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Nerf the SG already.
United Kingdom p0mpouS 
2020-04-01 04:26
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??? | 
Chile brotherman 
valve wont do shit cuz theyre lazy pieces of shit
2020-04-01 04:28
That gun is so broken on D2. You can literally outpeek awps with it lmao.
2020-04-01 04:28
if the awper is bad, yes. the awper still has an advantage
2020-04-01 05:43
2020-04-01 05:45
2020-04-01 04:31
its OP meaning kids that are trash can kill you without them beeing beter
2020-04-01 04:32
United States HLTV_RUNNER 
somebody got destroyed by sg
2020-04-01 04:45
+ 1 european tears
2020-04-01 05:19
Why Nerf the sg? If you always nerf everything then eventually everything will just be equally shit. Maybe instead of nerfing the sg they should buff the m4, so idk, it kills in 4 body hits?
2020-04-01 04:57
Bulgaria slaughtersun 
+1, im sick of hitting these sg noobs for 98
2020-04-01 05:18
+ 100000 perfect colocation all we have is European tears for SG, s1mple said something similar to what you have written. He said M4 should 1hit close range
2020-04-01 05:20
I disagree with that because it makes sense the CT side has something stopping them from always getting kills first with peekers advantage. You need some delay between peek and death so the T side has any chance.
2020-04-01 05:35
what? i mean close range, like camping in chair in Mirage B apartments. long range it could still not kill, then if T peeks it will not be one shot
2020-04-01 05:46
Imagine d2 b site for example. CT just sits outside tuns and one taps everyone. Or ramp on mirage. Or graffiti on overpass. Or fork on cache. My point is, there are too many really close choke points for that to be feasible with a full auto gun imo. I think the balance of cs would be severely harmed if CT, with peekers advantage had the same time to kill as the T side.
2020-04-01 05:50
Nah man it will only one tap if Ts are walking, if they strafe or rush 1 CT cannot stop all of them with M4. At least he can get 1 T down.
2020-04-01 06:03
Or one shot to the head close range kind of like the five seven does, with a dmg boost
2020-04-01 05:43
s1mple suggested M4 to one shot closed range too
2020-04-01 05:47
great minds think alike
2020-04-01 06:00
How would trash bots get kills then?
2020-04-01 05:08
idk how would you mens)
2020-04-01 05:44
I see you personally got offended by what i wrote. Its ok no need to be afraid to go back to being a bot.
2020-04-01 06:03
I mean, realistically, AK was the best rifle in the game for 7 years, people start buying the SG and are like 'damn bruh this crazy' after AUG gets nerfed Wow, a new rifle appeared that isnt the ak, community says nerf, i dont really care what is the best gun bc I play for fun
2020-04-01 06:04
cam | 
United States girls 
they should nerf it 1 week before major
2020-04-01 05:12
I see tears. Tears everywhere in HLTV forum. Let's keep the SG meta for 2020. Then next year Valve can think of raising its price. But not above current AUG's price, in order to make sense since AUG is for SG like M4 is for AK
2020-04-01 05:18
I play both sg and ak and both weapons are about same its about your approach to the map/round
2020-04-01 05:38
"both weapons are about same" dang americans are dumb
2020-04-01 05:39
Not an american and yes sometimes I prefer ak over sg cuz its whole lotta better for close range.
2020-04-01 05:42
oh shit lmfao it's silver time
2020-04-01 05:43
27-16 on 2,6k elo 2 hours ago mix of awp ak and sg nt
2020-04-01 05:44
muh lower ROF, lower pen, worse spray pattern, and lower dmg gun is better close range lol
2020-04-01 05:47
ak spray pattern is much easier can still 1 tap HS is cheaper therefore afford you to use more utilities after planting the bomb
2020-04-01 05:49
bro the SG objectively has the better spray pattern. wow hltv is full of noobs
2020-04-01 05:51
False about spray but other things are right
2020-04-01 05:52
for me AK spray is much more easier. just holds down the crosshair in vertical line. SG you need to holds a bit to the left
2020-04-01 06:08
In all ropz povs I watched since september he uses both rifles and he is a consistent player so its not about weapon stats
2020-04-01 05:51
dont be toxic to your comrade dude. SG is clearly better in long range situations but in assault with close range AK is as good as SG and is cheaper
2020-04-01 05:48
Brazil Fauchard 
ak is sux
2020-04-01 05:45
United States fowlyz 
The SG is kinda making the game more fair for riflers so that way instead of them always loosing against an awp from long range they have a weapon to deal with that and make it an equal fight. Anyway valve isnt going to nerf it anytime soon so just practice and get better with it and use it.
2020-04-01 05:45
+ 100000
2020-04-01 05:50
United States Sermis 
2020-04-01 05:51
jfc if you think that having a rifle be able to out duel an awp from range is making this game fair you need to spend $200 for a fucking flashbang
2020-04-01 06:11
United States fowlyz 
But some angles awpers can hold arnt going to be affected my most flashes and even then an awper can just dodge the flash and reposition and still get the kill even if he repeeks an awp vs an ak long range is not that fair.
2020-04-01 06:18
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