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being s1mple's b***h
I dont hate s1mple but its too much I know hes the goat etc etc but jesus.. he treats his teammates like servants almost every t side pistol round I see boombla/perfecto/flamie not buying KEVLAR just to buy p250 to S1MPLE dont do that just play like u are equal -.- maybe with that kevlar you wouldnt have died and instead maybe made more kills or s1mple just solo rage full buys kevlar + deagle when all team have $2000, isnt it weird? its not how teamplay works I wouldnt like to be s1mple's private b***h like Perfecto or flamie in tier1 pro team
2020-04-07 19:27
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valde | 
Denmark QBE_ 
Why is the hltv name that and not sam2k?
2020-04-07 19:29
Croatia Carsten_Stahl 
idk i didnt make it
2020-04-07 19:32
S1MPLE and Jame are the greatest baiters ever!
2020-04-07 19:51
Czech Republic Johnny_Weak 
2020-04-07 19:29
Canada f8rki 
2020-04-07 19:47
the fucking house hahaha
2020-04-07 21:42
if not s1mple they wouldnt be top 1,never
2020-04-07 19:29
lol. Like Navi before him wasnt in many finals idiot.
2020-04-07 19:30
finals and top 1, don't you see the difference? typical toxic russian
2020-04-07 19:32
lol. They won 1 tournament and thats your argument?
2020-04-07 19:37
France FanchD 
2020-04-07 19:53
we're talking about current navi team
2020-04-07 20:34
France FanchD 
"if not s1mple they wouldnt be top 1,never"
2020-04-07 21:04
ropz | 
Europe Fatalist 
In 2016 navi 1 place was 3 weeks like hello man.
2020-04-07 21:08
France FanchD 
Still, they got #1 before s1mple joined
2020-04-07 21:14
Finland RIQUE_ 
I was just about to say the same like 3 weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things. That basically by winning a tournament and there not being other lans
2020-04-07 21:17
ropz | 
Europe Fatalist 
And without s1mple navi would be on the bottom it's a fact.
2020-04-07 21:09
France FanchD 
Never said the opposite
2020-04-07 21:13
before s1mple, guardiaN used to carry Navi. back then he was a sick awper
2020-04-07 20:06
I'm not racist, i just don't like Simple
2020-04-07 19:29
Czech Republic fan_of_prokda 
and dumb s0mple fans still thinking that whole team is not playing + baiting for him
2020-04-07 19:29
Poland v1ctorex 
Because they are not you idiot
2020-04-07 19:51
Czech Republic fan_of_prokda 
stfu brainless s0mple fan
2020-04-07 19:52
ropz | 
Europe Fatalist 
pls stop, it's annoying already.
2020-04-07 21:41
Sweden sKeletoN_SN 
Yep, teach them how to play the game because your CS:GO knowledge is far superior compared to those low tier players.
2020-04-07 19:30
If I were perfecto I would spend him every round a deagle.
2020-04-07 19:32
It seems to be profitable with their results, so why not? Not all teams have such HIGHLIGHTED stars. More of a teamwork - Astralis, Mouse / Vitality, NaVi, G2 - all their strats based on boosting their star player. There is nothing bad i guess, its just their gameplan, and NaVi squad find it more profitable to support s1mple as hard as possible
2020-04-07 19:34
potter | 
Ukraine Vovanx 
just like chrisJ on mouz in this game. every team has a player who they think would have more impact
2020-04-07 19:35
This isn't a family get together where everybody's equal and having fun. Money is on the line and there's someone called as a star player and support.Everyone play their roles.It isn't just na'vi, it's how most teams work.
2020-04-07 19:35
I agreee
2020-04-07 19:38
Finland pokka 
other teams do it aswell, why wouldn't you give a good pistol to a good aimer if there is nothing else to do with the money
2020-04-07 19:39
valde | 
Sweden meistr0 
Lol, that is basically all hardcore fans m8
2020-04-07 19:40
Uzbekistan Staf125 
Mens this is nonsense, in his fpl game he gifted galil and deagle left without armor and made an insane ace only with deagle on last round, the reason why they give him p250 because its strong pistol, much stronger than glock and even usp, and they try to get benefits from simple's skill and pistol's power.
2020-04-07 19:43
hltv nerds dont see this, 0/8 thread anyway lul
2020-04-07 19:53
i would suck simples dick for 20k a month
2020-04-07 19:46
Uzbekistan Staf125 
Expected from hugarian
2020-04-07 19:49
uzbek people are cultured
2020-04-07 20:01
Uzbekistan Staf125 
Yeah we dont suck to anyone for less than 25k a month, respect yourself.
2020-04-07 20:08
i can feed a city in your country for a year from 25k :))))))))))
2020-04-07 20:13
I've seen FPL matches with s1mple, team mates droping him P250 cause he is really good with it and at pistol rounds is more easier and he feels confident with it.
2020-04-07 19:48
2020-04-07 19:53
2020-04-07 19:51
sure if they offer you slot in navi and salary about 10k$ a month but you have to drop simple every single round you will refuse. sure man, we believe that
2020-04-07 19:54
World QuickyOwns 
How is being someones bitch while dropping a p250 on a pistol round? So many people buy nades on pistol rounds for the executes that they can have spare 300
2020-04-07 19:54
Latvia tibr0 
lmao mby cuz s1mple win these rounds with one deagle or p250 so stfu bot
2020-04-07 19:55
That's exactly what they are
2020-04-07 19:56
That was always navi playstile with zeus and now , if your teamate can do stuff like this why dont drop him p250 or ak when u have some shitgan if he feels the confidence why dont do this , everyone knows that it is better to drop ak or p250 to s1mple or elec rather than giving it to perfecto or boombl4 and navi knows it better
2020-04-07 19:59
Other dednark 
3/8 shit bait
2020-04-07 20:02
Yeah, guys let's stop dropping AWP to main snipers now cuz you are not personal servants
2020-04-07 20:05
2020-04-07 21:05
Poland Kazk 
They wouldnt buy kevlar anyway because they buy grenades idiot
2020-04-07 21:06
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