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prime cs go full of hackers
f0rest | 
Sweden agzbagz1337 
i just played 3 matches and every single one had blatant hackers, some in my team and some in opponent wtf has happened to this game? i thought prime was no cheaters
2020-04-14 06:19
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increase your trust factor and theres barely any cheaters
2020-04-14 06:21
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how do i do that?
2020-04-14 06:21
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engage in activity that a hacker wouldn't do as in not getting reports, spending money on your steam account etc.
2020-04-14 06:22
Denmark nrth_LUL
One thing you should not do is DO NOT MAKE A SMURF ACCOUNT I wanted to see how long it would take a new f2p account to reach rank 21 after 121 long hours I found my answer but after I did this I found that my trust factor on my main went down the shitter.
2020-04-16 19:24
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2021-01-22 01:33
i have 6 smurf account and all in green trust tho
2021-01-22 03:26
thats useles since cheaters can use a rankchanger to get matched up against pros. eitherway cheaters are trying to boost their profiles too.
2021-01-22 01:36
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Rankchanger? Tf is that
2021-01-22 02:05
There is no platform on csgo that has NO cheaters. From ''legit'' to blatant. Cs always has been a cheat infected shitshow.
2020-04-14 06:23
I haven't seen a single hacker in 2 years, play almost every day
2020-04-14 06:23
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M8 can you link me your csgostats profile, I highly doubt you haven't "seen" a single hacker in 2 years etc. I didn't play MM in years and I came back recently to try it once more, I was unranked and had to play placement games to earn a rank in 5 pugs I had 4 players who received a vac ban within a week and I haven't checked recently more of them could of been cheating and that's only in placement games and the funny part is they were god awful so idk what kind of shit cheats those kids were using.
2020-04-16 19:20
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idk what that is. nice story
2020-04-16 19:40
sodaH | 
Estonia rafio
you have bad trust factor
2020-04-14 06:28
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so true, i never get hackers in my games
2021-01-22 01:50
Germany flufluflu1
Level up your Steam Account Buy new games on Steam Do Overwatch cases Play games without being toxic (no reports) --> better trust
2020-04-14 06:32
Russia d0lbaeb
yeah dude mm is shit if you are a good player you're gonna get reported and get low trust factor and then it is full of cheaters just play faceit
2020-04-16 19:11
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Germany Enlay
faceit has more idiots tho
2020-04-16 19:22
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idiots called russians...
2021-01-22 01:48
2020-04-16 19:24
as long there are eastern nations playing cs there will be always hackers since 80 % of all cheaters are from the eastern countries such as the balcans and russia. in the eu there are only about 20 percent mainly in the south. thats why i stopped playing cs after reaching smfc.
2021-01-22 01:28
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jermans are cheaters
2021-01-22 01:35
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Still nowhere near the amount of eastern cheaters.
2021-01-22 01:42
Racist, expected from jerman
2021-01-22 02:06
ur bad
2021-01-22 01:26
As long as VAC is the only protection we have against cheaters, we will play against cheaters. Simple as that.
2021-01-22 01:28
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turkgay and russia make the biggest amount of cheaters
2021-01-22 01:31
Brazil RmM_oo
3 blatant aimlocks in the same series? that way? :o
2021-01-22 01:47
OK | 
United States Bioax
mm in 2021 LUL
2021-01-22 02:06
rn i'm playing non prime premade with my boludos friends from argentina,played like 6 matches today and didn't get any cheater :D could be luck too
2021-01-22 02:08
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