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device got deaththreats by salty Brazilians already
United States doublewhopper 
lmao look at his twitter and instagram its already being bombarded by portuguese speakers
2020-04-08 01:37
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Denmark Almoe 
wtf how come? brazilian fans are usually the nicest fans!
2020-04-08 01:39
Canada Souljiaboiii 
2020-04-08 01:39
Malaysia Amerika! 
2020-04-08 01:48
2020-04-08 01:53
2020-04-08 02:03
New Zealand rOtten_97 
2020-04-08 02:19
True! The "death threats" are usually just a figure of speech
2020-04-08 02:21
nt dev1ce. Now, don't be scared
2020-04-08 15:47
Portugal NabasKi 
Color me surprised.
2020-04-08 01:39
bodyy | 
France Zyw0o1v9 
The bm was way too much, almost like he's insecure of coldzera
2020-04-08 01:45
Libya s1v9mple 
How can anyone be insecure of some washed up baiter who uses steroids in an attempt to artificially bump up his status?
2020-04-08 01:55
bodyy | 
France Zyw0o1v9 
We can never know if he's on steroids or not and cold isn't washed up, I'm not even his fan yet it'll be foolish of me to think that cold is washed up, baiter bit I can agree to somewhat but in terms of pure raw skill cold>device and people saying no to this are in denial.
2020-04-08 02:04
Finland 0lter 
lmao he himself said hes using growth hormones
2020-04-08 02:06
bodyy | 
France Zyw0o1v9 
I don't know how these works but are growth hormones steroids only?
2020-04-08 02:09
Finland 0lter 
Growth hormones inteded to increase muscle growth when exercising, in essence steroids
2020-04-08 03:29
also growth hormones make you grow, not only build muscle. EVERYTHING grows
2020-04-08 11:14
Finland 0lter 
??? Hes taking testosterone supplements that doesnt make everything grow
2020-04-08 15:40
are you reading before replying? im talking about what growth hormones does. not saying you, your dad or your mom is taking the shit
2020-04-08 15:43
lmao +1
2020-04-08 15:46
He dont like cold because cold made him cry saying that he has big ego
2020-04-08 02:07
bodyy | 
France Zyw0o1v9 
Even though this sounds very rude of cold I can believe the bit with device, I hate to watch astralis just because of how arrogant device is. He think he's special but he's the most boring awper to watch.
2020-04-08 02:11
New Zealand rOtten_97 
He's one of the best awpers ever. His movement and positioning is outstanding compared to other awpers. Everything he does is intentional, always calculated. If you think he's boring, you are probably a very bad cs player, or you are new to the game. He isn't arrogant at all, i don't know where you got than from. He's always complementing other players and doesn't talk about himself. You are either a troll, a big fangay of baitzera, or just hate him for his huge success (jealous even)
2020-04-08 02:24
Canada sexiestuser 
movement? you probably mean rotations and positional play, dont you? his movement is mediocre at best
2020-04-08 02:39
he is probably not the #1 english speaker, cut him some slack mens)
2020-04-08 02:53
Brazil pooternd 
2020-04-08 02:27
Russia ImAmnesiac 
Imagine if es3tag will trip to Rio instead of him
2020-04-08 01:52
i dont see anything ?
2020-04-08 02:06
2020-04-08 02:54
Could be worse
2020-04-08 02:08
brazil biggest beta nation on earth always crying all over social medias hahaha
2020-04-08 02:27
typicaI drug deaIers
2020-04-08 02:31
come at Brazil 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 LUL
2020-04-08 02:47
device is not a manlet like cold
2020-04-08 02:51
these burgers live from spreading drama whenever they can, there's nothing on his twitter/ig
2020-04-08 02:58
let them fight IRL, no third parties allowed, Coldzera is 150cm tall and Device have 40kg, bets ?
2020-04-08 03:00
device is like 4 feet taller than midgetzera, he will just step on him like a bug and ez win xD
2020-04-08 15:46
fake,prove it
2020-04-08 03:09
Denmark Zaerdna 
He didn't even say anything??? He just said "First win in EPL #ToTheStars"
2020-04-08 11:12
Cold is a fucker and he like NiKo dicks
2020-04-08 11:15
the b8 is real and HLTV low brainers taking it.
2020-04-08 11:17
dev1ce is a mediocre tier 2 player. he should stfu
2020-04-08 15:45
How to make the whole country burn. Guide from dev1ce xD
2020-04-08 15:51
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