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Due to the coronavirus crisis, CR7 might be about to leave Juventus. Which team do you think is the best for him? His current price is 75M of euros.
2020-04-06 02:52
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United Kingdom rebash12 
could go somewhere else. gonna be a longshot but somewhere like dortmund, tottenham or inter miami
2020-04-06 02:55
He could go somewhere else actually. There are much options, but: Dortmund - He is too old for that team, Dortmund is dedicated to mostly young players(Sancho, Reyna, Brandt, Haaland, Hazard, etc.) not to mention his price, etc. and i don't see Dortmund as the team bringing in players with huge name, imo it's not possible, at all. Tottenham - Mourinho is a sucker, he opted for Gerson instead of Bruno Fernandes, he is screwing up that team, that was already fucked(Pochettino is another idiot, they reached UCL finals depending on individual performances of Son and Lucas) I don't see Tottenham style for him, Kane + CR7 looks weird, and Tottenham is way too average/trash for him, tbh Inter Miami - He could go there, but when his career is about to get over. He still has capacity to be the best in the world, this season with Juventus he is doing much better than last one.
2020-04-06 03:01
CR7 and Mourinho do not get along at all. They're can´t work with eachother. They kinda have a mutual hate.
2020-04-06 03:43
I'm aware of that. Mourinho also despised Salah, Lukaku, and De Bruyne back at Chelsea times... well, many brazilians say it's time for him to retire, i see many portuguese people as well, and i agree.
2020-04-06 03:46
yea i think it would be alright for him to end it now. he won everything. unless he wants to milk a bit more of that football salary. maybe in the us for fun
2020-04-06 10:42
Unfortunatelly yeah, as a FCPorto fan a admired him a lot, but nowadays it's a different story
2020-04-07 02:45
United Kingdom rebash12 
its all about the money. whoever can pay a high wage will get him no doubt
2020-04-06 17:20
Hazard aint fucking young
2020-04-11 06:51
I commited a mistake there I guess I wrote that way too fast and associated mentally the word "promise"(He is indeed, his first time and first season in a big club) with "young". By the way, u mad?
2020-04-11 06:54
not mad but saying the truth in my way swearing
2020-04-11 06:54
I see bro Put that anger away :D
2020-04-11 22:49
Syria Dik1 
you seen know about
2020-04-11 06:59
Mockery or agreement?
2020-04-11 22:51
2020-04-11 10:18
United Kingdom rebash12 
yes. they are a rich club and if alphabet does decide to buy the club they will turn into a very rich club (chelsea when ibramovic bought them) they will go on a spending spree to advertise the brand of google and alpahabet and will want to do some big money signing, furthermore kane might be leaving meaning they will also have a high budget and will want to bring in a replacement. who better than one of the worlds best
2020-04-11 17:56
Germany Roflcopter234 
Imagine paying 75M for a washed up
2020-04-06 02:58
2020-04-06 03:02
he still have big impact bro. in fact he still playing very good, in term of his old. its fact. dont be jealous
2020-04-06 03:04
Its not about having imapct or not, its about age and you wont be able to sell him again and pay his salary which is also huge.
2020-04-06 03:08
if u talk about RE-Sell and salary. please research more about football aspect. u have to know more about SALARY and profit about their football skills or they as a person. sponsor and etc are helping for salary player. if u are superstars and too old, maybe big club doesnt want u, because they want a throphy. but for mediocre they can take so much profit for get new fans, and sponsors. and small note, juventus pay ronaldo salary using their sponsor too.
2020-04-06 04:16
I know about all that but its not because for Juve it was a good investment it will be for another club now.
2020-04-06 04:17
nah the point, ronaldo its not washed up. juventus get so much profit even for his jersey. if u want to point washed up. just look barca investment to dembele, coutinho, and Griezmann (maybe, its just 1 year). they spent so much money, and sell them so low, and no impact. its call washed up.
2020-04-06 04:20
You can't be from UK
2020-04-06 04:21
Soccer has some financial rules ? Lmao, I thought they were non-existent and soccer FFP is the biggest joke in sports history
2020-04-06 13:13
Portugal rodas1921 
2020-04-06 23:45
2020-04-06 23:40
only his t shirt sellings will cover the transfer sum.
2020-04-06 04:32
stop spreading fake news it doesnt
2020-04-06 04:33
maybe not cover the whole thing,but 50% surely,not to mention the sponsors,etc it's real life not fifa
2020-04-06 04:35
2020-04-06 20:07
They will cover fuck all. It’s soccer, not real sports with actual financial rules
2020-04-06 13:14
lol , ANY club that gets ronaldo, will recieve huge amounts of "fans" that will buy his shirt etc... so they won't worry about that..
2020-04-06 21:56
hes noob
2020-04-06 04:29
just like coldzera
2020-04-06 05:10
2020-04-06 23:15
2020-04-06 23:15
2020-04-06 02:58
Terrible move tbh.
2020-04-06 03:02
ibra should
2020-04-06 03:05
He's been considering, after the coronavirus outbreak.
2020-04-06 03:47
+1 I've heard that he'd retire by the June-July but he should, he's getting old and losing the skill he had on teams like PSG
2020-04-06 04:09
That's true, but it would be kind of shit... he was in the USA chilling, then he returns to Milan to face CR7, and in the middle of the season(might get cancelled) he retires? I'd understand him, but it would be a pretty shit situation, since he could've stayed in the USA instead, and played for some more years.
2020-04-06 04:18
he can keep going till his 40's
2020-04-06 04:36
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
sporting B
2020-04-06 02:59
nice bait xD
2020-04-06 03:02
no one is going to pay 75m for a 35 year old
2020-04-06 02:59
You are wrong. Cristiano at 35 is still incontestable, one of the best in the entire world, he's been in his apex for 13 years, his best years were when he was, respectively: 29, 32, 33. He hasn't fallen off. Just showing a smaller performance than the monstrous he had at Real. It's pretty usual to leave Spain and go to Italy and struggle a little bit, but at this season he was good as fuck. By the way: ^^
2020-04-06 03:05
Where did I say that he wasn't incredibly good at the game? He's one of the best, still, but what it comes down to is the fact that he's 35 years old and he won't be able to play for many more years no matter how good he is right now. His value will only go down due to his age and it's hard to get return on the investment. It's not like buying håland and mbappe who both are amazing players aswell as incredibly young so you will have a good chance of selling them for a even higher price.
2020-04-06 03:09
In a certain way, i kind of agree with you, but: He indeed can't play for many more years, but look at players like Giggs, who played until 40, or even Ibrahimovic right now who just moved from USA back to Milan. Both Zlatan and Giggs are dedicated and healthy, Giggs used to be into Yoda and Zlatan is to taekwondo, CR7 can play at this level for three years, at most. He is gonna fall down, he is not a god, but i really think he can keep on writing his history was one of the G.O.A.T. at the age close to 40, unlike Messi, who pretends to leave Barcelona next year, when he is 34. "It's not like buying håland and mbappe who both are amazing players aswell as incredibly young so you will have a good chance of selling them for a even higher price." That's true. But CR7 is still the best in the world in his position, and to be honest, we are talking about Cristiano Ronaldo, not someone like Marco Reus at the age of 35.
2020-04-06 03:44
2020-04-06 08:26
2020-04-06 03:00
CR7? do you mean HRT? CRY? what is this cr7 you speak of
2020-04-06 03:04
>dailymail nice topic mate
2020-04-06 03:07
2020-04-06 03:12
I don't think you understand how it works, every single link there is citing the same newspaper, an italian one who is just speculating, news aren't about quantity
2020-04-06 03:15
Yeah, but anyways that's a speculation, which is accurate, by the way. No games, no shirts selling because shops are closed, no money from the stadiums, a fucking chaos in the entire world for at least the next 40 days and you come up like "dAiLyMaIL xD"
2020-04-06 03:39
"you come up like "dAiLyMaIL xD"" Ok bro, let's talk about it "No games, no shirts selling because shops are closed," You're right, I didn't think about this, so Juve is gonna sell Ronaldo to a English club or a Spanish club because they're weren't affected by the covid-19 and their leagues are still running, makes sense
2020-04-06 03:40
It's about the situation of every country and every club, you just can't relativize. As you must know, Italy is currenty the most AFFECTED country in the WORLD, if everything has stopped running, how do you think a club like Juventus can stand their economic source? There is just no way. to be honest with you, i don't know how the football market is going to work with corona, if it's going to open, etc. Every player is going to get devalued, etc. But it depends on the situation of other clubs as well, many can't sustain themselves and they're going to cut a part of the wages, bla bla bla. My point is that if Juventus wants to sell CR7, they will. many trades and purposes going on between a lot of clubs recently, some clubs still have enough purchasing power, so why would that not happen?
2020-04-06 03:57
I think you should check Spain and England numbers, because they're on the rise, especially Spain, a couple more days and they will have more deaths than Italy, but as much as "cold" it may sound, deaths and cases have nothing to do with clubs economy, all it matters for them is to finish the season and as long as no season is completed everyone is in the same boat. Playing the rest of the games behind closed doors would damage their revenues but nothing compared to not playing, broadcasters won't pay what they have to pay with no games on, broadcasting rights is one of the biggest income for any club, the one who will "suffer" less are german clubs, because they have a fairer deal than italian and spanish league, so the big clubs earn less, and a much less profitable deal than the EPL. I don't see any club getting a 35yo with the 2nd highest wage in the world in this climate. Juve won't sell Ronaldo, UEFA will ease their measures to allow clubs to cope with the crisis
2020-04-06 04:14
Dunno. The market was supposed to open in July, but then everybody will be fucked, and then we might have every season getting cancelled as well, when it comes to selling CR7, it would be very hard to not find a club for him, seriously. Also, don't know if you've been reading the thread, but i would support CR7 on Bayern, and that's quite possible, to be completely honest. Yeah he has a high ass wage and all of that shit, but he brings in a fuckton of sponsors as well. It will completely depend on when the market opens, on the market state, on the price, and on the team. That's my guess.
2020-04-06 04:24
Bayern is probably the least likely option in the world. A club that he is either buying young players or getting experienced players only through loans (James, Perisic, Coutinho, all going back), CR7 is the least "bayern signing" I could think of, Rumenigge literally said he wouldn't want Ronaldo two years ago when he was younger “We at Bayern Munich would not invest so much money in a 33-year-old,” There were only alternatives for Ronaldo before all this mess, PSG and maybe United, now there is none. As soon as Ronaldo will play, and not win the CL every year, there will be a "CR7 might leave" rumour, there was last year too
2020-04-06 04:32
Well, Bayern invested on Coutinho, even though that's a loan, it's a nice money, same for James. Both disappointed the expectancies as you must know, and guess what? The only one who performed well was Perisic, right? And he is the one Bayern wants to buy, and it's a good move from Bayern. At the age of 31, Perisic was loaned for 5m for one year and Inter offered 20m in the purchase, in an eventual purchase, he is going to be 32 playing for Bayern, and even more. Cristiano is worth 75M, and has fallen off, while many others increased. You had a very good point when you mentioned the fact they wouldn't buy Cristiano by that time, bro, they paid fucking 80m in Lucas Hernández, Robben played until he was 36, Ribery too. Cristiano is worth, physically speaking, an athlete who is 23 years old. Bayern needs attackers, well, don't take me bad, but i've written many things related to Bayern already, you can read the rest of them here: Not to mention, that all of that i said to you and to the others, are just THEORIES, possibilities, you know? And i think that IN CASE it happened, Bayern Münich is the most incontestable team he can get into, with no better offers, at all. Which club do you think he should go to by the way? You didn't tell me that. There is no such thing as perfect move, there are always risks.
2020-04-06 04:51
"Which club do you think he should go to by the way? You didn't tell me that." None, he should and will stay at juve He went there to win the CL, leaving now would mean quitting, he would consider that a personal failure Like I said FFP will be suspended, Juve will cut other players (they have plenty of big wages), Ronaldo will be the last player they will sell, because every financial benefit that they gained after this signing will be reverted by the crisis
2020-04-06 05:08
So you didn't vote in the strawpoll? I mean, that's ok for me. The point of the entire thread is the possibility of him leaving and the most viable place. Theories and more theories, arguable dialogues whether to go or not, and if he goes, to where, etc. I also support him in Juventus(at least during this corona period, can't say the same in July, unless the season gets canceled and the market is in april or may). By the way, you didn't answer me anything directly when it comes to the Bayern arguments. You kind of contradicted yourself in that Perisic part.
2020-04-06 08:30
I don't see what I'm supposed to reply on the bayern argument, don't take my word, take Rumenigge's one, or not even him is reliable?
2020-04-06 14:04
I refuted all of that, lol.
2020-04-06 21:50
You refuted the words of Bayern's executive board chairman? I love HLTV
2020-04-06 22:02
>Rumenigge claims, back at one year and a half ago, they would never invest into CR7 Saying it again: On other hand, he would get 31-years-old Perisic by 25M who is kind of a common/good player, also considering James and Coutinho would disappoint their expectancies. Coutinho = The loan was 8,5M for one year, Barcelona offered him for 120M, Bayern is not buying. 11M wage for one year. Rodríguez = The loan was 13M for two years(bought in the middle of 2017), He earned 130M until the middle of 2019, when he got dispatched. And as you know, both Coutinho and Rodríguez are better than Perisic, and they still would opt for the Perisic buy, which he will be around 31-32 age, worth of 25M. Cristiano Ronaldo is worth 75M and his price tends to fall off, not because of age only, but because of corona. Cristiano Ronaldo last year was worth 83M, and in 2018, 130M. Conclusion: Considering that Bayern likes to keep old players like they did with Ribery, Robben, they are doing with Perisic, and they will probably future do it to Müller as well, his price has fallen off pretty much(Rumenigge did that interview when was worth 130M, it has fallen by the half of the price) but his quality did not. Plus, look at the money they've invested on the young promises, none of them worked out. except for James, i'd say it was a complete failure. And they'd opted for old and experienced Perisic over both, don't know how long they are going to keep him, but at least 2 years(due to contract), until he is 33. CR7 is currently 35, body worth of a 23yo athlete, best in the world in his position, almost 1 goal per game, 25 direct participations in 22 games playing with a shitty coach, and an inconsistent midfield. And as you know, in Real Madrid he would always show up when his team would need him. Ronaldo apex was at 29, 32, and 33 age respectively. Giggs won the champions league being an important player at 38, for Manchester United, 2008. He was yoga practicer. Ibrahimovic has been playing in a high level at 37 as well. He is a taekwondo practicer and currently returned to Europe, straight from LA. Both have the similarity of with CR7, as to dedication, and how much they take care of their bodies. No wonder i've never seen none of the three get hurt in 16 years of football. Bayern bought Lucas Hernandez bro, world champion for 80 millions. Most expensive transfer in not only Bayern, but in Bundesliga history. A fucking common left defender. As i told you that Bayern needs attackers, they are looking for both, Sané and Firmino, Bayern offered 95M on Sané, and 90M on Firmino, even more than on Hernández. Cristiano price has currently fallen off even more, if you still think Bayern would reject him even though he would around 50-60M price, that's up to you. Taking in consideration all of that, do you think Rumenigge couldn't regret what he said and actually buy him? Do you think in 2 years nothing is going to change, and he is going to keep what he said? Zero arguments as usual, keep living in your bubble, my brother. You are delusional.
2020-04-06 23:04
2020-04-06 23:13
You know I was trying to be educated until this point, albeit a bit sarcastic, but holy fuck I don't think I can keep going on, you're one of those guys who think the lengthier the post/comment the more "arguments" you have, you're basically like one of those redditors that think their opinion holds more value than others, and I'm not even worried about me, even sporting directors aren't safe. But hey, who cares? People see a lot of sentences and think "wow this guy sure knows his stuff, look how much is he typing!" See? You already got your first "+1", isn't great? Listen pal, I don't know if you don't understand or are just pretending, but let's end this worthless argument “We at Bayern Munich would not invest so much money in a 33-year-old,” “We at Bayern Munich would not invest so much money in a 33-year-old,” “We at Bayern Munich would not invest so much money in a 33-year-old,”“We at Bayern Munich would not invest so much money in a 33-year-old,” Here, 3 times, can't you get it into your skull? KEYWORDS - SO MUCH MONEY - 33 YEARS OLD THOSE ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE, I REPEAT THEY'RE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE >Perisic Does he earn 30+ mln per year? Does he cost 90 mln? nope why the fuck do you think this is "REFUTING"? Perisic costs 1/10 of Ronaldo, stop "Considering that Bayern likes to keep old players like they did with Ribery, Robben, they are doing with Perisic, and they will probably future do it to Müller as well, his price has fallen off pretty much" Ribery bought when he was 25 Robben bought when he was 25 Muller homegrown Three absolutely irrelevant examples, who gives a shit if Bayern keep them until they retire? Juventus is keeping Buffon until the end of his career, does that mean that they would buy a 40 years old goalkeeper? Jesus Christ "Cristiano Ronaldo is worth 75M and his price tends to fall off, not because of age only, but because of corona." Source: My ass Oh no wait, the source of the average casual fan, let me guess: transfermarkt? Ah yes the forum where random people decide how much is a footballer worth Guess what pal, whatever your definition of "value" is, it's irrelevant. IF, and that's a huge if, Juventus decide to sell Ronaldo because they have financial problems, they will just sell him for his residual cost, that's it. "Rumenigge did that interview when was worth 130M, it has fallen by the half of the price" Again this subjective and irrelevant "worth" concept, he did cost 100M, stop pulling numbers out your ass Rummenigge main point was that Ronaldo was fucking 33 years old and now HE'S TWO YEARS OLDER. Plus his price it's the least of the problems, the problems are his wage and his age "sane, firmino, hernadez, and other irrelevant examples" Cool, how many of those are or were 33 years old with a 30m wage? None? But what about "insert player who is 24 years old"??? and what about "insert player who is earning 4m/y"? Ignorance and arrogance, the best mix You genuinely have no idea how to judge the economic impact of a player, if you think that fucking Hernandez cost a lot, people that still talk about transfer fees, without acknowledging wages and agent fees are clueless Let's just wait for Ronaldo to join Bayern, shall we? As soon as it happens dm me your paypal adress, I'll give you 2000$
2020-04-06 23:40
Hmmmm, i'm not gonna deny you i'm laughing right now. I mean, i could keep on, but it would get too extended, and you said it yourself this was an useless dialogue. I mean, you may not believe me or think i've ran out of arguments, but i kind of tested you in this Bayern München stuff, and you realy know about it, that's why i won't keep that on: That was a bait. The only stuff i argued with you that i actually defend is his price issue and that there are around clubs in the world that can afford him and they'd not reject him as well, as i told you previously, i don't know how this market is going to stand out during these corona times, in general. I haven't searched that. It's kind of obvious he is going to stay in Juventus, even though i think that's possible for him to leave. I'd give it a chance of 30%. By the way, transfermarket is a realiable source, lol. "Let's just wait for Ronaldo to join Bayern, shall we? As soon as it happens dm me your paypal adress, I'll give you 2000$" Even though i'd love to see Ronaldo in Bayern, Herbert has oficially expressed this year as well that he'd reject Ronaldo(he has been, since 2017) because of the age. I think it's funny because he destroyed them three times at a high age. I don't reject these 2k, by the way. This is bookmarked, don't you disappear from this site in case he actually joins HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
2020-04-07 01:21
23 votes - 10 for returning to United, 2 for City. Premier League has a laaaarge calendar, too many events: FA Cup, English Cup, Supercup, etc. More than he used to have in Spain and Italy. United improved after Bruno Fernandes entry but i feel like United is still trash, not a team to his level, at all. He could make them better of course, but we are talking about a player who has been one of the best in the world for 13 years, he still looks for another CL, United has a nice money and conditions to buy him, but a garbage management as well. --- Don't know how Man. City is going to be like with that punishment about not playing the 2 champions leagues, but in theory, Guardiola + CR7 would be like a dream. CR7 would have that same problem of being an United idol, plus, they already have Agüero and Gabriel to play as a 9, Sané plays in the LW. I don't think there would be a way to adapt him, i'd say City has way too many midfielders/attackers. It's not about simply going to the team, lads.
2020-04-06 03:11
Bayern would fit Don't buy lowtinho, buy cr7-1
2020-04-06 03:13
Bayern was kind of average/good at the start of the season, but after Kovac got fired, they have their current coach with 18W 1D 3L(very offensive team, 69 goals in 22 games) much better than Kovac and retarded Sarri who fucks CR7 up. Coutinho is doing bad and they actually need a new attacker, the only problem is the lineup, probably going for a 4-4-2 everything goes well, plus there is an interesting fact: Bayern likes to keep old players, it's like a culture in the club, that happened to Ribery Bayern is, with no questions, the best club for him. The perfect one i would say.
2020-04-06 03:38
Ah my friend u back 😊. U right hansi flick was already second coach at the worldcup win and second coach under legend Jupp Heynckes and guardiola, I think he learned from the best, also the second coach from flick now is a German legend who found many talents, I think this is a good coaching team, I would like to see Ronaldo in Bayern before he end the career, and u absolutely right bayern need an attacker and they are good to old players, like ribery, robben and some others, I think better than an English club, and coutinho is nice, but he struggle with his form and consistency
2020-04-06 03:50
I'd say PL wouldn't be that good for CR7, he is already 35, too many tournaments, too many trips, too many games, it depends on him. In 2018 it was confirmed that at the age of 33, he had the body of a 23 years old athlete, It depends on his objectives and all of that, but it's up to him, in theory, Bayern Münich is an incontestable option. For sure better than english clubs as you mentioned, but not only because of what i said about trips, objectives, etc. If he were to play on PL, don't think Liverpool would be good for him. it would be hard for Klopp to adapt all of those four in attack, the perfect move would be in case Mané was sold(Zidane is really looking for him) since Mané plays in the Left Wing, CR7 could be adapted into that position. Firmino playing for both Salah and CR7 would be amazing, not to mention that Liverpool entire team is more consistent into crosses and assists(even defenders like Lovren, etc). Liverpool would be an interesting one. but CR7 would get kind of a bad fame for joining them after being an United idol. City? well, Guardiola + CR7 would be like a dream. CR7 would have that same problem of being an United idol, plus, they already have Agüero and Gabriel to play as a 9, Sané plays in the LW. I don't think there would be a way to adapt him, i'd say City has way too many midfielders/attackers. Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal are not for him, the only one remaining is the United, but you know... the team is not in his level, CR7 deserves a strong one that can get into the Champions League with much strenght so he can show his abilities better. That's another point about Bayern, since before the playoffs started, i said Bayern would be a top 3 favorite. They have been incredible, 3 losses, 1 one of them in a friendly game, and 2 in Bundesliga to Leverkusen and Monchengladbach, both are G-5 teams in Germany, pretty strong ones. Coutinho is nice indeed, but he deserves the bench, i think he's like Rodríguez rn, no one wants him, very expensive, kind of inconsistent, people have been forgetting both in a certain way.
2020-04-06 04:05
OK u smart my friend, maybe psg is an option too, but I'm a bit scared of neymar and Ronaldo, could be perfect, or could be much trouble, I have to go to bed my friend , good night, it's 4 am here 😉 but imagine. Neymar mbappe and Ronaldo fit together, could be nice then cr7 is a real striker 😎
2020-04-06 04:10
PSG in theory is the best team for him, bro. Because Tuchel uses 2-2-2-4 He variates: Mbappe and Cavani/Icardi as wingers Neymar and Dí Maria playing to both Marquinhos and Verrati as central midfielders. Cavani has been losing maaany goals, Icardi had been struggling a little bit, fighting the coach, etc. CR7 in that front would be perfect, even though Mbappé loses some goals as well, Ronaldo almost doesn't. Di María is a monster, Neymar too, Mbappé too. But Tuchel sucks, and sometimes the PSG defense struggles, and they just don't change it, so....
2020-04-06 04:27
The problem I think Is the not strong league, there all shit od perfect but then they go to champions league and have problems because of a higher level, they need a few games then
2020-04-06 12:51
Get an experienced coach, experienced player, and a decent defense. Someone like Ten Hag + CR7 + Koulibaly maybe would sound good, well i don't know.. they got robbed in that 6x1 and a lot of times they've disappointed their fans, i still like them, PSG was created in 1970 and it's a pretty young team, they are starting to write their story..
2020-04-06 21:53
go to barcelona i have a dream in which messi assists ronaldo :D
2020-04-06 03:21
United States Night0k0k 
cant play with messi and suarez in one team same crap happened to zlatan and at the time zlatan was the best striker in the world
2020-04-06 03:37
Exactly. By the way, which period of Zlatan you are talking about?
2020-04-06 03:38
United States Night0k0k 
when ibra joined barca he was right off the bat for the best striker in the world and the best in italy in 2009
2020-04-06 04:15
Oh true. But there is also that problem with Guardiola, both had many fights, Guardiola kind of despised him because he couldn't fit into the tik taka system, and Ibra once said that Guardiola can ride a fiat, but not a ferrari, some shit like that And to be honest, Zlatan wouldn't fit into that team of Barça in 2009-2012, not his style at all. Look how well they've performed with Villa and not him.
2020-04-06 04:16
Ireland MikeRochburns 
suarez is dusted
2020-04-06 05:25
Considering all the rivality? CR7 would never betray Real, and Barcelona has been in a crisis, don't think they get out of that so soon.
2020-04-06 04:28
usually when people like Messi, hates Ronaldo.. and it happens in the opposite as well xD that's true btw
2020-04-07 00:24
Who ?
2020-04-06 03:31
i think juve sold ronaldo t-shirts for amount of money which they paid for him in 2 days, all clubs want him
2020-04-06 03:34
nah lol clubs get a small percentage of that there are news about these everytime there's a big signing, pogba to united, neymar to psg etc, but it's far from true
2020-04-06 03:37
well maybe to this day they sold t-shirts for his transfer
2020-04-06 20:04
gla1ve | 
Brazil wilbur 
he actually should go to jail, fucking rapist
2020-04-06 04:00
Malaysia Suno[t] 
porto f.c. where would he leave tho seriously football matches ban at least one year
2020-04-06 04:16
Sweden Zeepter 
Kinda ez: Either he goes back to Real or to PSG, the rest cant afford him /Close
2020-04-06 04:32
Man U can easily afford him but they're thrash so nope
2020-04-06 05:18
Sweden Zeepter 
Glazers to cheap
2020-04-06 05:23
Germany Neckarstadion 
Come to Besiktas
2020-04-06 04:34
retire this season is done nobody knows when league will start next year he will be 36 so only china, japan or usa
2020-04-06 05:17
0/8 if not bait, terrible move
2020-04-06 10:20
India lemuig 
2020-04-06 05:24
Ukraine Dert38 
cr7 is free
2020-04-06 06:08
Finland 0lter 
HJK ofc why the fuck it not here
2020-04-06 05:26
NAF | 
Iran Strider0 
go back to madrid my man
2020-04-06 05:31
Ukraine Dert38 
he is nt yor men
2020-04-06 06:08
Poland rude_wredne 
He is his lover 😏😏
2020-04-06 22:12
Im not Bayern fan, but that team is nasty, too good The thing is if they add Ronaldo playing close to lewa and having support of coman, gnabry, CM's, probably sane will join them, they would dominate for good then..... but it won't happen :D He is not gonna leave anywhere, chill...
2020-04-06 08:29
I know it right. That's why we are just speculating, never said that's going to happen.
2020-04-06 10:19
If they add Ronaldo, they are going to lose a lot of speed in their final phase.
2020-04-06 10:46
Italy Wakkaa 
hopefully he'll leave and juve can become juve again
2020-04-06 08:31
Do you actually think he is the problem? Like, seriously?
2020-04-06 10:19
Italy Wakkaa 
to be completely honest .. I haven't watched Juve anymore since he joined ;< I don't think he's worth all that money. I supported Juve for their iconic players.. Del Piero, Pirlo, Chiellini etc not for him
2020-04-06 10:22
Sure. But why "in case he leaves, Juve is going to be great again"? That's nonsense, then
2020-04-06 10:37
Italy Wakkaa 
I wouldn't support Juve to win 10 league titles in a row .. I love the jersey, the players besides the trophies. Juve was always a team effort. Now it's all about Ronaldo zzZz
2020-04-07 04:42
In case you are speaking the truth, it's really interesting to see a fan despising him own team because they got a player he hates.
2020-04-11 06:50
Italy Wakkaa 
I rather have a player such as Pirlo back in Juve than CR tbh. I was never able to support Barcelona or Madrid either.
2020-04-11 10:17
Pirlo back then had much more the style of Italian football(Inter as well) than CR7, not to mention he played in Italy practically his entire life and it's Ronaldo 2nd year there, so.....
2020-04-11 22:57
+1 I hope he fucking leaves Juve. He is not on their level, too bad already.
2020-04-06 10:45
Trying way too hard buddy
2020-04-06 22:03
cam | 
United States girls 
he should join barca or psg kkkkkkkk
2020-04-06 10:20
he should join M.U
2020-04-06 10:39
He's not going anywhere lol
2020-04-06 10:43
Where did I say he would?
2020-04-06 21:55
So what's the point of this thread?
2020-04-07 10:07
Discuss theories? Possibilities? By the way, i said "in future". He is going to leave Juve at some point, he has been pretty unhappy there, especially with the coach. If you think otherwise, you are delusional.
2020-04-11 06:51
These articles pop up every two months or so, whether he was at Madrid or Juve, so to me this is pretty pointless, unless a tier 1 source says something and not some obscure newspaper. Even if he's unhappy it doesn't mean he's just gonna jump ship at the first oportunity.
2020-04-11 13:24
Dailymail obscure? Well I agree they create way too much pointless rumours, too much media on that, but my point is that this thread wasn't assuring he would leave, but discuss the future(If not 2020, 2021+, etc.) Yeah ikr Ronaldo is not leaving that easily, because of many factors, clubs, agents, money, bla bla bla, never said that, lol. Once again, just about the future in general, not necessarily today, next transfer window, etc
2020-04-11 22:58
Ronaldo is shit. Right now if you buy him, you are paying only for his name. He is f1n1shed.
2020-04-06 10:45
2020-04-06 21:55
grux | 
Sweden ShyS1337 
like how stupid can you be? he have scored like 21 goals in last 19 matches, HE SCORED IN 11 LEAGUE MATCHES IN A ROW, AS FCKING 35
2020-04-06 23:25
2020-04-06 10:45
Australia MercAm 
2020-04-06 12:56
0% chance he leaves this summer favela dailymail reader
2020-04-06 12:54
PSG for sure man und is dead team
2020-04-06 12:57
They already have 43162318 offensive player dafuq? Don't feed the Arabic football.
2020-04-06 13:00
neymar 🤝mbappe 🤝 CR7 god team
2020-04-06 13:01
yes :)
2020-04-06 12:57
2020-04-06 12:59
Retirement, he is old enough+leaving at the top is better.
2020-04-06 13:00
Back to Sporting ofc The greatest
2020-04-06 13:02
2020-04-06 13:02
Toxic | 
Europe sam2gay 
soccer lul
2020-04-06 13:04
Toxic | 
Europe sam2gay 
Why you posting my yt channel link for lol
2020-04-07 03:35
WHAT * you posting my yt for ********** Lol, fakeflagger. That guy is english, he'd never commit a mistake like that.
2020-04-11 06:49
Turkey Nice_Turk 
I would like him to return to Madrid, they need him alot I feel like.
2020-04-06 21:54
Last el clásico he was invited by Pérez himself and he was watching the game with his former colleagues. Many people, including me, saw a reconciliation on that. Pérez didn't increase his wage so he left, and i feel like Ronaldo really regrets that. They have been desperate for many attackers, Lewandowski, Mané, Haaland, Hazard, a shit ton. Not to mention the crisis they were into, between the period Real lost 4-1 to Ajax and until september i think.. between that period, Hazard got hurt, they lost 7x3 to Atlético, 3x0 to Barça in Copa del Rey, 3x0 for PSG when they were without Cavani, Neymar, and Mbappé, etc. Not to mention everyone was in a bad phase All of that because CR7 left.
2020-04-06 22:02
Turkey Nice_Turk 
I cba to read
2020-04-06 22:03
Just another trolling kid, suck a dick then, brother. I'm pretty sure that this, you are arsed o do.
2020-04-06 22:25
Turkey Nice_Turk 
wtf why so toxic. Still mad after BRA71L?
2020-04-06 22:26
>Turkey has never beaten Brazil, 6 matches, 4W 2D >Countries like Croatia, Hungary, Sweden, Czechslovakia have reached a WC final, Turkey never did with a much bigger population and bigger clubs Europeans gave you the previlege to join EURO continental championship and you can't win that as well, nor reach a final LULW
2020-04-06 22:32
Turkey Nice_Turk 
that wasnt really what I was asking for, I asked if you was still mad after BRA71L
2020-04-06 22:34
I am not. Keep falling into my bait and bumping the thread, ty
2020-04-06 22:35
Turkey Nice_Turk 
I dont really care about your thread. And neither do I care about some faceit lvl 1 opinions.
2020-04-06 22:36
You seem tilted
2020-04-06 22:39
Turkey Nice_Turk 
Not really, I am fine wat bout u
2020-04-06 22:40
Poland rude_wredne 
MEN how much money is enough money 😩😩
2020-04-06 22:15
Too much moni for 'em, i ain't got shit 😩😩😩😩
2020-04-06 22:27
Poland rude_wredne 
Fuuuuc 😞😞😞
2020-04-06 22:29
2020-04-06 21:58
Netherlands ___Snowy___ 
No way he goes to City when they wont be playing UCL for 2 seasons
2020-04-06 21:58
no way he goes to City since CR7 respect United a lot.
2020-04-11 06:57
Poland JKG 
It's not like corona is only in Italy tho
2020-04-06 22:01
2020-04-06 22:04
is this bait or...?
2020-04-06 23:42
yeah xd,when there is a good player,turkish fans always write COME TO GALATASARAY
2020-04-07 12:20
Borussia Dortmund 😎
2020-04-06 22:06
Russia Windcast 
retire or tier-2 league/club
2020-04-06 22:22
henry fan when he actually rekt your country in world cup lol
2020-04-06 22:36
Sweden MaNiHa 
juventus? never heard of them. probably bad csgo team
2020-04-06 23:14
love how most of these east european cunts know shit about football and are saying that he should retire and that hes shit nowadays lmao, either they dont watch football and want to have their 2 cents in or they just dont understand shit about football, a player isnt only for goals, a player sells merch etc, how stupid can u be to believe that teams only buy players to score lmao
2020-04-06 23:45
+1 lol complete retards maybe just baiting/hating kids
2020-04-15 06:29
penalty for juve
2020-04-07 02:48
would love to see him back in the PL
2020-04-07 04:47
Denmark Tzianzhin 
Man U just to finish his career where he "began".
2020-04-11 07:02
He can go anywhere. His name is bigger than his body and 35 is just number for him.
2020-04-11 07:06
crazy for me to think that he's already 35 man
2020-04-11 22:59
Time flies
2020-04-15 06:28
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
he should go to barcelona to finally play with his god
2020-04-11 10:20
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