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Oceania SelfDestruction 
Guys. tell me your fps and your PC specs. I have a decent pc, but im a little confused. Hope its only because of beta
2020-04-09 04:22
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the game is very well optimized, a lot better than cs. guess u have toaster
2020-04-09 04:25
i5 8400 + 1660ti
2020-04-09 04:25
yep toaster
2020-04-09 04:28
2020-04-09 04:28
2020-04-09 06:51
how tf is that a toaster? thats a good gaming pc, name your specs then
2020-04-10 23:24
Shintel Novideo
2020-04-10 23:33
how much FPS do you have? oh 120-300 I see now I have drops to 90-100 sometimes (120-150 average, 180-350 in CS:GO) but according to game requirements I have 10-20% better specs than needed to achieve 144fps+ I hope it's only beta issues Gameplay is not that smooth like in CS...That's annoying :/
2020-04-10 22:29
Fuck, I never actually checked mine But it was very smooth on the whole so more than enough I did have some stuttering every now and then but that was network issues Specs: i5-7600k, RTX 2060, 16GB RAM
2020-04-09 04:26
its smooth. true. but when i look at monitor it's 120-300 idk why. jumping
2020-04-09 04:26
man almost every game is going to be smooth with your specs)
2020-04-09 04:27
You'd be surprised tbh, on some newer AAA games I have to run my settings pretty low to have a good framerate. I think my processor is getting a bit old. CSGO is absolutely fine though so I'm happy enough
2020-04-09 04:29
hmm. idk bro, you have much better pc than me. but almost every new game is very smooth on my i5-8400 + 1660ti
2020-04-09 04:31
Might be an airflow and thermal throttling problem, then. My case fans make some pretty weird noises sometimes and don't start up properly when I first turn on my PC, I have to give it a whack.
2020-04-09 04:35
2020-04-09 06:52
Noo :(
2020-04-09 15:44
fagger | 
Dominican Republic schmoko 
feels smooth and i have pretty high frame rate but im getting stutters and im teleporting sometimes also my weapons sometimes lag, at least the models do and i think i even noticed a guy teleport which was weird but it could be just me idk overall game is good smooth and accurate hitboxes i won 6/6 games and had good teammates
2020-04-09 04:28
i iplayed only 5 games. but my teammates was friendly every game
2020-04-09 04:29
fagger | 
Dominican Republic schmoko 
2020-04-09 04:36
specs? Your lags are probably because of ping?
2020-04-10 22:30
fagger | 
Dominican Republic schmoko 
i arent think that
2020-04-10 22:30
How many fps do you have? I have drops sometimes to 95-100 and normal 120-200 and it feels bad for me :/ after 200-300 in CS
2020-04-10 22:31
fagger | 
Dominican Republic schmoko 
mens))) old pc new pc has failure need part repair because poopoo brainlets eat computor me game on 660ti kaka pc with old i5poopoo and need more poopies to max frames or no more poopies
2020-04-10 22:33
ryzen 5 2600x + gtx 1050 getting around 130 fps
2020-04-09 04:33
xd. they told 1050 its going to be stable 144 fps. hope they will fix it
2020-04-09 05:39
nah, playing on 4:3 1280x960 too and i still dip under 144 alot
2020-04-09 05:47
Ukraine Taira 
hmmm 2600 and 1060 = 200 fps on 1980 and everything on max
2020-04-09 05:50
dunno, getting ryzen 5 3600x + 2060 in a couple weeks so that should be better :D
2020-04-09 06:05
Ukraine Taira 
i dont think u even need high fps in this game =) its like playing on 500 fps in 1.6 while u need only 100 =)
2020-04-09 06:06
its well optimized, even when im playing below 144 it feels fine
2020-04-09 06:22
LOL 4:3 only stretches your HUD and viewmodel, doesn’t actually stretch the game. You’re just getting the same game that looks uglier. Go check with 16:9 and 4:3 comparison screenshots: game is the same.
2020-04-09 19:29
+1 and FPS are the same unlike CS
2020-04-10 22:32
I'm not having any issues. I haven't been using an fps counter, but I assume I'm getting 300+. I have a 3700x @4.3 GHz and a 5700XT
2020-04-09 04:38
Only issue I had was the game forced my PC to shut down for some reason. Idk why.
2020-04-09 04:38
dont know what is it bro
2020-04-09 05:39
r5 1600 @3.8 gtx 1060,16gb ram @2666mhz 180+ all the time
2020-04-09 04:43
lul. my friend have r5 1600 and 1070 and he has 140 fps. wtf
2020-04-09 05:39
I play 1280x960 all low,just like csgo maybe that's my advantage.
2020-04-09 19:14
United States inflict 
Never checked my fps but it was for sure always above 150, i have a i5 7400 + 1060 and this was on all high settings
2020-04-09 06:22
2020-04-09 06:52
fps is 0 because id rather queue for dps in overwatch than play that hyped up clone
2020-04-09 06:25
United States tatsumi 
90 fps on laptop
2020-04-09 06:53
Europe MaHoTei 
all low settings i5 8400 asus gtx 1070 from around 160 to 300
2020-04-09 08:26
i5 9600k stock rtx 2060 200-300
2020-04-09 08:51
i7 4770 gtx 1060 6gb 200-300 fps
2020-04-09 19:17
i7 7700k rtx 2070 high settings 1080p 200fps +
2020-04-10 22:29
Europe MaHoTei 
just play all low setting the lowest cause graphics look basically the same and youll get way better fps
2020-04-10 22:32
Europe LoookATme 
i5 4430 gtx 1050TI 120-160 fps Low settings + stream 720p
2020-04-10 22:35
Never checked what my FPS was but it's been fine for most part on my end. I have a 2080 and 8700k. I'd have random issues where my game would freeze though after tabbing out but I can hear everything. By the time it unfreezes, the buy period expired and I'm fucked for the round.
2020-04-10 23:09
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
I7 8700k Gtx 1070 High 1080p 200+ fps
2020-04-10 23:17
i7 2600k gtx 580ti all low 4xmsaa clarity ON 110-160fps
2020-04-10 23:19
3700x and 2070 super and I’m getting 200+ fps They said that they will make it run better, it’s only beta don’t worry
2020-04-10 23:19
Portugal xxxruixxx 
9700k RTX2070 all graphic settings maxed out @ 1080p locked at 240 fps
2020-04-10 23:26
Been playing since the 7th. graph avarage is around 300 cuz of spikes of 400-500 fps but actual avarage in a match is 220 fps Vega 64 I7-9700k Default settings with everything max except anisotropic filtering x8 and MSAA x4 Seems like the game is pretty easy to run
2020-04-10 23:31
Ryzen 3600 + Rx5700xt, around 240avg, insanely smooth, game is well optimized, I'm really surprised how well it runs
2020-04-10 23:35
is it still droppng keys from the streams?
2020-04-10 23:36
Frankie | 
Ukraine d3adLY 
i3 7100, 1660, 160 fps
2020-04-11 13:08
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