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rigged world cup 2002
Lithuania P1X3Late 
Youtube recommendations showed S Korea vs Italy.. but honestly it's so hard to judge after watching the video, Italians probably butt hurt, but to me personally against Totti was good tackle, but yes, he did not deserve yellow card and that offside was actually an offside, there were no videos that would show clear line, but it looked like an offside by little, Koreans played well full heart while perhaps Italians just thought they are better they supposed to win.... Im yet to see Korea vs Spain
2020-04-01 06:14
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Estonia ropz_bestest 
ok man
2020-04-01 06:16
it was rigged, the game vs Spain was even worse, Spain had 2 legit goals ruled out
2020-04-01 06:18
United States krawfish23 
it was rigged fosho
2020-04-01 06:18
actually spainvskorea is more obvious
2020-04-01 06:22
I see, first goal ye... maybe pulled the shirt and referee whistle was right when the guy his the ball with his head so before ball went to the net, but second one oh man... ball didn't leave the pitch, don't know how they didn't argue with ref.
2020-04-01 06:25
valde | 
Sweden meistr0 
>FIFA/UEFA >Rigged Pick both. They are corrupt. World Cup 2022: Qatar -> Its so obv that some peeps in Qatar dropped a huge sack of money to Gianni Infantino and the rest. World Cup 2018: Russia -> Same here, obv Putin dropped a huge sack of money to the people at FIFA to vote for them.
2020-04-01 06:23
Brazil Sputy 
if a game was ever rigged it was the one... i was a kid at that time and got mad because eventhough i believe nothing could stop this ronaldo rivaldo ronaldinho r carlos and cafu team, i didnt want the world cup that brasil won to be remembered as rigged... Watch Argentina vs Peru 1978. Brasil and argentina was in the same group and tied their game, brazil had a badass team and scored a lot of goals vs other team, the only way to argentina go to world cup final instead of brasil was scoring 6 goals against peru. They did it 6-0. Peru so obvously throwed the game in the middle of an argentinan dictarship. It was imo the most shameful game in a world cup.
2020-04-01 06:27
Brazil won the first game against Turkey with a very controversial penalty on the last minute, Ronaldo himself says the fault was outside the area. On the 1/16 game, Belgium had a legit goal invalidated when the game was 0-0
2020-04-01 06:33
Brazil Sputy 
i remember the turkey penalty, it was 1 foot away from the area, i dont remember the belgium goal... but those are things that happens all the time, its pretty different from the south korea italy or south korea spain games...
2020-04-01 06:37
in that case barca 3-0 liv to barce 3-4 liv is rigged as well you know...... it's more like people turn on their animal instincts to go for the win, do everything what is possible to reach the ultimate goal to do or die.. Korea was at home and really wanted the W so they went for it and if Italy or Spain with their star player would show what they can, but at the end most importantly the winners always the most important, 1st place team only true winner and deserves it, other places 16th or 8th or 2nd doesnt matter, because if you are the champion and best, nothing can stop you, even refs.. if Italy and Spain would have been calm and collected they would have scored more goals to show that they deserve to be the best..
2020-04-01 06:40
did you watch the games? the referees did so many wrong calls that its unbeliveble, it has nothing to do with korea playing amazing, referees called absurd non existent penalties and gave italian players red cards out of nowhere...
2020-04-01 07:17
It's different, there are evidences that support the theory that Peru threw the game in 1978.
2020-04-01 07:51
BRAZIL still won who cars about these teams
2020-04-01 06:43
Germany Bier 
2006 was rigged for italy
2020-04-01 07:36
That tackle to Totti was so clear penalty. Koreans played so ugly "football" that its horrible. fortunately they did not got medals
2020-04-01 07:49
but he hit the ball first and he was indeed targeting the ball with his tackle
2020-04-01 08:00
he target just and only to totti korea dont even tried to play football :D Just ufc
2020-04-01 08:01
now you are being ignorant, watch the clip again
2020-04-01 08:05
moreno ahahah still remeber
2020-04-01 08:00
Canada ProvexPyker 
Why is everyone able to remember this measely soccer match?
2020-04-01 09:30
Argentina EnvyJ 
It happened 18 years ago, who cares
2020-04-01 09:33
There is a bunch of rigged world cups bro, 2002, 1966, 1978
2020-04-01 09:38
Other i_eat_bbq 
We went to the semifinals !! 😎
2020-04-01 09:41
Czech Republic realProkda 
sucker in 2020 LUL
2020-04-01 09:46
Bro if you say to italian something bad about that game they gonna kill you
2020-04-01 09:53
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