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How sick is this system we created?
Brazil Sputy 
Think about it. No one nucked anything, no war is happening. the industry is still there, the backery, the mall, all the machines are still there... It's like the whole humanity took a vacation for 2 months, then we go back to work and it should be fine, everything still there, we can still produce anything with the same capacity as before, all the services can still be served... But we created a system that can't stop, a system based on profits. 2 months without profits means the end of world because the debits won't be payed, the financial capital won't be payed, the banks can break, the speculators will loose too much money on their market bets... we created a weel that can't be stoped, the comsumism has to keep going and going till the end of the natural resources.... the work to be done still there, but the JOBS are gone, because the jobs are not related to human necessity, its related to profits... its ilogical, something has to change.... maybe the weel can't be stopped like Daenerys Targaryan said; it has to be broken!
2020-04-01 05:41
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OK | 
Peru TheJuan 
Ok cool, thanks for sharing!
2020-04-01 05:42
Brazil Sputy 
cmon juan, i never met a juan who wasn't a communist deep inside. Juans are natural born communists!
2020-04-01 05:44
OK | 
Peru TheJuan 
Do not try to corrupt me, fallenzera!!
2020-04-01 05:45
Have you met juanme555 yet
2020-04-01 05:45
it has to be broken!
2020-04-01 05:43
+1 Nice to read this
2020-04-01 05:44
Brazil Sputy 
thanks, just sharing a before sleep thought i had!
2020-04-01 05:51
I have no idea what any of that meant but I'm glad there is no nucking Thanks for sharing!
2020-04-01 05:46
Brazil Sputy 
i meant "nuked" sry for the typo
2020-04-01 05:50
It's ok Fallenzera we all make mistakes)))
2020-04-01 05:55
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