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webmasters come here
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China i_eat_dogs 
how do you actually make sites? i know that first a graphic designer must do a layout in photoshop or whatever, but when you got a layout, do you code everything using html&css&js in programs like microsoft visual studio or u use some things like joomla and stuff?
2020-04-09 19:08
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China i_eat_dogs 
2020-04-09 19:10
yes | 
China i_eat_dogs 
2020-04-09 19:25
Brazil CringeGuy 
we code first in an IDE
2020-04-09 19:26
yes | 
China i_eat_dogs 
2020-04-09 19:35
Brazil CringeGuy 
there are alot of ways of assembling a site and coding them, the foundation is 100% coded, absolutely everything that you see in a website was wrote even the images that you see. if you "ctrl+shift+i" a tab will open in the right side of the screen, you can do it and then clicking the small mouse button that appears in the upper left of that screen, then you click on your flag for instance, then you'll see the code line that's linking the image of your flag to show in HLTV. <img alt="China"src=""class="flag"title="China"> you can change the flag link toa nother flag link or the title for some other word and it'll chance the flag name when u put the mouse over the flag. i know nothing about web development but you can search about it on youtube and start writing something, even in the beginning it's still very cool and interesting topic
2020-04-09 19:46
2020-04-09 19:10
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China i_eat_dogs 
2020-04-09 19:11
2020-04-10 15:48
adobe XD for design - its free,but you can also use figma or sketch for mac visual studio - for coding because notepad sucks you can also use css frameworks - or (my favorite)
2020-04-09 19:30
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China i_eat_dogs 
thank you :) what is joomla then?
2020-04-10 15:43
bootstrap > all
2020-04-10 15:46
Czech Republic realProkda 
I am a webmaster. I create websites. When I need to create a website I pay people and get what I want.
2020-04-10 15:48
If its a simple website, you don't need cms like joomla, and yes layout can be done in pure html&css&js but nowdays frontend devs use stuff like LESS, SCSS, gulp, typescript
2020-04-10 15:50
2020-04-10 15:52
I guess it's all depends on your budget, and complexity of the website better say us: why do you ask? and what do you want to accomplish?
2020-04-10 15:58
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China i_eat_dogs 
im just curious, in school they teach us basic html, css and js but i cant imagine that professional webmaster just code everything in notepad, so im curious how does it look in professional job
2020-04-10 16:10
well there is front-end(what you see) and back-end (what you don't see "database mainly") for front end it is basicly html, css and js, but there is more in back-end and there is many tools and libraries that devs use check out survey
2020-04-10 16:19
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