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Philosophical thread (no april jokes)
420IYOLO | 
Dominican Republic dont_panic_its_organic 
The world was created logically, people made it illogical and created chaos, we started judging and made up in our minds all that bullshit that makes us feel better and more important than others when in fact we are all equal /discuss
2020-04-01 05:19
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OK | 
Peru TheJuan 
2020-04-01 05:22
Nice flair, im just tired and bored so you can tell me what you think
2020-04-01 05:24
OK | 
Peru TheJuan 
I already did
2020-04-01 05:25
" in fact we are all equal " --> sherlock holmes
2020-04-01 05:22
I want to discuss because there are many people who do things to embarass others and feel superior when in fact theyre not
2020-04-01 05:24
after that conclusion, i can only think that you are as brilliant as Socractes /closed
2020-04-01 05:32
I mean its bad and wonder where the world is going if some are starting to treat animals better than other people
2020-04-01 05:34
Europe ipufosenia 
I hope you perish
2020-04-01 05:24
And I hope you will be living fine and survive corona
2020-04-01 05:25
United States TrashPanda 
If all the numbers of cancer deaths, polar bear deaths, flu deaths, shooting deaths, insert death of whatever here _____ thrown in your face and shoved down your throat with a presidential conference everyday you’d want to freak the fuck about whatever it was and want to do something about it. It’s kind of absurd.
2020-04-01 05:30
2020-04-01 05:31
I wouldnt want to do anything about it, if u mean current corona situation Im just making sure my grandma is safe
2020-04-01 05:32
United States TrashPanda 
My point is, I wish numbers of epidemics that are just “casual news” were taken as serious as we take this virus. A lot would change. As humans we don’t tend to do anything until it’s at the breaking point.
2020-04-01 05:39
I live in Poland we shutdown everything really quickly still people who dont use their brain much were going out a lot but what can you do
2020-04-01 05:40
United States TrashPanda 
I don’t think you’re understanding my point in totality.
2020-04-01 05:56
You mean that how they show epidemic statistics is bad?
2020-04-01 05:59
United States TrashPanda 
No I mean if other epidemics were shoved down your throat every hour like the Corona virus was, I promise you humans would do something about it.
2020-04-01 18:43
i said wait wait jerman
2020-04-01 05:41
2020-04-01 05:47
Estonia encer 
2020-04-01 05:42
We were all equal until somebody decides we're not. Nothing has worth until somebody decides what it is. Do you see what is wrong with the world? We are always putting value on everything. Its not like I am saying its bad to have a favorite thing or treasure something. I am just pointing out that we are unnecessarily putting worth on something that requires no worth. Human rights should not have to be bought. Food and water should not be denied if they don't have enough paper notes or disks of metal or cryptocurrency. Medical attention shouldn't be limited. Access to an education and information shouldn't be defined by district or taxes. Land shouldn't have war waged over. And the upside, leaders say, is that you should be grateful for the fact you are wealthy enough to afford these things. The real upside is that you parents had the money to afford giving birth to you and not have to be put into dept because of it.
2020-04-01 05:58
Thats exactly what I was thinking but Im too tired to put words together
2020-04-01 06:00
Thank you very much for this
2020-04-01 06:01
You are welcome.
2020-04-01 06:04
free will in 2020, cring af
2020-04-01 06:08
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