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XANTARES about new FPL players.
CIS Fake2flaggeR8 
2020-04-10 20:57
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expected from toxictares
2020-04-10 20:58
Norway de1ka 
your flag doesnt check out also xantares is right
2020-04-10 22:06
I am new to this news. So old fpl pros are compaling about new and young fpl players due to how they act and things they do in game?
2020-04-10 22:15
2020-04-10 22:49
So new players have to stfu and give all spots and weapons to tier 1 players? What a boomer mindset. New players have equal rights on having fucking roles. This is not fucking army. Imagine a celeb jumping queue at a kebab shop and saying "i'm a celeb so you peasants dont get kebab before me" Basically same thing
2020-04-12 06:24
he says the right things , some Fpl players are disrespectful
2020-04-10 21:01
So its disrespectful to want to play rotation? Im confused
2020-04-10 21:01
Turkey FSM36 
no he said i play b rotation and some random MM level player says nO i pLayY b RoTraTTIiOn HAaHAHAahSahAHAaH and this is why tier 1 players barely play fpl anymore
2020-04-10 21:04
dupreeh | 
Turkey goduf 
I think the guy was joking tho? They were starting t and the guy joked about “b rotation is taken you can play monster” He wasnt trying to be disrespectful imo.
2020-04-10 22:45
Xantares is a veteran in fpl and that is a fact. They were on the opposite sides of Loba's arguments and there is no point of an academy player making such a joke to a veteran, he was only being disrespectful after all
2020-04-10 22:51
its not disrespectful u fucking retard. yes xantares is better so what is this guy supposed to suck his dick? they lost the knife so the guy made a fkin joke and xantares is acting like this guy just fucked his mother
2020-04-10 22:57
dupreeh | 
Turkey goduf 
Honestly its just xantares not understanding a friendly joke
2020-04-10 22:58
yup you are right but most ppl are 0 iq so they dont get it
2020-04-10 22:59
The joke was done just to tilt him so don't complain when he is indeed tilted
2020-04-10 23:01
dupreeh | 
Turkey goduf 
No it wasnt? The guy was making a friendly joke how can he know xantares was this tilted before entering an fpl match?
2020-04-10 23:03
0 iq as i said
2020-04-10 23:04
Feeling really sorry just because you are offended, it was not even about you :(
2020-04-10 23:08
dupreeh | 
Turkey goduf 
Aga xantares bıçak roundunu iyi takip etmedi kazandıklarını sandı o yüzden b rotasyon oynarım dedi diğer adamda xantinin kafasının karıştığını düşünüp rotasyon dolu monster oynayabilirsin diyo şakasına. T ler amk b rotationu ve ya monsterı nerde oynıcaklar?
2020-04-10 22:57
I was already aware
2020-04-10 23:01
Playing dumb as expected from "kurdistan" supporter.
2020-04-10 22:37
2020-04-10 21:02
ANa | 
Romania robyn11 
I KNOW THAT I KNOW TURKISH. Very good translate. There should be kicked at least 20 players.
2020-04-10 21:09
CIS Fake2flaggeR8 
2020-04-10 21:36
ANa | 
Romania robyn11 
2020-04-10 21:38
CIS Fake2flaggeR8 
Can you tell their's names?
2020-04-10 21:39
ANa | 
Romania robyn11 
inactive ppl, like Ange, bondik, maikelele, some NA players, all hard legion players, all trial, matty, aunkere
2020-04-10 21:48
lol why all hard legion players?
2020-04-10 22:00
ANa | 
Romania robyn11 
they dont know english
2020-04-10 22:06
oh ok ty
2020-04-10 22:09
+1 they are useless
2020-04-10 23:33
bondik isnt inactive wdym neither is maikelele
2020-04-10 22:51
roden kim amk her maçta var amınoğlu
2020-04-10 21:39
huNter- | 
Luxembourg hagix 
fransız işşiz ibnenin teki ya
2020-04-10 21:55
2020-04-10 22:35
2020-04-10 22:39
hahaha comme ton gros daron l'enfant de pute lmao ^_^
2020-04-10 23:20
wasnt he exactly like them 2 years ago?
2020-04-10 21:42
he was a pro player before he joined the fpl. he didnt qualify for it, he was invited. space soldiers was a decent tier 2-3 team in 2015. so, no, u cant call him he was like aunkere, jamppi etc.
2020-04-10 22:11
I don't think Jamppi is a good example.
2020-04-10 22:16 i hear 3 voices about "a rotation", ScreaM, jamppi, aunkere. Am i mistaken? Isnt the one saying "A rotation. A rotation, I play A rotation." Jamppi? thats in Finnish accent.
2020-04-10 22:25
Jamppi is the one who said I'll play short in 32 sec. Didn't heard hims say A rotation.
2020-04-10 22:27
Oh, yeah. My bad.
2020-04-10 22:44
well but he wasnt communicating and people were really annoyed
2020-04-11 02:07
AM | 
Other Yarrak 
translation should be improved
2020-04-10 21:42
Canada f8rki 
2020-04-10 23:17
is it disrespectful if someone asks to play a certain position ? i'm confused edit : nvm watched till 1:37 and i get it now
2020-04-10 21:44
You guys should know that he is talking to Turkish fans and having fun don't take everything much serious to find something to talk shit about Xanti
2020-04-10 21:51
2020-04-10 22:06
He is right tho.
2020-04-10 22:34
He calls FPL Players disrespectful, but calls them "son of a bitch", lol
2020-04-10 22:18
dupreeh | 
Turkey goduf 
I think the guy was just joking as well, since they were starting t and not ct
2020-04-10 22:47
being disrecpectful to you in person is something else. You dont have to like the guy you are playing with but you cant act like that in the game. Thats what xantares does. He doesnt like them but he never shows it or do anything disrespectfull in the game but newbies do it. Thats the difference
2020-04-12 06:37
United States laiff 
i mean when you see tier 4 scrubs like roden and morelz i would feel bad
2020-04-10 22:21
fpl every match team roden team lurzy morelz magixx spinx tecone aunkere smile123456789
2020-04-10 22:23
put some respect on morelz name
2020-04-10 22:46
no he always bottomfrag
2020-04-10 23:03
he still doesnt deserve to be named next to shit tier players that never played anywhere
2020-04-10 23:04
aunkere play for navi junior magixx play 4 spirit better than botelz
2020-04-10 23:05
morelz is ex vp and he won more money in cs then both of them combined
2020-04-10 23:09
ex vp LOL
2020-04-10 23:12
no he always bottomfrag
2020-04-10 23:07
ok so people talk shit about fpl players because they play for stats and only want to play good spots but then you have morelz who always plays shit positions and so he bottomfrags and then people talk shit about him too nice mens
2020-04-10 23:14
im joking my friend. morelz better than other nonamers))
2020-04-10 23:16
2020-04-12 06:13
rain | 
xantaclaus is 10x better than these wannabe ''pros'' in fpl that are nonamers
2020-04-10 22:26
he is damn right
2020-04-10 22:32
2020-04-10 22:36
He is so damn right about the criticism. I hope FPL would be better
2020-04-10 22:32
2020-04-10 22:36
I'm actually very curious to know what this new fpl is going to be like, I always wonder where most pro players train... Hopefully they come back to playing fpl
2020-04-10 22:35
They play pracs S1mple and Niko will create their own „FPL“ hub with tier 1-2 players and actually insane players or good team players like Loba. For new players there will be always a vote/poll
2020-04-10 22:38
Yeh that seems so much better in my opinion
2020-04-10 22:39
2020-04-10 22:53
devve out xyp out s1mple out niko out xantares out scream out
2020-04-10 22:36
2020-04-10 22:38
he right
2020-04-10 22:42
Guy just wanted to play b rotation wtf let him be
2020-04-10 22:42
no, Xantares should have the priority
2020-04-10 23:02
Albania uesnu 
t side b rotation xanaters 0iq
2020-04-10 23:11
2020-04-12 06:02
Turkey redbaron7 
He is so right
2020-04-10 22:51
Please dont create threads about onlinetares. He doesn't even deserve that.
2020-04-10 22:51
nt hardstyle5
2020-04-10 23:08
Azerbaijan hacizeynal 
ananimi sikdi ?
2020-04-10 23:11
probably :DDD
2020-04-10 23:14
sen ne alaka amk azerbaycaninda yasiyon turk oyuncusuyla alakan ne git rus oyunculara felan hayran ol.
2020-04-12 05:07
Azerbaijan Orahn 
by saying this you just wipe out his career like he's just a beginner and non-experienced.Unfair.
2020-04-10 23:21
amınakodum oğlu adam haklı işte haterlık yapacam diye ananı siktirirsin sen :D yabancılara tatlı gözükmeye çalışmak için sorgusuz şekilde türkleri göm hep aptal orospu eniği belki anana bulursun gavur yarrağı .DDD
2020-04-10 23:53
Noktalama eksikligiden ve yazim yanlislarindan tam anlayamasam da sanirim agladin. Keko xantares'i sevmek zorunda degilim. Ayrica hicbir sey cop oyuncu oldugunu degistirmez. Gitti Big'e ilk yabanci takiminda rezil oldu.
2020-04-12 05:09
+1 respect for Xantares
2020-04-10 22:54
Denmark KenzoFromEu 
dude's right
2020-04-10 22:55
I guess he is kind of right but its also unfair for actual upcoming talents, idk man
2020-04-10 22:56
i dont need this kind of "talents"
2020-04-10 23:04
If u don't need that kind of "talents" mby say that to zywoo who was that kind of "talent" lmao
2020-04-12 05:23
He is quoting in the video guys. It is not his opinions. Yes he thinks the same though, but he is quoting from tweets and other pro players’ opinions to his chat.
2020-04-10 23:01
yea translation is terrible. all the things he said are quotes not his opinions.
2020-04-10 23:08
He is right
2020-04-10 23:10
Xantares is right
2020-04-10 23:15
Ukraine Hierophant 
okay so i qualified to fpl i want to play "there" no i want to play "there" someone from tier2 and i oh shit again i will eat shit and got 2 frag cuz no one going here
2020-04-10 23:20
sdy | 
Sweden fr4gz1lla 
pros just come off as really spoiled in this video. No shit FPLs been going down, but it wasn't perfect before either. it's basically glorified matchmaking for pros and semi pros. Half the pros don't give a shit and rarely play it seriously and the other half are too serious instead. But because guys like JW have a reputation for example no one complained about him when all he did was try to knife people or R8 people for an entire game for example. Imagined if an unknown had done that lol. Basically a bunch of hypocrites. What FPL needs is stronger leadership from admins and a NEW council with mature professional players that can take control of situations. That means, don't let a moron like s1mple run the show and abuse people or other pros act like spoiled brats. Pros should lead by example, always. If that means playing a worse position on a map then so be it. Creating a separate league for only pros kinda defeats the purpose. It means professional CS:GO will die because no new teams or talent will emerge on to the professional scene
2020-04-10 23:29
Slovakia veeellys 
i think pros are crying
2020-04-10 23:37
This Simple's and Niko's hub will be very interesting to watch
2020-04-10 23:46
well xantares is right and fpl atm sucks
2020-04-10 23:48
Latvia Revelatiombe 
he is right, no doubt.. FPL became Rank S at the moment. there is not difference between them anymore. But I feel bad for the upcoming players aswell. But also, FPL should be a place that pros play vs pros after practice. not pros vs nonamers that being disrespectful.
2020-04-10 23:59
shox | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
this bitchass "celebrities" are getting too full of themselves. they ware forgetting what fpl is about.
2020-04-12 05:27
Snax | 
Europe Bambi_AT 
fits fpl, onlinetares u proof topic :D
2020-04-12 05:56
Sick aimer xantares, turns from tier1 to tier3 when it comes time to show what you're worth on LAN
2020-04-12 05:59
maybe fpl is trash now but people like xantares need to be punched in the mouth. Like who is xantares? Hes literally almost a nobody...people saying hes a veteran of fpl...who the fuck cares. That academy player that he is talking shit about might take his spot next month. Hes never been on a t1 team, hes never come close to winning a major. Hes literally known as being one of the most online players ever...he acts like hes a simple or a device...the dude needs to get off his high horse bc like i said hes easily replaceable.
2020-04-12 05:57
huNter- | 
Korea Jew2K 
i don't get it pros always seem to say they don't try in FPL but then they wanna go ape shit about where they wanna play?
2020-04-12 06:35
I just don't see the point in them being in FPL tbh. I feel like 90% of them are content with being in FPL and have no plan to pursue a career. You hardly ever hear about an unknown player that fought his way to FPL and is recruited by a team (or already in one) that gets anywhere in its lifetime. Most of the players that get to FPL nowadays just pug all day because they a) don't know English b) have shit mentalities or c) have a playstyle that doesn't work at all in a proper team but worked to get them to FPL. FPL is oversatured with amateurs that don't pursue any other achievements.
2020-04-12 06:43
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