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Algeria abdodz32 
'We're supposed to be a first-world country'—ER doc exposes what's happening at a NY hospital
2020-03-30 12:56
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Russia L0sk^^ 
usa 2nd world country
2020-03-30 14:19
Brazil edgy_man 
dont dont dont go have it and come back
2020-03-31 01:21
US only first world for rich people. Everyone else is just wage slave.
2020-03-30 14:40
Libya s1v9mple 
And Germany is better in that regard?
2020-03-30 14:51
is that a serious question?
2020-03-30 15:12
Aleksib | 
United States Adraeic 
ever been to the US?
2020-03-30 15:18
aye, i was in Georgia for 2 weeks in 2006 but mostly inside a military base because our friends lived there. Was very nice.
2020-03-30 15:27
oh cool
2020-03-30 15:33
France SpooceCooke 
he's right, literally make it or break it: the country
2020-03-30 15:48
I would say any European country is better in that regard
2020-03-31 00:32
2020-03-31 00:33
I hear Italy is nice..
2020-03-31 03:39
better than america
2020-03-31 03:55
2020-03-31 03:09
USA is 1.5 world
2020-03-30 15:13
Algeria Maxmeister 
he's stupid guys just ignore him hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
2020-03-30 15:14
ottoNd | 
Finland mens))) 
I wouldn't make that thread with your flag mate
2020-03-30 15:14
Algeria abdodz32 
Don't worry U.S and algeria has the same third world problems
2020-03-30 23:38
As a person who lived in NYC for like 97% of my life I must say, NYC is a disgrace to America.
2020-03-30 15:35
Prob. true for most big cities in most countries. Attracts lots of bad people.
2020-03-30 15:44
Algeria abdodz32 
why you hafta blame people for gov. faults jeez
2020-03-30 23:39
english plz
2020-03-31 00:51
Algeria abdodz32 
sorry i used hard verbals for small jerman brain
2020-03-31 01:31
+1 medium sized cities are the best representatives for any country
2020-03-31 01:49
+1 NYC = the least American place in America literally only immigrants Real Americans live in Manhattan and work at some prestigious jobs I'm literally a minority in my school lol only black people and immigrants who don't want to assimilate
2020-03-30 23:42
Algeria abdodz32 
black people are still citizens of the U.S stop being racist and btw this video is about lack of ventilators
2020-03-30 23:45
who cars about sick people in this country you've never been to my school so you have no idea how everything is going thankfully I'm never coming back to it because I will graduate at home
2020-03-30 23:49
cam | 
United States girls 
leave , go move to maine pussy
2020-03-31 00:13
Who the fuck wants to go to Maine?????
2020-03-31 01:29
Russia cuba_libre10 
or just move to texas and enjoy life...
2020-03-31 01:44
Too warm for me. I'll just go to Montana and live in the middle of no where for the rest of my life)))
2020-03-31 02:37
are you fucking serious id knock you out before every class you went to
2020-03-31 00:40
nt ruski cuck your people are the ones who don't assimilate
2020-03-31 00:46
+1 Ruskys in Brooklyn don't even speak English, I hate living near them
2020-03-31 01:28
soon they will poison your food
2020-03-31 03:15
2020-03-31 03:32
Real Americans live in Manhattan and work at some prestigious jobs fucking bait you're so dumb
2020-03-31 00:40
have you ever been to New York? if you have, you would've seen 3 types of people those who wear suits tourists those who serve those who wear suits
2020-03-31 00:48
Finland HARD4ENCE 
Well that sorta makes sense. New York is the mecca of capitalism, after all..
2020-03-31 01:31
at least the city allows you to climb up that social ladder if you're smart and are willing to eat dirt for a couple of years
2020-03-31 03:25
Poland sikalafa 
what state do you live in kinda sounds like south florida can relate even tho I'm immigrant myself but at least I can behave and assimilate
2020-03-31 01:38
I was talking about New York City Yeah I know there are many hard working people who move here to reach something good but the thing is that you can't see them they are either studying or working and you cannot say anything bad about them
2020-03-31 03:21
2020-03-31 00:44
2020-03-30 23:41
China hzxhl16 
can confirm 3rd world country, if not baiting, then 2nd world. Long Island Railway runs slower than vehicles. NYC Metro stinks. As well as all unknown liquid (sorry team liquid) on the street, smells like urine. JFK out-dated and over-crowded. I know this country is strong in almost every aspect (or I won't be here at all) but at least give me a good impression when I'm walking on the street.
2020-03-30 23:57
Algeria abdodz32 
china is 3rd world country don't make it higher than that pls
2020-03-31 00:22
China hzxhl16 
if you insist, world traveller.
2020-03-31 00:33
China SwooksarV2 
china is classified as a developing country im pretty sure.
2020-03-31 03:59
Latvia IzzoR 
Anyone still except americans think their country is good? Old news. Everyone with a brain knows its a dogshit place. And any american defending that statement just proves my point.
2020-03-30 23:56
France SiiC 
dude i knew theres something wrong with this country when a waitress beg me to tip her cause she said me "i dont have salary" , we didnt even go that far in to the conversation about healthcare tho
2020-03-31 00:01
first world in some Hollywood movie, in reality looks like a second world
2020-03-31 00:04
Incompetent doctors
2020-03-31 00:16
United States PsychoLogical 
NYC is the definition of a shithole and american corruption.
2020-03-31 00:24
Reply needs to have actual content
2020-03-31 00:34
United States PsychoLogical 
error 404 brain not found.
2020-03-31 01:19
Can u elaborate? Im kinda curious
2020-03-31 00:34
United States PsychoLogical 
1) NYC is extremely expensive. 2) Its public transport especially the subway is infamously and horrendously bad. 3) NYC has been notoriously corrupt along with the entire state of NY for decades. 4) Terrible mayors for years. 5) hundreds of thousands of allegations of NYPD misconduct. 6) Useless and corrupt politicians. 7) Decades of gang violence from Italian mafia to now Latino gangs like MS-13.
2020-03-31 01:26
Overall Boston>New York by far?
2020-03-31 01:36
United States PsychoLogical 
yes cause Massachusetts isn't that retarded like NY.
2020-03-31 01:36
How does your points (3 to 7) even affect the average guy? I am ignorant and live off my parents so I may have no conception of these things. What about the 10+ shithole states like Arkansas, Alabama etc surely its better to live in NY?
2020-03-31 01:49
hope those who are responsible for this get what they deserve
2020-03-31 00:55
First world country my ass.. 1 out of 5 Americans have a medical debt. One hospital charges 4k for giving birth, where the other charges 70k. Maybe now, they'll understand why most European countries have high taxes and mandatory health insurance.
2020-03-31 01:02
Poland sikalafa 
ok but my dad always says he hates the EU taxes, for example the UK, if you make £50,001 to £150,00 you gotta pay 40% income tax, As far as I can understand 20%, 40% is just a thievery. And it appeals to almost every EU country.
2020-03-31 01:24
It always depends what happens with your taxmoney. It only sucks, because a big part of this money is spend retarded. Overall taxes are a good thing and necessary. We just have corrupt shit governments who spend it like idiots.
2020-03-31 01:57
Unfortunately not all money is spent well, but that's due to people in control. Vote if you want to see other people in control. I pay 40% in the Netherlands and I happily do. What do I get in return? Great infrastructure, great healthcare, housing, a social safety net for people who can't get by on their own and much more. Peace of mind is basically what you're getting.
2020-03-31 10:06
It is not really about the hospitals, it is about the virus being allowed to run rampant - no different than what is seen in Italy and Spain. Had Trump and his fools taken things serious they could have prevented the chaos and US death toll will have been much lower.
2020-03-31 01:26 I dont know, the numbers are not good. Im hoping that this orange clown is going to do his job. Not only to talk real bullshits and worry for his re-election
2020-03-31 01:39
2020-03-31 01:40
United States Kuz_ 
The USA is used to be a first world country. Flood the country with third world people and what do you expect to happen?
2020-03-31 01:49
the problem is still the same for poor white people
2020-03-31 02:40
United States OKOptimistic 
Not true, ever studied American History? Ever heard of the Guilded Age? USA was majority white before the 1960s but don't act like the USA has gotten worse or more third world, it was always this way, always hard on poor workers
2020-03-31 03:04
Gilded age was the best time to be an american citizen
2020-03-31 03:33
America ceased to be a great country post world war 2
2020-03-31 03:34
United States Kuz_ 
Oy Vey!!!! Shut it down!
2020-03-31 03:49
nyc is a funny city if u a crackhead wtf spent good times at 5am near metro stations
2020-03-31 03:39
2020-03-31 03:54
2020-03-31 03:59
China SwooksarV2 
ngl, i found america to be a pretty great place. Able to meet many very talented people and you are able to make great connections, However, america imo is no longer the country it uysed to be. where everyone was after the "american dream". I feel like the "american dream" can be more easily attained in canada now. But america is home to some of the smartest and most successful people, but also home to the exact opposite.
2020-03-31 04:02
nexa | 
Portugal aZtiaN 
gg wp
2020-03-31 04:14
koosta | 
United States kooster 
new york city
2020-03-31 04:18
Wisla Krakow
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