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this guy is so bad lmao loses every aim duel he takes can only get frags off trades/baits should have just stayed in china overrated garbage player
2020-04-06 01:11
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United States AlphaMaleHere 
How much?
2020-04-06 01:12
2020-04-06 01:12
2020-04-06 01:16
so bad vs mibr
2020-04-06 01:20
United States jay_320 
I don't think so. I think they are having communication issues. You can see it clear as day when he plays Banana with Som. I'm not saying he's as good as his lifetime stats say he is. Those are very Xantares esque. But I think he's good enough to be a secondary or tertiary star on a T 1.5 team. Which I think Gen.G probably is end of the day. This is still all online as well keep in mind so on some level who really cares.
2020-04-06 01:22
i agree if you watch them play its all simple communication miscues. I feel like they actually would perform better in a lan environment, but they still need to get it together cause who knows how long every tournament is gonna be online.
2020-04-06 01:24
nt i watch bntet play and hes not a smart player at all comm issues more like he makes stupid decisions
2020-04-06 01:35
last time he played north he had a better rating then every player including gade NT
2020-04-06 01:44
fluke run what have geng done after that?
2020-04-06 01:50
i mean what are they supposed to have done they not in first in groups i guess in flashpoint? they still made playoffs and they still one of the top na teams nt i watch gade and hes not a smart player
2020-04-06 05:32
gade is very unselfish and takes w/e shit roles given to him i watch him play and hes always improving plus he always had pretty good aim theres a reason north kept him instead of JUGI plus gade can 1v5 that midget geng lineup IRL
2020-04-06 06:50
Brazil Mibr_Fan_Help 
wtf do you mean both s0m and bntit are chinese
2020-04-06 01:48
s0m is Korean
2020-04-06 01:53
Brazil Mibr_Fan_Help 
He's yellow
2020-04-06 02:52
and bntet is Polish
2020-04-06 01:56
Brazil Mibr_Fan_Help 
my bad
2020-04-06 02:52
Could not agree more The teams look fine when doing default but Bntet struggle to react when there are a lot of comms going on. I really hope Bntet overcomes this before GEN.G give up on him
2020-04-06 01:58
Very true he was good in TYLOO
2020-04-06 01:28
+1 garbage player
2020-04-06 01:36
A lot of communication issues
2020-04-06 01:47
With a more solid understanding of english and better communication, he will be great ^^!
2020-04-06 01:51
overrated af
2020-04-06 01:54
+1 exposed
2020-04-06 03:03
United States caliprep 
He’s alright, but needs to step it up. Haven’t been impressed with his performance since coming to gen.g. If they need to kick him and bring someone else in, id be okay with that
2020-04-06 06:02
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