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hz hearing good?
minigg | 
So ive been doing some hearing tests bc im paranoic and usually i listen from 21k till 0hz, is this shit normal?
2020-04-17 08:54
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margin of error
2020-04-17 08:56
Finland Autisthicc
i dont know but since we are talking about hz did u know that apex has 20 tick servers? so cry about 64tick mm, apex legends has 20tick
2020-04-17 08:57
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IDK but battle royale games also has that low tick rate, for example, Fortnite with 18 tick rate servers
2020-04-18 06:52
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Finland Autisthicc
but pubg has 64 tick 30 tick for AAA should be possible, most other BR's have atleast 30 tick. and while it doesnt sound great it's still a 50% increase in performance
2020-04-18 09:17
Minecraft servers also run at 20 ticks pers second.
2020-04-18 08:12
i can easily hear +19k
2020-04-17 09:00
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thats the default human hearing, but i can hear up to 21k and only bats hear that shit wich is scary
2020-04-18 06:47
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Be careful some Chinese may try to eat you after such words
2020-04-18 06:52
You think you hear Normal human hearing average starts from 15k
2020-04-18 07:22
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Bro wtf do you mean by think you hear? i literally hear the bip annoying sound, just try the human benchmark, stop the sound when u start to hear it clearly, i start in 21-20k...
2020-04-18 07:31
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Ok you are inhuman
2020-04-18 07:51
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not inhuman, humans usually hear up to 20k when they are very young
2020-04-18 08:05
Hong Kong Gold907
It depends on your age. If you under 10 its just normal. If you're an adult thats a little bit above average, nothing to be proud about tbh
2020-04-18 07:02
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im 18, gonna be 19 in oct
2020-04-18 07:31
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