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Twistzz | 
Canada AWOSE 
-k1to +paz after they can top5
2020-03-31 23:39
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Toxic | 
Europe sam2gay 
Way too easy for SK Gaming, the best team that has ever existed in all versions of Counter Strike. This record-breaking machine, also known as "team", is composed by: Gabriel Toledo - FalleN: The best sniper and In-Game Leader that ever existed in this game that people call Counter Strike.When the enemies press TAB and see his name on the other team, they instantly choke and lose all their composure, hence losing the match, just ask Team Liquid and they will tell you all about this. Fernando Alvarenga - fer: The best player of 2017 so far. His play style is so good that the enemies can't even see where he is on the map. If you think Fer is in one place and you go and check that place you'll find out that he's not there and is actually behind you and by this time you have already been knifed and humiliated by the best lurker that ever played this game. Enemies choke just by seeing his model in-game, just ask TaZ and he will tell you more about it. Ricado Prass - boltz: Our fatty and cute guy is back to the team since lil star felps was benched. His sprays are the best of the world, he may has german blood in his veins but he is not a cheater tho! Boltz can easily hold a bomb side by himself anytime anyday, spraying and collecting some kills like no one can! Also, this guy is a clutch monster.. enemies cry when they press TAB and see thats boltz left to play the clutch. Marcelo David - coldzera: Also known as GODZERA he is without a doubt the best player that ever played this game. Fallen is the best sniper and IGL, but Coldzera... Oh Coldzera, what can I even say about this man? He's like the Messi and CR7 of CS:GO, he's not from this planet. His aim is always on point, his game sense is impecable, he is also the smartest player that ever existed and the most humble one also, because a player of his skill level you'd think that he'd play as the team star or IGL, but no, he plays a support. But Cold (or GOD) can play any role and he'll still be better than 100% of the players. You know why? Because Coldzera has magic! Good players win titles, amazing players break records, Coldzera breaks the rules! You can stay with your stats that I'll stay with the magic! You prefer the stats, I prefer tha magic, I prefer COLDZERA! Epitácio de Melo - TACO: You might get fooled by his stats not being so good as his other 4 teammates, but just watch any SK match and you will see why TACO is the best entry fragger in the world and best solo B player ever. He's so versatile, you can give him any weapon, even an AWP, and put him alone in any B bombsite of any map and he'll humiliate all the players of the other team by his amazing skill and outstanding positioning as well as his out-of-this-world game sense. He's one of the smartest players that ever played this game and you know that. As a Terrorist just put him in front of the line and he'll win dominate the bombsite all by himself, and even die so that his team can plant the bomb! Tell me if this isn't the best thing a player could do? Give his life and give up having good stats so that his team can succeed? I can't hold back the tears anymore, damn my keyboard is all wet now... I'll have to stop here. TACO <3
2020-03-31 23:41
Czech Republic mirtN 
Why another kebab in german team when Xantares had problems to learn german language? no offense
2020-03-31 23:41
Twistzz | 
Canada AWOSE 
kito is not enough.
2020-03-31 23:44
2020-03-31 23:45
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