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Pizza in sweden
Germany aitscheltihwih 
Is it true, that some people in sweden.... put... banana on their pizza? Oo
2020-04-05 00:46
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in brazil too
2020-04-05 00:47
No, they eat them without pizza
2020-04-05 00:49
Estonia MorsAlbum 
reported but fr tho, they steal some while working at the banana picking farms
2020-04-05 00:56
starix | 
Brazil morf_ 
we put them in germans
2020-04-05 00:57
Asuna | 
United States bxteme 
2020-04-05 00:59
Other way around
2020-04-05 11:01
and thats how you make a straight banana
2020-04-05 11:05
we eat pizza with rice here in indonesia
2020-04-05 11:12
you mean poland? east eu education OMEGALUL
2020-04-05 11:13
never heard that name,where is poland??
2020-04-05 11:40
br owt f u from poland !!! hahahahaha nice school
2020-04-05 12:44
Im actually from Monaco
2020-04-05 17:54
nt neo
2020-04-05 18:15
Get_Rice | 
United Kingdom KFB4 
in germany too
2020-04-05 00:47
Never seen it here tbh :O
2020-04-05 00:50
jOELZ | 
Europe skrekc 
in denmark too
2020-04-05 00:48
Denmark FazeUpAssDown 
2020-04-05 00:55
Banana curry and chicken pizza very yummy
2020-04-05 00:48
And cashews
2020-04-05 00:50
oh yeah get a little crunch in there very tasty
2020-04-05 00:52
why do you have a crust then
2020-04-05 11:06
This sounds so wrong Oo I would try before really judging it though.
2020-04-05 00:50
Only sounds wrong because you've only just heard about it. Very common in Sweden so to us it doesn't sound wrong, just normal and good. Try it i think you'll like it :)
2020-04-05 00:55
Many hear that tried it dont seem to like it. But as I said, I would try before claiming I dont like it :D
2020-04-05 00:55
Yeah i mean its kinda like me with sushi.. I thought raw fish sounded really weird and disgusting. So when i tried it for the first time and i was really grossed out because my brain was locked on disgust mode. I gave sushi another try some week later and thought i will give it a fair try and didn't think about what i ate i just ate it and i found it very tasty actually. So your mind can trick you into thinking something is not good just because you've been going around thinking "this probably doesn't taste good" for a long time so your brain adapts to that mindset. Kinda like eating chocolate pudding and thinking you're eating poop will make you disgusted. After all its your brain that decides what taste good and what taste bad depending on how you think.
2020-04-05 01:14
I've tried sushi about 4-5 times and I find it to be more disgusting every time I eat it. Raw fish isn't my thing.
2020-04-05 11:00
not everyone is meant to like it but, did you dip it in a bit of soy sauce? what kinds of fish did you try. did you try sashimi or sushi
2020-04-05 11:07
Yes I dipped it. Idk what kind it was, I'm not sushi expert men
2020-04-05 11:08
sashimi is the sliced raw fish sushi has the rice and dried kelp
2020-04-05 11:09
very true, i have the problems with mushrooms, when i see or smell them i immediately get disgusted, when i eat them i feel like throwing up. but theres so many good recipes that involves mushies...
2020-04-05 11:08
It's not very common at all
2020-04-05 11:09
2020-04-05 00:49
Costa Rica I_eat_burgers 
in poland too
2020-04-05 00:49
Ate homemade banan pizza once when I was a kid, was truly disgusting, had to toss it in the bin :/
2020-04-05 00:50
cam | 
United States girls 
in finland too
2020-04-05 00:51
steel | 
Brazil TonimSan 
In Brazil is very common. It's done with Cheese, Banana and Cinnamon, and pretty good if you ask me...
2020-04-05 00:54
Denmark FazeUpAssDown 
What the fuck
2020-04-05 00:54
2020-04-05 00:55
Finland renge 
I mean banana sounds much better than pineapple
2020-04-05 00:56
+1 Was about to post this
2020-04-05 11:08
no way man. pineapple on pizza is amazing bro.
2020-04-05 17:56
Asuna | 
United States bxteme 
pineapple good on pizza but banana???
2020-04-05 00:59
Romania Cuntstantin 
Man I'd like to bash sweden but in Romania there's ketchup made specifically to be used on pizza
2020-04-05 11:02
I hear they eat bat pizza in Wuhan
2020-04-05 11:04
LEo | 
Denmark FELIXXD 
2020-04-05 11:05
2020-04-05 11:05
cant be soup every day right?
2020-04-05 11:07
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy 
turkisk-swedish pizza with pineapple, ham, cheese and topped with bearnaisse sauce hits different tho😤
2020-04-05 11:07
They do and apparently it is really good. I actually want to try eating one myself someday.
2020-04-05 11:16
Unfortunately, yes
2020-04-05 11:07
pineapple on pizza in my favorite)))
2020-04-05 11:11
I like pineapple on pizza but curry, chicken and nuts are just disgusting. I was forced to eat that shit at a friend's house. It was one of my worst food experiences ever, never again.
2020-04-05 11:13
dude that shit is delicious. what's wrong with you
2020-04-05 11:14
Italians go invade sweden, they dont know what are eating
2020-04-05 11:43
Sweden only has kebabs though..
2020-04-05 12:45
Sweden DeeColon 
I have never seen it myself, so never happened
2020-04-05 17:57
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