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what they think about us
Austria juanme555 
I just had a crossing with some random Canadian moron and it pretty much just sealed the deal for me. Canadians, just like all the first worlders think we South Americans are just = Mexico , they think we're browns short lazy and stupid, i was telling him how i think its wrong that Carlos now looks Mexican in RE3 even though Capcom originally made him a white South American (because Latinos from the Southern cone of AR-BR-CL-UY are white) and he said "DUDE, HIS NAME IS CARLOS OLIVERA hahahahah" (He didn't even pronounce his last name properly) , implying that if his name sounds Spanish (even though his last name is Portuguese) he should be a brown mexican with curly hair, to which his audience said that im racist, that he SHOULD be brown and that he's better as a "poc" , then banned me. This is the original Carlos This is the New Carlos I made this post because i want all the other South Americans to know this very well, they think less of us, they think they can tell us who and what we are, and they don't care about us, specially U.S Americans and Canadians, but this applies to all first world countries and people. It just goes out to show that they want to see us as their inferiors, be it as their pets or their enemies, but they dont care one bit, they're a bunch of shitties. Know this.
2020-04-04 02:20
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Canada LiquidTop1 
2020-04-04 02:20
1) Fuck you. 2) Reported.
2020-04-04 02:22
Canada LiquidTop1 
2020-04-04 02:23
2020-04-04 02:23
Canada LiquidTop1 
why do u bully me
2020-04-04 02:25
For saying "ok"?
2020-04-04 02:24
2020-04-04 04:05
Toxic | 
Europe sam2gay 
2020-04-04 13:43
Canada heroicpants 
2020-04-04 13:51
World Ozzef 
you're being racist, there could be whit south american or black , or white south american , stop being such a racist bro, that's not good.
2020-04-04 02:25
Im native american, i just care about truth and i wont put up with a popular lie just because it's popular.
2020-04-04 02:28
Portugal NabasKi 
Native American? That would make you an American Indian, those dudes with the feather hats and smoke signals and horses. Better rephrase that buddy xD
2020-04-04 02:35
Yeah, my Grandma was Mapuche and my grandpa was Polak.
2020-04-04 02:35
Portugal NabasKi 
Oh, got you My bad
2020-04-04 02:38
the truth is that today you could be whit south american or black south american or brown south american... that's the truth, you are being racist by saying otherwise. doesn't matter if you are native american south american or portuguese...
2020-04-04 12:52
The truth is that South Americans from the Southern cone are mostly white, by that retarded logic that you propose, all Canadian characters in a game should be brown too since they have some native American in them. Carlos was a white character because he was inspired on Che Guevara and he was a commie guerrillero from either Argentina or Uruguay , now since his first name sounds spanish they decided to make him look much more native American to be made out to be a Mexican because U.S Americans and Canadians think that's "more right". You're fucking retarded.
2020-04-04 13:23
By my logic, you shouldn't say : This person Isn't ( insert any nationalities ) because he is ( black white brown yellow blue.) Is it so hard to understand ??
2020-04-04 13:25
If you played the remake, you'd know they blatantly implied Carlos is a Mexican, not only that, but the worst kind: a U.S Americanized Mexican. Why am i supposed to sit back and put up with it? No, fuck you.
2020-04-04 13:29
see , your doing it again, you're talking like all US americanized mexican are bad... just because they are americanized mexican...
2020-04-04 13:50
2020-04-04 02:25
Besides argentina and uruguai (and maybe chile?) all south american countries have non-white majority afaik
2020-04-04 02:26
That's the Southern cone, Argentina Brasil Chile and Uruguay.
2020-04-04 02:27
who cars mexico
2020-04-04 02:27
I obviously didn't mean you gilipollas, you're obviously not a 1st world country.
2020-04-04 02:30
bro just banter, cementerio de canelones
2020-04-04 03:24
If you keep pushing me im gonna have to use your own weapon against you...
2020-04-04 03:25
prepared men)))))))
2020-04-04 03:26
you asked for it... **ONDA VITAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL**+++++
2020-04-04 03:26
thats rude men((((((((
2020-04-04 03:27
existe el olvido, existe el quizas, existe el recuerdo que nunca jamas tendras~
2020-04-04 03:29
Portugal NabasKi 
That doesn't even look like someone I'd call "mexican" Also, where's the sombrero? xD
2020-04-04 02:37
He looks like a generic Mexican lift bro. He looked like he could've been from Argentina-Uruguay in the original, his background is from the communist guerrillas that spiked in the 70's and were wiped out in the early 80's , probably Argentina's ERP or Uruguay's MLN-T , now that he's just CLEARLY a U.S Americanized generic Mexican, he can't have the background. But all that aside, wtf is this shit of changing character's races-origins-backgrounds this is fucking annoying.
2020-04-04 02:42
Ok. go to sleep now , brown
2020-04-04 03:03
I said "FIRST WORLD COUNTRY" , not 99999999th world, thanks for bumping my thread though, beta soybitch.
2020-04-04 03:09
Nt bolivia
2020-04-04 03:15
Im sorry i couldn't hear you over the SOUND OF MY ELECTRICITY WHICH YOU HAVE ONLY HEARD THROUGH GHOST STORIES passed on by your aunt, who's also your mother.
2020-04-04 03:16
2020-04-04 03:19
*pats him on the head* off you go little fellow.
2020-04-04 03:19
2020-04-04 03:20
Cry is free
2020-04-04 03:04
Brazil _Awper 
You're right about the propaganda that BR-AR-CL-UY have to fight, but both images you send look mexican to me, This images would make more difference: It's funny how all South American characters have to be Mexican, African or white tanned like this brazilian here:
2020-04-04 03:38
Nah, i think this carlos: Is a pretty ok representation, they gave him a communist guerrilla background, he's Portuguese mixed with Native American, and they took some serious inspiration of young Che Guevara. The carlos you showed is not the original, that one came later for a wii game i think or idk, looks more like the inner provincers Argentinians (tho this guy was born in Buenos Aires, most ppl in Buenos Aires dont look like that). But if you're going to make a fucking commie character that's supposed to be cool, what better inspiration than Che Guevara ???? Capcom submitted to U.S American imperialism and tried to appeal to western leftist virtue signalers.
2020-04-04 03:51
Brazil _Awper 
i don't really know Resident Evil lore, but if he's mixed i don't see the problem with the new one tbh, but capcom as whole Japan is americanized mindset, why do you think most of anime characters are white? Probably they just don't know too much about South America to change this... Also, in Brazil at least, you would hardly found a guy looking like the old Carlos, he looks too Bolivian to me, the one i send to you would be way more comum to Brazil.
2020-04-04 04:00
These are Bolivians This is carlos: Che: Native Americans mixed with everyone in the entire continent, even Canadians who are the whitest on the entire continent have native american in them. Mexico looks more Native American than South America because South America also mixed with Asians, Jews, Middle Easterners and a bit with Afrikans, Mexico is VERY different from South America not just racially, culturally and historically they're pretty much the entire opposite. Why are they making Carlos look like a Mexican with steroids? fucking pussies i know why, they're afraid that if they stuck with their original aproach they'd get called racist by leftist and retards who think spanish speaking = should be brown mexican. Fuck everyone.
2020-04-04 04:15
Brazil _Awper 
agree with you, i just think that if carlos is a mixed brazilian he could look like the new version, he looks like fer for example who is mixed brazilian, the thing about BR and USA is that every ethnicity in the world could be brazilian, wesker would be a normal brazilian, leon would be a normal brazilian, sheva could be brazilian, etc. Tbh, the old carlos is i said looks more Argentinian than brazilian, if you see this image for example is hard to find someone that looks like the old carlos
2020-04-04 05:05
none of them in your image look like the new carlos though This guy though (Mexican bro lifter) looks a lot like new Carlos Fer doesnt look like the new carlos at all. It's so stupid that they'd take a shit on the lore so much just because of this disgusting stereotype, i guess they could say they never stated straight up in game that he's from the southern cone...what a joke.
2020-04-04 05:17
She's not white tanned i think
2020-04-04 05:20
Junior | 
United States FiNa 
"They". As if that person represents NA as a whole.
2020-04-04 03:38
Shut the fuck up retard, dont talk.
2020-04-04 03:52
Canada sexiestuser 
says the guy who bullies french people everytime he sees them expected from juan twofaced jobstealer
2020-04-04 03:47
Canada sexiestuser 
ok i take my words back
2020-04-04 03:53
2020-04-04 05:13
im white and i couldn't care less about racetalk leave that to the yanks
2020-04-04 05:20
"I made this post because i want all the other South Americans to know this very well, they think less of us, they think they can tell us who and what we are, and they don't care about us, specially U.S Americans and Canadians, but this applies to all first world countries and people" Damn so all the people that you constantly suck off don't care about you? That's sad
2020-04-04 13:35
dunno what u mean but 0/8
2020-04-04 20:07
mika | 
Canadians and US citizens are one of the most ignorant people. They literally think that since we speak spanish we are in Mexico or somewhere from there, when we actually have a whole ocean separating us. And for spaniards, I can assure you Juanme we see the difference between Argentina and Mexico and the other South American countries, mainly because we get to know people from each country, so we do not generalize.
2020-04-04 13:40
I know that spain portugal france and italy are not like that.
2020-04-04 20:06
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