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Australia sad_faze_fan 
Why is?? Why they also so arrogance? Wtf are they so dumb, when vaccines go down autism still goes up because of superior testing why do they cling on to such confirmations bias
2020-04-14 12:15
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God | 
Poland henlo 
let them they will naturally select their genes out of the gene pool its good for everybody
2020-04-14 12:17
No it's not because they are the ones that bring back illnesses that almost were extinct
2020-04-14 12:24
yeah but people who vaccinate will recover, and people who dont will just die
2020-04-14 12:44
Nope. Not all vaccinations work every time. You might get a vaccination and still be at risk of the disease.
2020-04-14 13:18
yeah but if you dont vaccinate, you'll have a higher chance to die
2020-04-14 16:46
Yeah but if everyone vaccinates, the disease will be eradicated and no one will have a chance to die. There are also people who are not able to get the vaccine themselves due to health reasons which is why herd immunity is so important. People who don't vaccinate aren't hurting just themselves, they're literally endangering everyone to the risk of infection.
2020-04-14 20:14
Nomad | 
Brazil Potatoe2 
they will die eventually, is just a question of time
2020-04-14 12:19
jOELZ | 
Europe skrekc 
ok but who cars
2020-04-14 12:20
Australia sad_faze_fan 
me I made threads
2020-04-14 12:21
Dosia | 
United Kingdom Noided 
I know a few people who never got vaxx'd due to religious parents. Funnily enough one of them is pretty much never ever ill. Never see him with a cold/flu ect
2020-04-14 12:23
genetics or just lucky
2020-04-14 12:51
Dosia | 
United Kingdom Noided 
or both!
2020-04-14 14:20
heard immunity. If there were like 40-50 % of unvaccinated people, than the infection rate would go up
2020-04-14 13:57
NEO | 
Canada chedca 
fact: vaccines can be good but anybody saying 10 mins old baby needs vaccine against hepB is an idiot. the people at CDC smoke crack.
2020-04-14 12:23
Australia sad_faze_fan 
sort of agree but also disagree there is a lot more behind this decision then just hur dur pharmaceutical company money like antivaxx think
2020-04-14 12:26
Poland rude_wredne 
2020-04-14 12:30
I put my hopes to genetics to weed out genes for believing in made up shit. End to anti-vax, end to religion and end to conspiracy theories. A bright future. Also, everyone is blond and blue eyed. Kidding!! :)
2020-04-14 12:24
Conspiracy theories aren't a bad thing by default. Sometimes there are conspiracies
2020-04-14 12:25
Yes, obviously, but you know what I meant. Mass surveillance of the general public = sort of a conspiracy with factual proof in many/all developed countries. Earth is flat = pure trolling idiot conspiracy theory with no proof.
2020-04-14 12:30
Brazil Kly(u) 
retarted people :T but well, what can we do
2020-04-14 12:24
I don't do vaccines and my kids won't, but if you want/need to do this -- I'm fine with that. Obviously I'm not gonna try to prove you anything or convince you to anything, it's your choice and I respect it even if I disagree with it.
2020-04-14 12:28
Australia sad_faze_fan 
0/8 ur Russian so obvious bait
2020-04-14 12:29
Germany Xantennn 
i know you r trolling, but there are ppl here that are probably that dumb so here go read this:
2020-04-14 12:31
I appreciate your effort, but I don't need your "proofs" or "arguments". Get a life and mind your own business, thank you.
2020-04-14 12:33
Dosia | 
United Kingdom Noided 
He might not be trolling, I think there is a quite a large anti-vax movement in eastern Europe
2020-04-14 12:42
Australia sad_faze_fan 
#17 obvious bait kek
2020-04-14 12:44
Dosia | 
United Kingdom Noided 
one mans bait is another mans truth
2020-04-14 12:45
Australia sad_faze_fan 
true mens wtf he is speaking his mind
2020-04-14 12:47
Best "bait" is the "bait" which is truth. People's inability to accept different opinion turns it into a "bait" in their eyes. Basically these people bait themselves.
2020-04-14 12:50
Europe JuliusCaesar 
ANTIVAX is good, EARTH is flat, 2pac is alive, Michael Jackson is alive, McDonalds use good quality meat, CS:GO have balanced MM and amazing MM servers, Valve is working really hard to improve the game, de_tuscan coming soon, American peacekeeping missions are just for peace, Donald Trump is smart president, Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. KAPPACINO
2020-04-14 12:55
Australia sad_faze_fan 
you should ad valorant is good
2020-04-14 12:56
Europe JuliusCaesar 
I actually really like this game, I played CS since 1.5 and i really like Valorant. I don't give a single fu*k about "valorant is new cs" memes etc. It feels good to take a break from CS but I don't care about this whole CS vs. Valorant fight, its pointless. Can't disagree about one thing tho, Valorant's hitboxes and fckin dope and Valve will never do anything close to those.
2020-04-14 13:06
Australia sad_faze_fan 
true hit box look very nice
2020-04-14 13:16
Europe JuliusCaesar 
I really hated this game when I saw trailer or twitch gameplay but when I tried it, it was amazing. I thought it was trash and I was kinda a "hater" and it was childish by me cuz everything changed when I tried the game. I still hate this meme CSGO vs. VALORANT war. Its silly af.
2020-04-14 13:39
Australia sad_faze_fan 
to me just boring asf to watch, like cs but even more boring. would like to play but also don’t think I’d like the powers
2020-04-14 13:41
Europe JuliusCaesar 
Don't think about abilities like they're something OP because its not. I tried to use abilities all the time and my stats were 4/20 then I realized that streamers were right, abilities are just like grenades in csgo so I stopped running around like an idiot with "ability so op" mindset. Trust me, this game is just as much about guns/aim and CSGO is.
2020-04-14 13:44
Australia sad_faze_fan 
ok was just reading on Twitter a lot of people were saying some abilities were unbalanced but patchable
2020-04-14 13:45
Europe JuliusCaesar 
True, for example "Raze" ulti is fvcked up but again, this is just beta. The point is to collect information and feedback so I believe They will change few things.
2020-04-14 13:47
Dosia | 
United Kingdom Noided 
+1 This is all true except 2PAC
2020-04-14 13:03
Europe JuliusCaesar 
I've heard that he's alive. Stevie Wonder saw him
2020-04-14 13:08
Some vaccines are good. Some aren't.
2020-04-14 13:00
Lithuania Whomens 
cool story bro
2020-04-14 13:20
the fact that the CIA invented the world conspiracy theory, just shows me that probably 60% of conspiracy theories are real. but things like antivax and flat earth is just there to make people that put flesh and blood looking into corruption and political pedos, look bad and crazy.
2020-04-14 13:52
Korea XigNw0w 
They can b
2020-04-14 13:49
So. For it to make sense you really got to put yourself outside of your own beliefs. Right now you associate "anti-vax" with only bad things. Much like somone pro-abortion would think of someone pro-life as being a religious fanatic. Vaccines work, it seems. It reduces the change you'd catch the disease significantly. But there certainly are drawbacks to them. There are substances in these vaccines that definitiviely CAN cause harm to a human, autism among many other things. Don't know why autism caught such a drift, that's the least of my worries when discussing the substances inside the vaccines. But see, none are perfect options. Vaccines CAN cause harm, but also reduce the chance that you catch a disease that could cause serious harm. There should be a debate to which degree we should use vaccines, as they are not all good.
2020-04-14 13:52
2020-04-14 14:35
i dont have any simple because im too lazy to go and renew them
2020-04-14 13:59
im not racist i just dont like jermans
2020-04-14 14:17
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