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ENCEs problem
Finland vauhkaaja Guy who plays baiter/lurker role has these kinda stats? Aerial for example whos entry fragger has about 30% better stats than xseven AS ENTRY FRAGGER??? Can someone explain how -aerial is even a thing over -xseven?
2020-04-04 05:06
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valde | 
Sweden meistr0 
Because xseveN is the support/all around role like Liazz? lol. only person that should be kicked is Snakellu for kicking Aleksib.
2020-04-04 05:07
Finland vauhkaaja 
Support, as the guy who goes last on site cause hes lurking elsewhere getting free rotate kills? Shouldnt that boosts stats?
2020-04-04 05:09
aerial said allu is better igl, but in other interview he told aleksib is the best igl he had. nice lovestory, better than twilight
2020-04-04 05:08
Ukraine Dert38 
maybe because he's aerial?
2020-04-04 05:09
Finland vauhkaaja 
Mistakes happen man, also pretty sure it wasnt allu alone who decides, sergej disliked aleksib aswell even aleksi made him top 20 player
2020-04-04 05:10
i dont know how u can make such a mistake like that, what a retardo move
2020-04-04 05:11
Russia Evil_DaviD1 
Jani "Two-faced" Jussila
2020-04-04 05:15
should have wiped the entire roster, they were only a top team because of aug. /closed
2020-04-04 05:10
Not enough firepower
2020-04-04 05:16
idk, the problem might be that they dont have an igl
2020-04-04 05:23
Russia Evil_DaviD1 
2020-04-04 05:28
+1 xseveN should have always been the one to be removed. But anyway, ENCE is just done.
2020-04-04 05:30
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