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Sleep schedule
Slovakia sniks 
I go sleep at 7am and wake up at 4pm. I think it's not healthy.
2020-04-06 05:21
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same here for the past 2 months, but I'm fine with that for now cuz of quarantine
2020-04-06 05:23
harn | 
Bulgaria filmar 
the quarantine did the same to me
2020-04-06 05:23
2020-04-06 05:24
Asia LoveCakeRusk 
I hate myself for this. So for some days its 3-11. Trying to sleep at 1 am tho
2020-04-06 05:24
me too. always go to sleep but just cant fall asleep for like 2-3 hours.
2020-04-06 06:15
Finland 0lter 
same lmao aboutta go sleep quarantine life well except i wake up at 20:00
2020-04-06 05:25
2020-04-06 05:52
Canada ZHF 
Mine's moved forward 3 hours
2020-04-06 05:25
Sleep: 2 am Wake Up: 8 am
2020-04-06 05:28
United States NoahN 
Sleep: 10 PM Wake: 8 AM. But this week I wake at 6 AM for EPL
2020-04-06 05:32
Same thing Quarantine ruined my life
2020-04-06 05:32
Sleep: 4am Wake up: 3-4PM very tired tho
2020-04-06 05:44
can relate
2020-04-06 05:53
2020-04-06 05:57
Boombl4 | 
Bulgaria poqi 
wfh 8-17 so sleep 00-7 but then again im 35 :)
2020-04-06 06:02
Ukraine Dert38 
don't sleep just play coz of peop like you i can't sleep
2020-04-06 06:07
steel | 
Serbia bakedcs 
Yes i are.
2020-04-06 06:08
Sweden Zeepter 
been awake for 2 days ima sleep guuuuud soon
2020-04-06 06:09
Asia LoveCakeRusk 
It doesn't work like that Karen
2020-04-06 11:59
i do cycles for like 2-3 years, i go to sleep like 1-2h later than the day before
2020-04-06 06:11
Finland Miroyev 
I sleep on average 12 hours a night except about once a week when I stay up all night. Probably not healthy either
2020-04-06 06:22
Vietnam Hulkie2K 
Omg I thought I was the only one who fucked up my schedule on the quarantine day but look there are so many. Watch ESL from 7pm to 6am in the morning then go to sleep till 11am then have lunch then sleep till 4pm then take a shower, have dinner and CS time
2020-04-06 06:29
Sweden DEFENSE! 
Regardless of how good it feels, how you dont "feel anything" right now, its still really, really bad for you. Because you're young you wont feel any side effects, your body can handle it. And if you keep doing it your body will keep handling it. But do it for 10 more years and you've lost basically like 5 years of your life. Keep doing it and you will run at a much higher risk of getting basically any heart disease. I used to work night shift over a summer. There were several people there in their 30-40s who had worked there for around 10 years. They looked like they were 60 years old and Im not even lying about it. It was pretty scary to see it. It's not worth it. Turn around the schedule, before its too late.
2020-04-06 06:27
8am till 4pm
2020-04-06 06:38
Europe NiKoGOD4ever 
Going to bed around 21-22:00ish and waking up at 8am like clockwork
2020-04-06 06:39
I cant sleep again Now i sleep from 2-3:00 to 12-13 Fucking quaruntine
2020-04-06 12:01
Go sleep at 4 and wake up at 12.
2020-04-06 12:22
11:30pm - 8am best sleep schedule
2020-04-06 12:23
Me too 1 week ago then i skipped a day and went to bed at around 20:00 and woke up at 4AM, did that for a couple of days and now i sleep at around 00:00 and wake up at 8:00. I always skip a day of sleep if i want to change my sleeping schedule, even did it once when i had school the next day.
2020-04-06 12:26
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