
Not a fluke so much from G2 - they played well. Faze just choked when it mattered.
2020-03-30 12:32
Dust2 - Astralis Inferno - Astralis Mirage - Astralis Nuke - Astralis Vertigo - Astralis Overpass - Astralis Train - Mouz
2020-03-30 10:10
Astralis doesn't even play mrg lol
2020-03-30 10:10
Czech Republic Johnny_Weak 
2020-03-30 10:11
Thats the thing. Idk who to give it
2020-03-30 10:15
Czech Republic TECHNICKER 
2020-03-30 10:18
Maybe yes
2020-03-30 10:20
Vitality also good mirage team
2020-03-30 10:21
Czech Republic Johnny_Weak 
permaban mirage for astralis
2020-03-30 10:10
I know
2020-03-30 10:13
I can give dust2 to navi or mouz aswell
2020-03-30 10:13
Navi>>mouz on dd2, astralis barely playing vtg 4 sure g2 better there
2020-03-30 10:14
Last time mouz won navi on dust2 G2 only won liquid and 100T so not enough proof from vertigo
2020-03-30 10:17
but its was navi's first tournament with perfecto. they developed so much since then.
2020-03-30 10:46
Thats just bullshit. They dont become top1 after 2 weeks of practising. Why they lost now? Because of online? No, they are inconsistent and will always be with this lineup.
2020-03-30 11:06
hahahah mouz fan talking about inconsistency. you lost to fucking og 16-5 on train and 16-2 on inferno. even fpl mix take 12 round on inferno against og. mouz in his first tournament lost to fucking mibr. you cant become your best in your first tournament. so stfu pls
2020-03-30 11:26
U are talking about online games bro. I know, mouz was very inconsistent most time of the 2019 and barely even top10 team but so what? We are talking about navi. It is normal to lose ur first tournament but week after u are best team in the world. Most undeserved top1 ever Mouz had ping problems etc. Even OG players doesnt take that win seriously because they know they are not good yet and if it was LAN they would have lost. NaVi is not going to remain top1, here we go
2020-03-30 12:09
i know online cs is shit in so many aspects, i know mouz would crush og 2-0 on lan. but also i know navi would crush north and big 2-0 on lan. navi even with guardian would crush these teams on lan. you can look at navi's matches with guardian. they were always crushing tier 2-3 teams but in the end always losing to tier 1 teams. navi have so much firepower, mouz has also so much firepower. these teams would never lose these tier 2 teams. you are talking about ping problems. s1mple had 100+ ping against north still they didnt lose 16-2.
2020-03-30 12:22
They still lost to fucking norph and big?? Also s1mple played well what u mean? Not big ping problems clearly
2020-03-30 15:12
yes he had ping problems but still played good despite very bad ping
2020-03-30 15:39
If its consistent ping its not that bad. ChrisJ was stuttering
2020-03-30 15:49
yeah you are right, rest of the team did nothing because chrisj was shuttering.
2020-03-30 16:18
They did, wtf u are talking about?
2020-03-30 16:22
chrisj wasnt even bottomfragger on inferno and train. wtf are you talking about?
2020-03-30 16:27
He was.
2020-03-30 16:29
7 frags?
2020-03-30 16:34
And its not always about the frags. Its about how u play and help your team. If u die its not bad that u didnt kill, its bad that u died.
2020-03-30 16:35
:DDDD nice excuses
2020-03-30 16:38
Nice brain lag u have right there right now
2020-03-30 16:43
xD finn brain
2020-03-30 16:46
Are u even from EU. I shame u ((( NA brain
2020-03-30 16:53
and navi become top 1, because astralis didnt deserve it. their last big tournament win is ecs, they didnt win any big tournament since december 1. it has been 4 months, and navi win against teams who is above them so they win so many points.
2020-03-30 12:25
Undeserved like i said
2020-03-30 15:09
what should they do to deserve? win 3 major in a row??
2020-03-30 15:39
They only won 1 tournament and got +400 points......
2020-03-30 15:50
mouz won epl and got +300 points.
2020-03-30 16:17
Similar wins, navi got more points
2020-03-30 16:22
2020-03-30 16:28
Why? Proof?
2020-03-30 16:30
because major>cologne>katowice>epl>other tournaments
2020-03-30 16:31
Hahahahahah. Those all sre glld and bkg tournaments... Its about the teams u won against and how u win. Mouz won all top teams in epl back then. What navi won? Astralis while in a slump? Nt
2020-03-30 16:33
finn brain LUL "IEM Katowice won't just be the first Big Event of 2020, it will also be one of the most stacked events ever held in CS:GO. As the tournament kicks off on Monday, the top ten teams in the world will all be present, something that didn't even happen for the Majors in 2019, which had just nine of the top 10 teams in attendance."
2020-03-30 16:37
And so what? Epl was also almost as stacked... And it doesnt matter Only thing that matter are teams navi and mouz played 90iq?
2020-03-30 16:43
are you retard or what? iem katowice was the one of the most stacked tournament ever. and in epl mouz win against eg 2-1, win against astralis 2-1 and win against fnatic 3-0. in katowice navi win against faze 2-1, win against faze 2-1 again, win against liquid 2-0, smashed astralis 32-10, smashed g2 48-19 in the grand final.
2020-03-30 16:46
mouz wasnt even dominant in epl.
2020-03-30 16:48
Wasnt dominant? 16-0 vs EG?
2020-03-30 16:53
just one map???
2020-03-30 16:55
16-6 also train
2020-03-30 16:58
we are talking about dominant series, not one map dominance. you can see so many team dominate a map in a tournament. but that doesnt mean they dominate the tournament
2020-03-30 17:00
so when navi dominate G2 it means that G2 is just too bad that day, navi not good. navi inconsistent u dont agree?
2020-03-30 17:02
>Documents >Human body >Brain >⚠️ This folder is empty
2020-03-30 17:05
brain stopped working
2020-03-30 17:09
Astralis was better back then. Fnatic was at their best, just won tournament. Also EG was very good. Astralis now in a slump. Lost to col also... Navi struggled against struggling faze. They basically only won liquid (also in a slump rn) and G2 (even mouz won this G2 with a coach and nato hahahahahaha) Nt prodka
2020-03-30 16:57
>Documents >Human body >Brain >⚠️ This folder is empty
2020-03-30 17:04
so u have nothing to deny my points?
2020-03-30 17:05
>Documents >Human body >Brain >⚠️ This folder is empty
2020-03-30 17:05
i see. navi wont be top1 for long and that mean their katowice performance was fluke. perfecto is fuccking bot. not tier1 player for sure. u have max 102 iq confirmed. thank you it was funny to talk to you and have some little humor game here with little mens here in half life tv gg nt men
2020-03-30 17:07 hahahah fpl mix>>>>mouz
2020-03-30 11:29
OG lost to that team not mouz, what u mean? U cant compare teams like that haloo do u have 80iq? Also those are pretty good players.
2020-03-30 12:05
Nuke VICI Inferno VICI Mirage navi Overpass fnatic Train ence Dd2 idk Vertigo g2
2020-03-30 10:13
Go be friends
2020-03-30 11:01
Mouz just got their asses handed to them on train by OG
2020-03-30 10:16
It was online tho and mouz is only team in top 10 who firstpicks train
2020-03-30 10:17
Na'vi do sometimes
2020-03-30 10:23
EliGE | 
Turkey kuzani4 
They pick d2 or nuke first
2020-03-30 11:14
Its hard to play 4vs5. But mouz also played stupid.
2020-03-30 10:24
Well I think ISSAA had some ping issues aswell. You can't only blame ping or lag if you lose the last 2 maps 32-7
2020-03-30 10:26
Yep u cant. Good for OG. I think its big win for them and they need like 1 more to qualify
2020-03-30 10:34
Yes and its nice to see NBK has been doing well in the first two matches as I have been quite sceptical about him being in the team
2020-03-30 10:40
2020-03-30 11:01
Dust II - Natus Vincere Vertigo - G2 Overpass - Liquid Inferno - Astralis? Nuke - FaZe Mirage - fnatic Train - Natus Vincere
2020-03-30 10:23
Train - Mouz Overpass liquid???
2020-03-30 10:25
I don't know who to put there Not many teams play Overpass And Na'vi have won their last 3 games on train
2020-03-30 10:26
NaVi is very good at train but mouz is also and always was.
2020-03-30 10:36
They lost to OG...
2020-03-30 10:37
Yeah but idk if u can really count that. On lan they would never lose to OG on train LUL
2020-03-30 10:38
But it's no excuse OG are so fucking trash
2020-03-30 11:16
ScreaM | 
India nAgent 
Just a note if people don't know. chrisJ had a bad internet connection and was lagging that whole series. maybe even had the stutter issue, who knows? lying gaben employees say it's fixed. nothing is fixed for me.
2020-03-30 12:31
Who cars? It's fucking OG
2020-03-30 12:32
ScreaM | 
India nAgent 
a typo or idiocy and the answer is a sensible person.
2020-03-30 12:33
2020-03-30 10:59
Europe Niko0 
Train - Any team where AleksiBob IGL
2020-03-30 10:37
2020-03-30 10:39
Europe Niko0 
Also Astralis Nuke isnt even so strong anymore. Inf definitely Astralis
2020-03-30 10:39
Nuke could be faxe tho
2020-03-30 10:59
allu | 
Finland Etska000 
Astralis lost inf against ENCE lul
2020-03-30 11:06
ENCE also a choked Inferno in the finals
2020-03-30 12:25
India _Jazz_ 
Who's better on different maps is a very debatable topic rn... Imo D2: 1,2. Mouz/Navi 3. FaZe 4. G2 Vtg: B/w Astralis, TL and G2 Nuke: FaZe/Astralis Ovp: fnatic/ TL Inf: fnatic/Astralis/G2 Mirage: Idk... Probably Vitality/100T... Train: G2/Mouz/Astralis
2020-03-30 10:50
Pretty accurate.. Edit: I dont think g2 is that good on train tbf..
2020-03-30 10:58
India _Jazz_ 
Why I think G2 is good on train is coz they defeated Mouz a few time back... The way they played was amazing, there strats and calls worked well. And since Mouz is one of the best on Train, I put them too.
2020-03-30 11:03
They were winning only their CT sides at the begining of the team but they even get a good T side on train RN, they are one of the top team on the map for sure.
2020-03-30 16:33
Na'vi train?
2020-03-30 12:33
India _Jazz_ 
There are so many teans... I forget NaVi there. Also add G2 to Nuke.
2020-03-30 16:25
Inferno - forZe
2020-03-30 10:59
Also Mirage - all FPL players
2020-03-30 11:02
Overpass: NaVi and NiP, maybe Astralis Vertigo: + G2, also Astralis Dust 2: + NaVi, also mouz and FaZe maybe Nuke: + FaZe, also Astralis Train: + mouz, also NaVi Inferno: as I said forZe is surely best team on inferno, but also near is NiP Mirage: also as I said all FPL players, but stats said its NaVi and FaZe (forZe near)
2020-03-30 11:14
imo forze best on all maps
2020-03-30 16:41
Actually imo too But if I said the truth people would get very angry
2020-03-30 16:55
its rly weird they didnt win a single event yet with such a goat players and best map pool on the scene hltv rankings also rigged, forze should be at least #1
2020-03-30 17:12
Absolute true Your thoughts must learn in schools! But they got at least CPH Games, ESEA Global Challenge and DH Winter already EPL Season 11 soon
2020-03-30 17:35
cph what? never heard of such tournament. I mean they had to win iem katowice, epl, esl cologne, major but probably valve forbid them to win it all, cuz they dont want ruin the scene with such a savage domination anyway i think forze will win at least 12 majors, goats
2020-03-30 18:13
All online majors are forZe's already
2020-03-30 18:52
Wait what? Are you trying to say forze onliners? Its a shame to be a team like that. You're fake forze fan if you think so forze will will LAN major, if not they are trash.
2020-03-30 20:13
Men, ofc no Everyone just got no chance in online with their B I G ping, that is why I said this.
2020-03-30 20:15
Finland Nuoriosuja 
and after your list mouz got deleted in train by OG
2020-03-30 11:41
ovp LDLC with amanek nuke astralis earlier/nip old mrg mouz were at 90% time ago inf astralis ?|
2020-03-30 11:45
D2 - fnatic Nuke - Navi/ Faze Inferno - g2 Train - astralis Overpass - liquid Vertigo - g2 Mirage - faze
2020-03-30 12:31
Dd2- navi Vtg- astralis or g2 Ovp-navi, fnatic Inferno- navi Mrg- fnatic, 100 T Nuke-faze Train-mouz, navi
2020-03-30 12:37
nawwk | 
Sweden FL4XY 
why is no one saying nip on vtg they are insane on that map
2020-03-30 12:41
G2 can play anywhere tbh
2020-03-30 16:39
+1, the best team rn no doubt
2020-03-30 16:42
mirage is not 100t
2020-03-30 16:41
Dust 2 - G2 Vertigo - G2 Overpass - FNC Inferno - FNC Mirage - FAZE Nuke - G2 Train - Mouz
2020-03-30 16:42
nuke is Faze bro g2 won just because Rain was shit at a site as a free kill
2020-03-30 17:00
fnx | 
Europe koml0w 
The nuke da faze is for sure the best q has, but the mirage of faze, it is perhaps debatable to be the best
2020-03-30 17:02
nuke G2 xDDDDDD
2020-03-30 17:02
Estonia Sn4pzhat 
Train: OG or Fnatic.
2020-03-30 17:01
Estonia Sn4pzhat 
im impressed that you didnt put g2 as best d2 map since its always there pick
2020-03-30 17:02
Train: Dignitas or dignitas
2020-03-30 17:02
de_rank vitality
2020-03-30 17:05
Russia MeowZer 
dd2 mouz vtg g2 ovp NaVi inf g2 nuke FaZe mrg FaZe train NaVi
2020-03-30 17:09
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