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Coronavirus vaccine
Europe Inhabitant 
Would you take it?
2020-04-14 13:04
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2020-04-14 13:05
2020-04-14 13:05
Poland fakinbitch
2020-04-14 13:05
Does it come with a chip? If so, no
2020-04-14 13:05
bill gates said on his reddit AMA, he wants to make a chip to see who got the covid19 vaccine so we are all safe :)
2020-04-14 13:08
Isn't that what countries are for?
2020-04-14 13:09
i doubt everyone will accept something like that
2020-04-14 13:11
I meant shouldn't countries track who has that vaccine and who hasn't? It's been like that forever and then they report to worldwide organizations. Why should we have a chip
2020-04-14 13:15
yea but apparently its not enough
2020-04-14 13:15
cuz you are under control 24/7
2020-04-14 18:35
Link ?
2020-04-14 13:13
Yeah, so we are all safe... good guy Bill...
2020-04-14 13:20
2020-04-14 13:06
yes, if medically proven
2020-04-14 13:06
if proven by the people that are getting funded by the people who make it? gl hf
2020-04-14 13:12
sorry, i have more trust in science than the people who suspect everything around them is trying to kill them / conspiracy theorists. I need the vaccine, because otherwise I will die or have very serious problems. If the vaccine goes wrong, so be it. I'd rather die of my own volition than my family crying that they passed it on to me and deep down regretting it for a long time.
2020-04-14 13:56
"I need the vaccine, because otherwise I will die or have very serious problems." you dont decide shit ... how did you get so scared? just 2 ez
2020-04-14 16:10
because i have severe respiratory issues, way worse than the majority of people who are being admitted in hospital right now. i'm not scared, i'm being realistic.
2020-04-14 18:34
Stay save mens
2020-07-05 12:59
i will try mens))
2020-07-05 13:49
You still good?
2020-07-17 23:46
he ded jim
2020-07-17 23:53
Nooo why would you say that 😭
2020-07-18 12:34
Sorry I was banned over 1week for saying good riddance to racists 😎 I am all good thankfully cheers mens))
2020-07-22 00:33
Good to hear I will probably ask again sometime if I don`t forget.
2020-07-22 00:54
Yes ok 😎
2020-07-22 00:56
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Revelling in conspiratorial nonsense instead of rational logic is that of your own choice.
2020-07-22 01:01
problem is today everyone can be bought. if not with money than with blackmail :P concept always the same, problem > solution > cure
2020-04-14 18:38
hasnt it always been like that, either way i am not going to become an anti vaxxer lol
2020-04-14 18:39
the fact that the cia invented words like conspiracy theory and anti vaccine, should make u think about it :D i might get a vaccine but no fkin microchip, they can blow my head off right on the spot before that.
2020-04-14 18:42
i'd rather be microchipped than die even if it came to that (spoiler: it won't)
2020-04-14 18:43
Germany Dayjay
2020-04-14 13:06
2020-04-14 13:07
2020-04-14 13:11
i would steal and sell it
2020-04-14 13:12
expected from polish
2020-04-14 13:20
shut up yerman you dont exist
2020-04-14 13:22
nt polak jermans up on ya ass
2020-04-14 18:41
expected from polish
2020-04-14 18:41
yes. And anyone that doesnt take it needs to be thrown into “camps”. Forever.
2020-04-14 13:17
flag checks name doesnt
2020-04-14 18:40
and people still say leftie fascism isnt real😒😒😒😒😒
2020-07-05 12:48
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
2020-07-22 01:01
Lithuania Whomens
2020-04-14 13:21
Ukraine S7R4V0X1D
ofc no
2020-04-14 13:24
somehow lie "oh thx but I already got it :D"
2020-04-14 18:39
flag checks out
2020-04-14 18:40
2020-04-14 18:40
they'll have to kill me first
2020-04-14 18:43
Korea XigNw0w
Definitely not.
2020-07-05 12:53
I would take it if it doesn't have negative side effects.
2020-07-05 12:58
And how do you know that?
2020-07-17 23:52
Thats the issue I guess. I think you just need to trust the scientists, they are testing a lot, and some unsafe vaccine won't be allowed on the market, at least in the EU. (Murica LUL) But sometimes it takes decades until side effects come into affect, so you never know.
2020-07-18 12:33
2020-07-17 23:52
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
Only if it comes with a microchip
2020-07-17 23:57
Europe LoookATme
2020-07-17 23:57
i like it
2020-07-17 23:59
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
I don't need it at this moment in time.
2020-07-22 01:02
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