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I just checked some chinese streaming platforms and the numbers are crazy WTFF For example, douyu has over 56M people watching LOL. Is this true? Holy shit!
2020-04-20 12:43
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Welcome on earth :D
2020-04-20 12:45
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wdym? i know that china is huge but overall there are almost 300M watching gaming? This means over %20 of the population is online watching shit. Thats fucking hard to believe imo
2020-04-20 12:49
2020-04-20 12:52
China cescy
it's 'heat' there should be an icon of fire at the left of the numbers
2020-04-20 12:46
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yeah i figured it out but holy fuck 1 out of 5 person is online watching shit atm? wtf really
2020-04-20 12:50
all u heard from us. its the absolutely truth
2020-04-20 12:47
Sweden quacke
2020-04-20 12:50
2020-04-20 12:51
Yea China explane
2020-04-20 12:52
They are all staying home, so nothing special (and gaming pretty popular in china)
2020-04-20 12:53
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if these numbers are true, then this country is fucked up already. almost nearly 1/3 the population is literally online playing/watching games etc. No wonder why they don't oppose and stand against ridicolous policies of CCP.
2020-04-20 12:59
i once made an account on douyu with my real phone number to watch a complexity match,i hope they didn't steal all my info)))
2020-04-20 12:55
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2020-04-20 13:00
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