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Latvia's 2nd city
Lithuania Wealthy_Communist 
I am noticing drastic drops in Daugavpils population past 8 years down from 100K. What will be second center of this country, investors are lost how to invest in regions. Estonians developed their Tartu of course its nothing against Kaunas.
2020-04-01 22:32
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Estonia UNBAN_Sam2k 
Can you just not accept the fact that you're not the best Baltic country?
2020-04-01 22:33
Piece of shit wiki is lying by latvian information sector I saw official statistic it was 65k population
2020-04-01 22:34
there isnt one
2020-04-02 17:09
He can't and he will continue to punch air even tho most will agree that Estonia is better out of all 3
2020-04-03 14:52
Dosia | 
Latvia hellsave 
as Latvian, living in Estonia now for half-year, can admit that
2020-04-04 00:00
Woahhh, best country among 3 countries
2020-04-04 10:59
Ahaha you're funny but isn't it the case in Lithuania? 1.4 fertility rate? 2020 Europe basically
2020-04-01 22:34
Huh? We have one of the highest in native Europe that is not boosted by immigrant groups
2020-04-01 22:40
It's not enough to maintain population anyway
2020-04-01 22:50
Today facts on the ground Kaunas dominated Daugavpils or Tartu. It is important logistics and industry hub that attracts EU wide investments.
2020-04-01 22:51
Russia Ingushetia 
Belarussia wtf
2020-04-02 17:30
jOELZ | 
Europe skrekc 
Based Belarus
2020-04-04 00:04
Russia Ingushetia 
I agree can't blame them nowadays it's more popular to say that you don't want kids.
2020-04-04 10:55
reddit=/=creditable news source
2020-04-03 17:13
change in fertility rate =/= fertility rate
2020-04-03 21:02
fastest dying is Germany, Japanese demographic model is always recoverable.
2020-04-04 01:18
Russia Ingushetia 
South Korea is dying faster than Japan
2020-04-04 10:56
i love you the best defender of lithuania here but latvia > litwa
2020-04-01 22:36
Cuzlatvians are ruski friendly omegalul
2020-04-01 23:27
yes i have latvian friend from my school very nice guy
2020-04-01 23:29
Still our economics logistics are destroying latvia
2020-04-01 23:32
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv 
also suicide rate destroying us too in that sphere of statistics
2020-04-03 17:16
In suicide we are fucked
2020-04-03 23:48
Thats why Latvia > Lithuania We all nice, not like lithuanians russian hating shits
2020-04-03 17:18
I never met a lithuanian that hates latvia and latvians is this even a thing? But i've met couple of latvians who hates lithuanians... and in this forum its way worse
2020-04-03 23:47
Lithuania LoveSlipknot 
nt rusija
2020-04-03 16:56
Dosia | 
Latvia hellsave 
+, and estonia > latvia > litvania
2020-04-04 00:00
Lithuania lighthair 
What is this retarded battle between the baltic states ?
2020-04-01 22:36
Poland humen)))) 
Wealthy_Communist who starts every shit talk
2020-04-01 22:37
Its not retarded if you work in certain sectors, geopolitics is studied by everyone who is interesting
2020-04-01 22:37
You never mention how you could improve Lithuania, do you?
2020-04-01 22:40
he just wants Lithuania from sea to sea again
2020-04-01 23:30
hahaha tfw they have almost no sea access compared to us
2020-04-03 17:14
But they were big, from sea to sea. That's why Lithuania is the greatest now!
2020-04-03 17:22
2020-04-03 17:26
Palanga, what a joke xaxaxa
2020-04-03 18:53
Nida klaipeda sventoji?
2020-04-03 23:50
what are you saying, bud?
2020-04-04 01:01
Cities that are on the coast who generates lots of tourists in summer cutie :p
2020-04-04 09:08
thanks for calling me cutie but why would anyone visit lithuania? what can i do there?
2020-04-04 15:49
Well same could be said about latvia and estonia
2020-04-04 22:38
Depends on what activities you are searching for
2020-04-04 22:40
sick designer good name you got any pieces?
2020-04-05 05:14
wow, thanks. I wish I could afford adererror, dont have rich parents, but im really into fashion and try to pimp myself up lol
2020-04-05 20:28
you dont need rich parents you just have to work and buy it. pay your rent first ofc never forget
2020-04-05 20:34
im not 18 yet lol
2020-04-05 21:37
its expensive but very unique and i think it is kinda worth the price if you are into fashion
2020-04-05 20:35
i agree thanks
2020-04-05 21:38
It's not a "retarded battle," it's just the truth
2020-04-01 22:54
You know nothing about us, keep eating bats n shit smoll pp mothafucka
2020-04-03 17:24
Now thats rude
2020-04-03 23:51
OK | 
Peru TheJuan 
A Lithuanian would never say that!
2020-04-04 22:44
Not true latvian either. Actually latgalians (people who speak latgalian dialect in Latvia mostly) are the best ppl in Baltics by far. Kkkkkk
2020-04-05 08:49
Russia HLTV_saint 
Riga is only thing relevant about potatoland
2020-04-01 22:42
Nt talinn or vilnius have some importance to the region
2020-04-01 23:29
no what he said is true fuck baltic region this is pure Latvia topic. This region is artificial created by globalists.
2020-04-02 17:10
Qatar zablitz 
So do you want a soviet baltic again or something?
2020-04-03 17:28
we have a huge demographic crysis, that's why our economy is shit, 1/3 of country works without paying taxes, thats why pensions are so small and other stuff like that. we are in danger of extinction
2020-04-01 22:44
You must send Latvian colonizers to Daugavpils like Lithuanians colonized Visaginas. I hope its Muscovites leaving Latvia.
2020-04-01 22:47
Daugavpils is full of russians, noone will understand them
2020-04-01 23:19
they will start fighting and eventually we'll have even less people xd
2020-04-01 23:19
This might sting... from personal experience Russian language is more dominant than Latvian in Riga. Ignore what I said continue focusing on Riga.
2020-04-02 17:08
Riga is very international, as many Latvians understand Russian, Riga has ports, Riga has market, the must be many Russians
2020-04-03 14:41
Yeah, but just because we understand russian doesn't mean we are russian. Your experience may differ, but I've lived in Riga for a long time.
2020-04-03 17:17
My friend has been in riga for 3 weeks and he didnt heard of a single word in russian
2020-04-03 23:54
This is the same reason why you can still hear Russian in the streets of Kiev and Alma-Ata even though there are virtually no ethnic Russians outside of those cities in those two countries.
2020-04-04 01:03
Demographics of Daugavpils 2011 Census data : Russians 53,6 % LUL
2020-04-01 22:46
Germany feierabend 
lmao only 19.8 % latvians in 2nd biggest latvian city
2020-04-03 17:23
2020-04-04 01:03
I live in this russian shithole as a latvian minority in Latvia hahahaha
2020-04-04 10:19
Actually it has to be interesting thing to talk about, being minority in your own country
2020-04-04 10:34
It used to be a nightmare during teenage school years, now it’s just inconvenient. I moved from here for periods of time and next time i will move for good. Like what kind of motherland is this if it feels like Belarus and i don’t go out much. I never even paid attention to street names, because i always knew i wouldn’t stay here.
2020-04-04 19:57
2020-04-01 23:13
Finland 0lter 
Who cars lithuania trash
2020-04-01 23:29
You know this is a Wealthy Communist thread when Latvia is mentioned
2020-04-01 23:34
+1 u a girl? prove it or...
2020-04-01 23:44
How do I prove that
2020-04-02 04:21
write ropziscute to yourboobs and pm me
2020-04-02 08:13
Lithuania LoveSlipknot 
pm me too
2020-04-03 16:57
If you're not a girl then write it on your dick and send anyways mens))
2020-04-03 17:24
not straight?
2020-04-03 18:53
Doesn't matter if it bends 1 way mens))
2020-04-03 19:38
do you like girls? Also im a girl so say womens)) thanks
2020-04-03 21:00
I only like girls but dicks aren't scary womens))
2020-04-03 21:05
wait then why did you ask for my dick pic lol
2020-04-03 21:08
because a dick pick with something written on it would be funny to see))
2020-04-03 21:13
you want mine mens?
2020-04-05 05:18
im not sure mens)) now i feel intimidated))
2020-04-05 14:42
is real small only 2mb not a big file trust me men)))
2020-04-05 15:39
2020-04-01 23:45
Lithuania LoveSlipknot 
wow Dosia pls don't write this shits I love you 😫
2020-04-03 16:58
i love you bro want to sex?
2020-04-03 17:10
Lithuania LoveSlipknot 
yes pls)
2020-04-03 17:11
ok men take off your pants and turn around))
2020-04-03 17:20
So dosia is retarded
2020-04-03 23:56
nononoo dosia top1 smart 😎
2020-04-04 09:23
Lost all respect to xgod
2020-04-04 22:37
dont forget to buy mustang crew stickers next major
2020-04-04 22:42
I buy furia navi faze and astralis
2020-04-04 23:06
2020-04-04 23:55
Men ?((((((((
2020-04-05 05:01
No Latvian cares about shitty daugavpils
2020-04-02 17:31
Latvia brozer 
2020-04-03 14:43
what the point of this topic? to hate on your neighbor? what a waste of time and energy
2020-04-03 14:45
Ikr, but I’d really like to face him, and see what this nerd could do irl
2020-04-03 17:27
You mad German caused abomination
2020-04-04 01:22
What is Kaunas? Sounds like some gay orgy nightclub I went once
2020-04-03 14:46
2020-04-03 16:56
It is what u say it is
2020-04-03 17:21
2020-04-03 23:57
Like the Greek one in Anatolian Turkey, unlike your shitty cities are called like first one Jamestown after random english man. Or some native indian shit Chicago means onions.
2020-04-03 16:53
It is you again, wtf.
2020-04-03 17:18
who cares about third world country 😎
2020-04-03 17:19
Zakroj rod zalupa
2020-04-03 17:21
2020-04-03 17:23
Japan coffee_bean 
latvia is by far the worst baltic country
2020-04-03 17:30
I knew japanese are a smart nation !
2020-04-03 23:59
Lithuania KingOfPing 
What the heck? Whats the point in CS forum randomly trashtalk about your neighbour country pupulation and economy? :D Who cares this in CS forum? If u wanna talk about that go to economy or geography forums and talk. Pure baiter dude :) P.S. Maybe first should look in your (my also) country situation. If u say everythink is good it LT your far from reality man.
2020-04-03 17:34
Brazil _Awper 
History: Lithuania Modern day: Estonia Language: Lativian Capital: Riga Latvia Education: Estonia Tourism: Lithuania Culture: Lithuania Economy: Estonia Best CS: Estonia Girls: Latvia This is my opinion based on Facts, baltic people or europeans can correct me if you disagree!
2020-04-03 17:48
Boys: Estonian
2020-04-03 21:02
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
You sure about language? Here is the same song Latvian - Lithuanian -
2020-04-03 22:25
Brazil _Awper 
i think latvian sounds better and more slowly, but they are similar tho
2020-04-04 03:08
Ofc latvian language is better than lithuanian. Lithuanian sounds like some country side dialect. Not saying it’s bad, it’s kinda cute and fun to speak, but latvian is more beautiful.
2020-04-04 10:26
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
Lithuanian is better for noise yelling and parties, better loud language
2020-04-05 03:17
Tourism and Culture Estonia over Lithuania. Lithuania has slavic culture and mindset
2020-04-03 23:58
U sure ?
2020-04-04 00:01
Brazil _Awper 
what can i do in Estonia?
2020-04-04 03:09
North America toxicthegod 
is this really what this country looks like ive spent the last 30 min going around on google street view and it is sad!3m6!1e1!3m4!1scEYbl7QhpFIm7HTz3jzfKQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m8!1m2!2m1!1slatvia+capital!3m4!1s0x0:0x6373ead7efb98395!8m2!3d56.9278532!4d24.0392876
2020-04-03 19:52
Latvia kamixx 
because its full of russian boomers younger people is going to the capital because this city isnt that good anymore there are like 70% russians or russian speaking people
2020-04-03 21:02
Riga historically been multicultural city
2020-04-03 23:52
Brazil umcarasemnick 
Lithuania should annex Latvia
2020-04-04 00:35
Czech Republic Tr3jx_S 
2020-04-04 01:21
sodaH | 
Estonia rafio 
2020-04-05 08:24
Austria mo_bamba 
wtf how this guy still not banned hes literally the most retarded person on hltv
2020-04-04 09:26
Latvia tibr0 
lmao this guy actually so dumb how long u can waste time on writing some bullshet
2020-04-04 10:31
Whats wrong?
2020-04-04 19:27
Latvia tibr0 
idk so waste of time
2020-04-04 19:30
Which latvian are you russo or aesti? Dont you see that Latvias history is lost northern Lithuania. Lietuva means unification from word lietis. Latvia is some Latin offshoot term from first names of Lithuania.
2020-04-05 06:06
Latvia tibr0 
didnt read so much shit
2020-04-05 10:01
ppk | 
Brazil 4vengerr 
who cars
2020-04-05 05:22
oskar | 
Czech Republic Olaxen 
But Estonia is still best baltic state
2020-04-05 14:44
You've been to Tartu? Its a 5 minute walk after lunch with 300 meter long central street. Not considered important regional city.
2020-04-05 23:28
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