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Bosnia and Herzegovina hercegoVAC_ 
Riot only knows to copy valve, they copied dota and now cs Graphics of TF2 Mechanics of CS Maps of CS Guns of CS Gamemode of CS Characters ideas from Overwatch Character abilities from Overwatch... Why are people so hyped about this ripoff
2020-04-06 10:26
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Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
2020-04-06 10:28
Denmark Jeffersond 
Well Valve stole dota sooooo....
2020-04-09 11:00
Well, valve didnt stole dota. IceFrog was behind dota 2 aswell, working with valve.
2020-04-09 11:09
AdreN | 
Kazakhstan Aiomie 
And guinsoo who works at riot developed dota before icefrog. And cs wasn't valve's idea, it was a community mod. Nothing is original at this point.
2020-04-09 11:19
Why were people so hyped about Fortnite?
2020-04-06 10:30
United Kingdom Hammondo 
Fortnite losing players pretty quickly it seems.
2020-04-06 10:30
Actually Fortnite is still more relevant than CS GO, and Fortnite only begun to lose players after 2 or 3 years, and when I say lose players, I mean that had less players than last month
2020-04-06 13:54
United Kingdom Hammondo 
They started losing players in 2019.
2020-04-06 14:35
omg, released in 2017 and lose players in 2019, what a dead game ahsgdshfvdhsvcgkjdsvcds
2020-04-06 17:19
United Kingdom Hammondo 
No one said dead, but those kind of games are never long-term.
2020-04-06 17:33
Sweden MAJE5TIC 
2020-04-07 20:37
Canada razneK1789 
+1 just like cod
2020-04-09 19:38
Where will that game be in 10 years?NOWHERE!
2020-04-06 14:51
well, IDK, but Dota vs LoL we know the "winner"
2020-04-06 17:20
steel | 
Serbia bakedcs 
Yes and it is Dota. Your point?
2020-04-06 17:29
2020-04-06 21:13
Brazil kotopro2 
Well, ofc dota2 is losing players, the company has been making the game easier like LOL thinking that would bring new players to the game... the current dota is easier than classic dota apem back in the days... thats pathetic . I hope dota2 burn to the ashes.. tbh i dont even call it dota anymore, that shit isnt the real dota , its just lol shity copy...
2020-04-07 02:00
Denmark Tzianzhin 
that's just a fanboy way of thinking, that's not the reason why dota is losing players
2020-04-07 08:52
Brazil kotopro2 
how is it not? I tried to come back after a long break (i quit arround 2014 with 5.5k mmr , almost into the best players list in SA MMR) .. the game is disgusting, its way harder to stomp, the game totally values newbs with waaay more gold gains , less penalty on deaths... jesus i killed a support 10 times and he ended up getting blink , mek and full boots, lmao... not to mention how overpowered the heros are and how toxic the community has become... i mean it was toxic aswell in the past, but it got waaay worse and u know why? cuz when u mix the pleb newbs with actual good players , u make the shity retarded plebs think they are actually good.... just see the current top mmr players, not even pros can stomp anymore... the game's meta is very bad for years now. The good dota times was when we had trilane, ganks and map control.... jesus there are so many points that shows how fucked up dota is now ps: this meta works in pro levels ofc, but u cant compare pro leevels to simple pubs ps2: tbh with this meta, watching dota makes me feel sick
2020-04-07 10:25
they werent, pubg was kinda big but expensive and you had 10 fps, but then free to play fortnite came out and all the kids found it appealing
2020-04-06 10:31
Who has 10 fps in pubg lmao
2020-04-06 10:47
He's saying that when pubg released it wasnt well optimized.. and it stood like that for a long time.
2020-04-06 10:52
Denmark Roxozor 
Have you seen the pc these people play CS on? It's shit like 2nd gen i5
2020-04-06 11:01
+1 I have 2nd gen i5 and I can confirm I have 10fps in pubg
2020-04-06 11:04
Denmark Tzianzhin 
like 60% of players lul
2020-04-07 08:59
Finland Karppanator 
Pubg was extremely badly optimized at the start.
2020-04-07 20:31
I have less fps in fortnite than pubg
2020-04-06 14:59
instead of people you should say 10 yo kids
2020-04-06 12:12
ScreaM | 
Brazil HLTVolt 
Dude, I thought Fortnite was shit tbh, played it few times cuz my friends had it, I have to say, the construction mechanics is fking awesome imo now
2020-04-06 15:08
Finland kalza1 
the game runs pretty good and all, but the main thing why people like me don't like it is because of the people that play it, and how they play it.
2020-04-07 08:53
Lmao actually Valve copied idea of changing skins from overwatch
2020-04-06 10:31
Halton | 
Spain akproxx 
2020-04-06 10:41
Nope, even CS 1.6 had different player models back then.
2020-04-06 10:49
So you think they just coincidentally added new models in a similar way to both Overwatch and Fortnite because they had them in 1.6?
2020-04-06 10:51
The idea is not new. That's was my point. Overwatch nor Fortnite invented that. CS had this shit long time ago.
2020-04-06 10:52
Yeah but just because Valve did it 20 years ago doesn't mean they didn't copy it from either game. I think it's very likely they did it because of the popularity of player models in Fortnite, and that's not necessarily a bad thing or a criticism of Valve.
2020-04-06 10:55
It's obviously not a bad thing but it was obvious that it's coming after gloves. The problem why Valve didn't do it earlier is because the CS community is alergic when it comes to new stuff in the game, such as players models. :P
2020-04-06 11:00
That's quite an optimistic viewpoint, but yes I suppose it is possible.
2020-04-06 11:02
Norway AleXeiCS 
> Yeah but just because Valve did it 20 years ago doesn't mean they didn't copy it from either game. dumbest shit I have ever heard, its the same as the MP5, they brought back some features the old game had, has nothing to do with "copying" Fartnite or Overweight trash games. You're probably a kid that believes that Fortnite is the new Minecraft.
2020-04-09 10:46
Why is it impossible that Valve copied Fortnite? Because it was in the game 20 years ago? I'm only saying that because player models have a large part in Fortnite and have been very popular, so I think it makes sense that Valve would've copied it (again, I need to stress that is not a bad thing). You know, just because you hate it doesn't mean Epic hasn't done some great business decisions in regards to Fortnite that Valve wouldn't want to emulate. And sorry to ruin your presumption however I don't like Fortnite, but nor do I hate it with a burning passion like you seem to.
2020-04-09 11:23
Serbia mihajlow0w0 
he never said they copied 1.6, just that there was customization before fortnite and ow
2020-04-09 20:59
Probably copied it from Fortnite more than they did from Overwatch
2020-04-06 10:50
I think this system was before overwatch ( R6S , kinda in TF 2 , Dota ) so overwatch just got it populized
2020-04-06 14:40
markeloff | 
Serbia _Miix 
Might wanna look up Defense of the Ancients
2020-04-06 10:40
Ukraine S7R4V0X1D 
LoL was before Dota 2 And Dota v1 is just a mod for W3 Frozen Throne
2020-04-06 10:42
axaxa u idiot blizzard had rights for dota 1(for that type of game) and they selled them to riot and after LoL blizzard realized what a huge mistake it was and came up with dota2
2020-04-06 11:46
Ukraine S7R4V0X1D 
where in my sentence I am wrong? Tieblan?
2020-04-06 11:49
it wasnt '' just a mod''
2020-04-06 12:09
Dota 2 is a valve game fren.
2020-04-06 11:55
fer | 
Brazil Pandapool 
You don't know shit haha. Blizzard never had rights for dota 1. One of the developers of the map was hired by riot. And Valve hired ic3frog who was the main creator to transform dota in a standalone game. That's the reason blizzard now is taking all the rights for new maps created on the warcraft 3 reforged.... because they know how much they fucked up losing dota to valve (Everything made on the wc3 map creator was property of the person who created it). And most of people hated the idea, that was "one" of the reasons warcraft 3 reforged was such a disaster ( people don't wanna create something knowing they already lost all rights to it).
2020-04-06 15:06
i remember icefrog first went to blizzard and they refused to make dota a standalone game
2020-04-07 13:24
Germany virgin_of_hltv 
> 3 bombsites > teleporters > maps of cs what?
2020-04-06 10:46
Map layouts simular to cs...
2020-04-06 11:01
And they just took most of the guns from cs changed how they look a little bit and thats it.Spray patterns and everything, it just looks like that meme yea i will give you my homework just change it a little but so it doesnt look obvious...
2020-04-06 14:57
Spray patterns are completely different than cs one's after the first 10 bullets,the game's focused more on tapping than spraying.
2020-04-06 15:04
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
spray pattern is rng after the first 6 bullets btw
2020-04-06 15:12
+1 they didn't even change spray patterns which is lame af
2020-04-07 08:47
But there is no spray pattern in valorant after 6th shot xDDD
2020-04-09 11:00
I'm not :)
2020-04-06 10:49
Toxic | 
Europe sam2gay 
csgo 300k viewers when top teams play valoroant 1 mil just for gameplay foot lmfao
2020-04-06 10:59
Russia Nikosimus 
We'll see what happens 6-7 years later
2020-04-06 14:54
Europe dirty_deeds 
Lmao look at the titles of the streams which have a lot of viewers, main part is 'drop free keys'...
2020-04-09 11:16
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W 
people hyped about bad rip-off i agree
2020-04-06 11:00
Obviously because it's Riot (big game publisher), and it's not a game like cod warzone that gets released every year. Once the hype will wear out and people will start to get more in depth on how the game plays out and how game breaking Overwatch mechanics can be if brought willy nilly in cs contest...
2020-04-06 11:00
is lol riot game? if yes they copied also Dota
2020-04-06 11:01
Yes it is, they copied dota and lol is now actually bigger thing than dota
2020-04-06 11:01
$1 prize pool vs $500 trillion
2020-04-06 11:03
i dont think lol is bigger then dota but u have ur opinion nice for lol i guess :) im just following CS/Dotes
2020-04-06 13:47
Player-wise LoL is bigger cuz potatoes with cable can run it. But Dota has higher quality and bigger E-Sports scene.
2020-04-06 13:50
Dota is bigger in asia tho, but lol at west..
2020-04-06 14:44
dota bigger in asia? are u stupid? 90% of leagues players are from china and south korea
2020-04-06 17:13
Austria _h3ll 
lol bigger than dota. best joke i heard today thanks
2020-04-06 18:15
Canada ProvexPyker 
Lol bigger than dota? It wasn't even close last time I checked
2020-04-09 09:34
Europe tokyo999 
Lol didnt copy dota. If you were smart enough you would know the devs who made LoL also made dota2 :) but the dev team split, some of them left dota2 and made lol
2020-04-09 09:43
it will die after all the twitch hype dies
2020-04-06 11:01
nah, it'll probably do what fortnite did, stay really really really really popular for like 6months or whatever, and then it might drop off a tiny bit, tbh it all depends on how the game is updated by devs
2020-04-06 13:50
more like apex legends
2020-04-06 14:44
never played apex legends, idk about that game
2020-04-06 14:45
it was popular , but then after twitch hype died , it became a casual game , without big online
2020-04-06 14:47
Apex is losing it's players because the devs don't care about fucked up servers, cheaters etc. We all know how EA is with FIFA, they only care about money.
2020-04-06 14:52
It seems cool tbh but the artstyle is just a lil bit wacky
2020-04-06 11:01
Can you plz explain me something? I'm curious. When i dont like a game i just ignore it. For example: i NEVER liked fortnite, pubg, COD, crossfire, free fire, overwatch, LOL, Dota, and many other games... but i never felt the need to criticize these games and scream to the world that i hate them. All i ever had to do was ignore it and never play them, and i always felt OK about other people loving these games. So... just for curiosity, what makes you give yourself the work of creating a thread just to talk shit about Valorant? Is it that hard to just ignore the existence of this game? Can you help me understand please? I'm really curious.
2020-04-06 11:02
this thing has being going on since forever if im not mistaken maybe it was around 2015-2016 that everybody started calling cs:go a dead game, with the theory that all of the game success was due to its skin market and the gambling system basically driven player count and pro scene... obviously all of that has been disproved through the years but obviously now with valorant comes an actual game aiming to take on the same exact gaming sector as cs:go, but it's just retarded to think that cs:go will die the day after valorant comes out, if anything i struggle to see valorant being more successful than overwatch or r6
2020-04-06 11:14
kennyS | 
Croatia buzeG2 
who thinks that csgo will die because valorant LMAO. I see more people shit talking people that think csgo will die than people actually saying csgo will die cuz of valorant.
2020-04-06 11:53
2020-04-06 17:08
I think its because people are licking the butt of valorant while its just a rip off game
2020-04-06 11:45
I still don`t understand. I saw people licking the butt of PUBG, of the new COD, of APEX, and i couldnt care less about it. I would like to see the OP answering tho.
2020-04-06 15:02
Spain TryToEvolve 
is called FEAR
2020-04-06 12:08
and even overwatch copies tf2 lol
2020-04-06 11:44
Europe Drofwer 
it doesn't matter valorant's fall will be so fast hype is temporal it won't be a cs:go 2 or something
2020-04-06 11:49
i will stop playing cs and play only valorant just because i dont want to support a game like cs anymore. I think its time for cs to either die, or for valve to finally give a shit and fix the game. -proper anticheat -128 tick servers -tournaments, hubs -hardware and IP bans basic shit. basic simple shit that everyone has been asking for in +10 years. id rather fly in the air and shoot buttplugs at people instead of having to sit there and get rekt by some russian kid with 300 hrs headshoting me 15 times through the thickest wall in the map and calling me a noob, unable to leave the match and save my dignity because it will only make things worse by lowering my trust factor and giving me a ban. i love cs but holy shit unless you pay for third parties the game sucks ass, and now i need to have better eyes than a fucking pilot in order to spot models that are more invisible than fucking john cena.
2020-04-06 12:05
Poland Hanse 
> hardware bans > basic shit This basic shit breaks EULA rules and could result in multimilion lawsuit for Valve in like, first 20 minutes after update
2020-04-06 13:56
man faceit ac is dogshit as well, vac is useless
2020-04-06 14:43
update the eula
2020-04-06 16:28
Poland Hanse 
EULA is in big part connected to international consumer law
2020-04-06 17:04
do it the way faceit is doing it. Ask people to link their account to a phone number. Do something. They are doing nothing, zero effort.
2020-04-06 17:36
Poland Hanse 
Am I mistaken or they ask for your phone verification while you enable prime for the first time?
2020-04-06 17:44
every account got promoted to prime when f2p happened. you can buy prime accounts with 5 year coins for 2 eur
2020-04-06 18:36
Shoot buttplugs? Weird fetish but ok... 😁
2020-04-09 09:40
better than wasting one hour of my life getting destroyed by some eastern european fast food worker who is aiming at me through walls and has been cheating for so long that he actually believes that he is good.
2020-04-09 10:43
Why do you feel the need to belittle honest workers from eastern europe? Main part of cheaters actually live in Russia and Ukraine.
2020-04-09 10:56
its because the mentality that leads people to cheat in this way is shared among most of eastern europeans. You people have a deep sense of nihilism that often manifests in perverse actions that lead to no real value or reward apart from a need to hurt someone who is defenseless, eventhough you are in an insufferable state yourself. You want to emulate your own oppressors because for some reason you still stupidly idealise them. Its not the fault of the west that you chose to live like animals for centuries and allowed yourselves to be abused by worthless people. We dont have to pay for your lack or values and culture.
2020-04-09 11:06
The west had a chance to help us when Russia came and occupied us but chose not to. So it is kind of your fault as well. Russians destroyed our value system but we are slowly getting better.
2020-04-09 13:31
dupreeh | 
Turkey goduf 
Because riot is owned by tencent and tencent is trying to take control of gaming world. They have everything compared to other companies like valve and also they own the world’s biggest game as well which is also a cs ripoff. They are smart and strong so they created huge hype and they can spend huge money on the things that cs go lacks which gets people’s attention a lot.
2020-04-06 12:13
but you will also be banned for saying "free hong kong" or "tiananmen square 1989"
2020-04-06 17:11
Poland Hanse 
DOTA wasn't Valve property when LoL copied it
2020-04-06 13:55
Brazil llskll 
Basic knowledge about moba games. Dota was First of all custom game by icefrog for wc3
2020-04-06 13:59
2020-04-06 14:42
Brazil llskll 
Valorant when?
2020-04-06 13:57
France Nairelav 
I don't get where is the problem for you ? If the game is shit you don't have to care about it and if it's good you can play both Valorant and CS. I mean you're not working for Valve to be mad about it and it may be beneficial for us as CSGO player because thanks to it maybe Valve will care more about the game and finally nerf this shitty no skill krieg
2020-04-06 13:58
Slovakia bad_at_life 
2020-04-06 14:40
2020-04-06 14:42
CIS MrEuroBlue 
2020-04-06 14:49
Europe rafaumarcisz 
CS 1.6 movement CS GO gameplay 128 tick on every server One way smokes and other bullshit not possible Amazing optimization - the game should work on 10 y o PC = no lags Shorter games - for me it's good Riot actually cares about their games and update them every month or even week = new maps, very fast fixes, esport scene will definitely grow fast.
2020-04-06 15:09
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
+ no crabwalk no peekers advantage
2020-04-06 15:16
"Amazing optimization - the game should work on 10 y o PC = no lags" you definitely have a zero knowledge what "optimization" means
2020-04-09 20:54
maybe but Riot > Valve
2020-04-06 15:13
r6 cs/ow ripoff, did it badly and still got second "best" fps.
2020-04-06 15:15
Riot have onyl 1 game and LOL is for girls and kids.
2020-04-06 15:18
expected from riot. can't balance their shitty moba now here comes the broken champions in valorant
2020-04-06 21:43
Lithuania karkeris 
128tick servers. Thats all you need to beat CS:GO
2020-04-06 21:58
2020-04-07 08:49
steel | 
Serbia bakedcs 
6 bucks a month. That's all you need to have 128tick servers.
2020-04-07 08:50
2020-04-07 17:56
steel | 
Serbia bakedcs 
Faceit hallo?
2020-04-07 20:29
its free...
2020-04-09 07:16
steel | 
Serbia bakedcs 
Its free if you wanna play cache 4v5 vs 5stack swedes cause your russian teammate left. Prem >>>
2020-04-09 09:24
whats servers are you playing on? cus never happened to me
2020-04-09 19:04
steel | 
Serbia bakedcs 
Wdym what servers? I'm playing on faceit premium but played on free for a night or two when i couldn't make a transaction to my credit card and renew premium subscription. Have to say even with all the toxicity going on in premium, free is still much worse.
2020-04-09 19:17
Only difference with free and premium is that people dont leave as often, as in free, but people are as toxic as in free. tldr: premium NOT worth it!!!
2020-04-09 19:27
steel | 
Serbia bakedcs 
I mean wasn't the leaving part clear from my first comment. You also don't run into 5stacks while soloqueueing. Also everyone has mics cause they can afford the sub. Premium more tilted tryhards / free more third worlders. Imo it definitely is worth it, <10bucks a month is nothing.
2020-04-09 19:36
steel | 
Serbia bakedcs 
You also choose the maps you wanna queue like i don't fucking wanna play cache, wasn't that also clear from my first comment
2020-04-09 19:37
And one thing that i dont understand is people who dont know how to play/dont want to play certain maps(excluding cache, cus not in map pool) and still play faceit.
2020-04-09 20:25
steel | 
Serbia bakedcs 
It's not because it's not in the pool that I don't play it it's because its a stuttery green pile of shit where retards with agent skins get even bigger advantages. Umm that's why you can select maps lmao not even pros want to play vertigo. Either way faceit is 90% mirage anyways.
2020-04-09 20:48
mirage aka the most boring map in the universe
2020-04-09 20:49
steel | 
Serbia bakedcs 
Pay for premium and you don't have to play it. /Close
2020-04-09 20:50
Or do like me: play with free and ban mirage. /close
2020-04-09 20:52
steel | 
Serbia bakedcs 
Yes once every 10 games when you get captain lmao. You got destroyed get lost now if you can't affort 10 euros a month.
2020-04-09 20:55
i dont play solo, so doesnt matter, if im not captain
2020-04-09 20:56
2020-04-09 20:56
they copied dota, but made it better lmao
2020-04-06 21:59
steel | 
Serbia bakedcs 
2020-04-07 08:49
sodaH | 
Estonia rafio 
needs quake movement
2020-04-07 08:50
United States _ATaXiA_ 
The only people hyped for this trash are people who blow dick at CS.
2020-04-07 08:51
and streamers because they have artificial hype created by drops and 10 times more viewers them than normal
2020-04-09 10:54
why would a casual care about a fucking video game being a "ripoff" riot "copied" dota yet League is 50x times more successful and played and appeals to casuals way more
2020-04-07 20:34
Just give it 2 weeks it will die pretty quickly
2020-04-09 07:22
Sweden GeT_CoRrEcT 
Money grabbers
2020-04-09 08:59
its awesome to have a change of game and the fact another fps is out, csgo will have to up their shit.. its a win win.. so stop crying u tards
2020-04-09 09:46
Ukraine ksay 
valve copied dota1 wtf
2020-04-09 10:49
Sweden DrunKin 
And Valve didn't even develop Dota themselves. They copied it.
2020-04-09 11:04
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