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VAC Majors?
Ukraine Neskin 
Hey guys I'm vacced on my steam account with a modern warfare 2 ban from over 1600 days ago. I imagine I have no chance of ever becoming pro? Or it makes no difference?
2020-04-10 13:56
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nah ur gucci, s1mple was cheating in 1.6 and is still playing
2020-04-10 13:57
autist | 
Thailand MAced 
Neskin Vac ban? srsly? nooo srsly? nooo srsly? noo srslyy? srslyyyyyy? noooooooooo
2020-04-10 13:59
Aleksib | 
Europe lalt 
No, you don't have a chance to became Modern Warfare pro ever.
2020-04-10 14:02
hey i cheated in csgo at 14 but now im matured and i promise u valve that I'm clean and legit can I play at your majors i mean you should let me play at your majors because im 18 now and can sue you for doing your job also im finnish and an attention whore oh wait
2020-04-10 14:05
To be honest, I'm in the same position as Jamppi. I have a VAC'd account from 2012 and it's haunting me because the only thing I see myself doing in life is playing CSGO and I've been losing motivation after finding out about his case... Also, believe it or not, I got VACd because I wanted to change the number of wins in matchmaking... lol
2020-04-10 14:21
Poland rude_wredne 
Well its a tough lesson but still a lesson. Dont cheat :/
2020-04-10 14:22
I'm really sad, I've been working like a horse just to buy my own computer and finally start grinding towards FPL but now, everything like disappeared and I just don't know what to do. I never ruined anyone's game, hacked or used any sort of bullshit programs in CSGO to get an advantage over the enemy team. But I guess it doesn't matter, no one wants a VACd Ukrainian 21 year old in the pro scene so... Sorry for putting this out to you, just don't have anyone to talk to :(
2020-04-10 14:27
Poland rude_wredne 
I know what u mean men. Tbh any permanent ban is too much. Especially in csgo when at ~25 you would be called "veteran". I think 1 or 2 years ban is ok, people change
2020-04-10 14:31
I don't think that a ban for MW matters when you're a csgo player Jamppi cheated in csgo so it's obvious that they're not gonna let him play at Valve events so don't worry too much about it best of luck to you!
2020-04-10 14:24
flusha | 
Finland MEZi 
vac from cs = banned from life if your goal is to go pro then stop right now it will never happen with a banned account
2020-04-10 14:24
United Kingdom AlywOw 
This is bullshit, you couldn't get vacced for that, also over 1 mil id and vacced since 2012? lol
2020-04-10 14:25
2020-04-10 14:29
Denmark hytex 
Same. I have a MW2 ban 10 years ago. That's why I'm not pro today.
2020-04-10 14:23
beans | 
Europe Bob1cool 
you can play majors because your ban is not in csgo
2020-04-10 14:26
How did community know about Jammpi's VAC? Has he linked his account to Faceit or ESEA? How did somebody find his old VAC? I think, even valve can't say for sure is it your account or not
2020-04-10 14:30
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