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32gb ram
Serbia FaZe_Rise_2020 
whats better 2x 16gb or 4x 8gb? or doesnt matter?
2020-04-09 20:53
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jks | 
Mongolia Kkura 
2x16 gb i think so that you can upgrade if you want later
2020-04-09 20:54
Upgrade to how much,64 gb?There is no way you can use that much without editing 10 videos and playing 3 games at once
2020-04-09 21:27
hahaha you are delusional ma friend
2020-04-09 22:51
??? why what
2020-04-09 22:58
Some jobs require a fuckton of ram like video editing so better to keep that option open, do you really need 15-20 when you already have 130ish.
2020-04-09 23:06
Human eye can only see 8gb of ram so why more?
2020-04-09 20:54
2020-04-09 20:55
Asia Johnny_Br@Vo 
2020-04-09 21:05
Russia maxmoin 
I love you
2020-04-09 22:52
2020-04-09 23:03
France Ga5huX 
Take my ass. Right now.
2020-04-10 00:41
1/2 64gb
2020-04-09 20:54
4x8gb i think is better unless u want to upgrade later so 2x16gb
2020-04-09 20:56
thats equal. 2x16gb for less power consumption
2020-04-09 20:56
Finland Karppanator 
2x16 is better for the future.
2020-04-09 20:56
wtf u gonna watch midget porn, edit a new 6 hour youtube video, watch netflix and look youtube on 8 different browser while playing cs?
2020-04-09 20:57
no just want to have enough so i dont have to change in the future :)
2020-04-09 21:00
the ram isnt going anywhere
2020-04-09 21:08
2020-04-09 22:52
the ram is going into the ewe if you know what I mean
2020-04-09 23:04
Portugal Celito 
go for 4x8 in case one gets fucked up u only lose 8 instead of 16gb.
2020-04-09 22:53
I'm wondering... Why do you need so much? Heavy software?
2020-04-09 20:58
not really, price isnt much more than 16 gb so why shouldnt i get 32 ?
2020-04-09 21:00
I'd rather spend those 70 euros on a better CPU, GPU, or even bigger SSD capacity. These 16 GBs really won't change anything for you now, just get one for 16 GB and update later when it will actually make difference.
2020-04-09 21:15
i understand what you mean, i wont buy it now anyway just getting info for future, i will probably wait anyway for ddr5 ram
2020-04-09 21:24
jks | 
Mongolia Kkura 
To use chrome tabs
2020-04-09 21:01
2020-04-09 22:49
x2 ram is generally better than x4 rams. So 2x16 would be the way to go. But you really don't need more than 16gb ram for gaming. Unless you're streaming, listening to youtube, using 2 screens etc.
2020-04-09 20:58
X4 better cause quad channel it's mean faster than x2
2020-04-09 23:03
That is totally incorrect...x4 rams on bank interleave will always be the better option than x2 ram. Pls tell me why the fuck x2 is the better option? You clearly know nothing about those things ur talkin bout!!!
2020-04-09 23:11
4x8 will allow dual channel mode which makes it faster, but 2x16 is better for upgrading. 32GB is usually unnecessary though. Don't buy it just to flex.
2020-04-09 21:00
seems that you've plugged your ram sticks wrong. Plug first stick into fourth slot/second one in third, so you hit both channels with both sticks.
2020-04-09 21:10
Kristou | 
Sweden IvoS 
nice bait m8
2020-04-09 21:08
What other interpretation there is when someone believes that you need 4 ram sticks for dual channel mode?
2020-04-09 21:11
Kristou | 
Sweden IvoS 
I just mean u should plug the 1st stick into the 2nd slot and 2nd stick into the 4th slot.
2020-04-09 21:14
Either way will work. Not sure why it's the norm, so won't suggest doing something that I don't understand.
2020-04-09 21:16
I have not. Just had a brainfart. Still, it's more beneficial to use the bandwidth of all 4 slots.
2020-04-09 21:15
I see. But bandwidth stays same, static 64 bits per each channel.
2020-04-09 21:19
2x16 should allow you to achieve higher speeds, but the performance gain is negligible. I'd go with 2x16 for upgradability, but that doesn't really matter either with DDR5 around the corner. By the time you require an upgrade, DDR5 will have already become mainstream.
2020-04-09 21:00
Europe twitchy_ 
2*16 and always buy them in pack.
2020-04-09 21:00
no difference if you won't overclock the ram. If yes, then 2x16.
2020-04-09 21:02
United States jay_320 
2 x16 is fine but high speeds (or B-die for the nerds) are going to be really expensive. 4 x 8 is fucking great if you are running quad channel. And the kits are likely cheaper and faster even in a dual channel board. So I'd go 4 x 8. Unless you are going to buy idential DDR4 16gb RAM chips in two years (you aren't). DDR5 is right around the corner in fact.
2020-04-09 21:03
No point in more than 16gb ram for gaming. If you are not going to run specific software you should just stick to 16gb and ram prices will only go down in the future so you can always upgrade later if you would need it at some point. Also, components are rather pricey atm due to corona supply line fuckery.
2020-04-09 21:05
Latvia Revelatiombe 
4x8 = more performance 2x16 = upgradeble at the future ddr5 will come out end of this year by the way.
2020-04-09 21:08
yeah i wont buy it anyway now im also waiting for new graphic cards and ddr5
2020-04-09 21:15
Russia MeowZer 
2020-04-09 21:16
United Kingdom TC10 
4x8 = more channels more fastgood 2x16 = more upgradeable
2020-04-09 21:25
United Kingdom trtr098 
Quad channel is only supported by Intel X series/ AMD Threadripper HEDT Chipsets. There is no benefit using 4 sticks on normal K series/Ryzen CPUs. Yes there are 4 slots on the MOBO, but they share 2 lanes, it's still dual channel. 4 Sticks mean worse thermals and more power draw, you also double the chance of failure. hence why RAM kits are usually sold as 2xN GB kits
2020-04-09 21:26
Finland pmon 
2 x 16GB will have a better resale value in a couple of years. At the moment, people will still buy 4GB DIMMs second hand, but nobody wants those 2GB DIMMs anymore (not to mention 1GB). As mentioned by others, 2 DIMMs use less power. The fact that they are more separated from each other physically, makes keeping them cool easier as well. The slowest DIMM will determine the speed of the others DIMMs (or stability of the system). Smaller amount of DIMMs means that the lowest DIMM is actually not produced on Monday/Friday (but buying a memory kit makes this issue irrelevant, at least in theory). DDR5 is coming in 2018 (2017 estimate).
2020-04-09 21:33
Unless you'll be using your PC as a server, there is no need for 32 GB anyway. 2x8 GB at least 3k mhz is everything you'll ever need
2020-04-09 22:54
if ur not building a server go 2x8 if ur building go 16x2 so you upgrade whe u can
2020-04-09 22:56
If you want upgrade ram in future 2x16 if no 4x8 multi performance and 4x8 show you better perf than 2x16
2020-04-09 23:00
fer | 
Brazil serjolaum 
meanwhile i only have 4gb :(
2020-04-09 23:03
2x16 there is almost no difference on the chipsets and motherboards, there no such parallelism or even efficience. Always depend of motherboard and chipset, but unless you have a xeon/server which really makes use of this there is notive
2020-04-09 23:03
4x8 more fps and lower latency than 2x16
2020-04-09 23:14
The difference is minimal, I think. Do you any performance test link?
2020-04-10 00:40
It doesn't matter.
2020-04-09 23:12
FalleN | 
Italy Morokei 
As far as i know only server processors work with quad-channel
2020-04-09 23:15
4* 8gb will be best Option for 32 GB if u don´t want to update later. But you should buy Ram with memory chips on BOTH sides, so you will get the benefit from Bank interleaving.
2020-04-09 23:17
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