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osama | 
African Union NotZazir 
can we just speak about the fact that RPK is slowly becoming the best player of vitality and Zywoo slowly the worse
2020-04-04 23:00
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We can't sry
2020-04-04 23:02
osama | 
African Union NotZazir 
french mad??
2020-04-04 23:03
Mad about what?
2020-04-04 23:04
osama | 
African Union NotZazir 
2020-04-04 23:06
RpK is French bro
2020-04-04 23:07
osama | 
African Union NotZazir 
ok whatever you say
2020-04-04 23:07
2020-04-04 23:08
osama | 
African Union NotZazir 
2020-04-04 23:09
RpK | 
Poland C4ctusjack_ 
+1 Le Tonk
2020-04-04 23:06
yes le tonk
2020-04-04 23:06
osama | 
African Union NotZazir 
tonk stronk
2020-04-04 23:07
I dont know whats up with zywoo.. he has been a god last year..
2020-04-04 23:10
ZywOo | 
Switzerland Grimmy 
apparently he isn't comfortable with apex leading
2020-04-04 23:11
Poland Arknes 
After he changed his mouse he became worse version of himself LULW
2020-04-04 23:22
ZywOo | 
France iNolake 
He had that mouse at epicenter and he realized his best performance there... it's not about the mouse really, I don't know what it is but the mom of zywoo tweeted not long ago about him not feeling confortable in the game rn
2020-04-04 23:34
Poland Arknes 
Yeah but always when you change resolution you perform well first days and then you play even worse than before change. I think the same can be with mouse. Especially when you change to lightweight mouse when you are a proplayer, like s1mple did one day and became bad too
2020-04-04 23:35
le TANK back to his 2017 form when he was hard carrying envyus
2020-04-04 23:13
Really surprised by his recent performances, especially cuz he is 30 and most pros get washed up at that age.
2020-04-04 23:30
NAF | 
Canada Minami 
Zywoo does a lot more of flashes and the team doesn't play around him anymore. Apex said he tries to make everyone feels usefull on the team and he makes sure Misutaaa is in a position that fits him so that he can focus on learning all that's team related. You had an insight of what it could be with that T round when Misu and Zywoo exits on A
2020-04-04 23:39
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